Top 20 Funniest Eric Andre Street Pranks

These Eric Andre street pranks were equally shocking and hilarious. Our countdown includes cement shoes, he's a potato, ranch guy, and more! What's YOUR favorite Eric Andre street prank? Let us know in the comments!

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    WatchMojo.com12 days ago

    For more prank videos, check out our playlist!: What's YOUR favorite Eric Andre street prank? Let us know in the comments!

  • Layfon Al

    Layfon Al

    9 days ago

    How the fuck is this comment from 3 days ago when the video is barely even a day old???

  • Jovon Valentine

    Jovon Valentine

    9 days ago

    Do Key and Peele next.

  • Giggity King

    Giggity King

    9 days ago

    Top Ten Ice Cream Toppings Top Ten school courses that should be ABOLISHED Top Ten anime for younger viewers NICK JR vs DISNEY JUNIOR Dunking Donuts vs Krispy Kreme

  • Nguyen Pham
    Nguyen Pham2 days ago

    Laughing so hard that my jaw hurts ...

  • Craig Letteney
    Craig Letteney7 days ago

    Why not Rebecca. Phoebe you don't need to be you.

  • Quinton J
    Quinton J7 days ago

    This is an advert for Bad Trip, isn't it?

  • Billy Swift
    Billy Swift7 days ago

    A lot of these genuinely scare me, especially the froot loops one. I mean there was a kid there man! He must have been so scared

  • Sheem Almighty
    Sheem Almighty7 days ago

    Eric Andre is the bravest/boldest comedian of all time cause the majority of people wouldn't dare do 1/3 of the stuff he does.

  • TheWebStylist
    TheWebStylist8 days ago

    I didn’t laugh once and think he should’ve been arrested for a number of these pranks. Clearly some serious mental issues needing all this attention but yes has an imagination like none other.

  • AJHaeford89
    AJHaeford898 days ago

    I don't trust like that.

  • AJHaeford89
    AJHaeford898 days ago

    I don't trust like that.

  • myjka82
    myjka829 days ago

    That's some serious garbage in this video

  • Alexander Hikel
    Alexander Hikel9 days ago

    How has papa johns NOT adopted the pizza ball idea , get your shit together Shaq

  • Starry collections
    Starry collections9 days ago

    no honorable mention when eric and company dressed as slaves in the civil war re-enactment?

  • Kody Platt
    Kody Platt9 days ago

    Kraft punk should be way higher than 7th, that skit really isnt that funny

  • Fernando De Carlos Malcher
    Fernando De Carlos Malcher9 days ago

    this man is my idol

  • torturekillah2
    torturekillah29 days ago

    Dudes like new age Tom Green.....funny at times,but also could get his nose punched anytime

  • Mysterious Man
    Mysterious Man9 days ago

    Im a potato always had me dying.

  • Francis Russ
    Francis Russ9 days ago

    When you stop to think about it, Andre is really a detestable human being.

  • Charles Francis
    Charles Francis9 days ago

    Am I the ONLY person that thinks this guy is UNFUNNY??

  • HyperD3v
    HyperD3v9 days ago

    what a legend

  • GlassGhost428
    GlassGhost4289 days ago

    Autism: The Show

  • GorgieClarissa
    GorgieClarissa9 days ago

    Too many ads....

  • Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández
    Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández9 days ago

    Watch Mojo reached rock bottom, well another time...

  • The Terbear
    The Terbear9 days ago

    His humor is a acquired taste. To me sometimes he's funny then other times he's just dumb, awkward, and obnoxious. But humor is different for everyone.

  • The Terbear

    The Terbear

    7 days ago

    @Kadim Nana dam spell check.

  • Kadim Nana

    Kadim Nana

    7 days ago

    I think the term you're looking for is acquired taste.

  • Louis Ng
    Louis Ng9 days ago

    That centaur prank straight up ain't a prank it's just annoying. If I was the dude that had cake all over my hands and pants I'd smack him good

  • Angry Bulldog Gaming
    Angry Bulldog Gaming9 days ago

    does he not know people have guns if feel like if he did that again he would've been shot for sure

  • Stefan94_ RedmiA
    Stefan94_ RedmiA9 days ago


  • EdinMike
    EdinMike9 days ago

    Does anyone else not find this candid camera stuff cringey ?! I can’t watch them...

  • Pyxl Perfect
    Pyxl Perfect9 days ago

    Eric Andre is the most credible journalist of our generation

  • Magnus Carlsson
    Magnus Carlsson9 days ago

    I watched #20 and 19. This wasn't my cup

  • Wendy O'dell
    Wendy O'dell9 days ago

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

  • megan griffith
    megan griffith9 days ago

    No ratty rat?

  • Ronald Marcano
    Ronald Marcano9 days ago

    People will do anything for attention.

  • IronWolf
    IronWolf9 days ago

    Eric Andre seems like a total nut job! but i did enjoy the film "Bad Trip"

  • Sum Ting Wong
    Sum Ting Wong9 days ago

    Yall really just ran out of ideas huh . Lol 🤣

  • Rebel Love
    Rebel Love9 days ago

    Use a better thumbnail. It's too out of context & looks like he's harming the woman but he's not.

    I-YELL- A-LOT9 days ago


  • AnimalBlundetto
    AnimalBlundetto9 days ago

    Do a top 50

  • ozdoja
    ozdoja9 days ago

    I don't get it these were terrible.

  • TomGreen 99
    TomGreen 999 days ago

    Best Tom Green skits. 😉

  • Alf Jones
    Alf Jones9 days ago

    There's no "comedic genius" in using the hackney hokum of "going gay" for sensationalistic shock. This trope is so mindlessly mediocre.

  • J Lopez
    J Lopez9 days ago


  • bored
    bored9 days ago

    Bad trip proves that acting is still fake.

  • thelonewolf191
    thelonewolf1919 days ago

    God Bless Eric Andre

  • Pro Hunter
    Pro Hunter9 days ago

    Comedy these days r dog shit he's just being a nuisance to the people around him

  • Felicia Jenkins
    Felicia Jenkins9 days ago

    Never a miss with Eric Andre it's soo inappropriate on his shows🤣😅🤣

    ARIXANDRE9 days ago

    He needs to team up with Sacha "Borat" Baron Cohen. 😂

  • beefcakepoo118


    9 days ago

    Totally, best idea ever. You are promoted!

  • GDP Enterprise
    GDP Enterprise9 days ago

    Who killed Hannibal?

  • Danny Perez
    Danny Perez9 days ago

    He tries to hard to be funny plus he is a creep and annoying

  • TylerPlays XD
    TylerPlays XD9 days ago

    Heart me pls I came early

  • J Rodriguez
    J Rodriguez9 days ago


  • Ace Rimmer
    Ace Rimmer9 days ago

    Better then any "jackass" pranks

  • TEXAS LUCK 777
    TEXAS LUCK 7779 days ago

    If I was in that dojo I would probably laugh at this whole situation

    MLG GAMER9 days ago

    He's the best kind of weird honestly. Normally I don't watch prank shows apart from punk'd that was okay but he does pranks right without it being too extreme.

  • kingbaco 123
    kingbaco 1239 days ago

    Surprised me to see the most PG channel covering this show

    MLG GAMER9 days ago

    He did not get the job at Froot loops so he put on the cone of shame. Doug: I do not like the cone of shame

  • Z9machine
    Z9machine9 days ago

    Watchmojo is getting desperate...

    THE SHAPE9 days ago

    Bird Up!!

  • Robert Thornthwaite
    Robert Thornthwaite9 days ago

    Get you before hour like here

  • Vince Theprince
    Vince Theprince9 days ago

    Eat from me 😭😭😭

  • Cool man
    Cool man9 days ago

    Hey USplan pranksters take notes

  • Nathaniel Khaila
    Nathaniel Khaila9 days ago

    Look there are plenty of gay people whom i'm okay dating. It's not about sexuality even if it was so what???

  • C V Nair
    C V Nair9 days ago

    Comment 79 of video idea. 'Best Live musical acts of all time.

  • karma bad
    karma bad9 days ago

    Narrator needs to shut up. Skip.

  • WiLD CHiLD
    WiLD CHiLD9 days ago

    From now on I will forever use and say to anyone who thinks they are the second coming of christ to poop and to "turn that poop into wine" to prove it. it's ridiculous, but so are all religions. 😂

  • Lior A
    Lior A9 days ago


  • Giggity King
    Giggity King9 days ago

    Top Ten things that should change after the pandemic is over

  • Fernando J. P.
    Fernando J. P.9 days ago

    Perhaps I need to watch the show to understand better, but man, this is boring.

  • joshin bama
    joshin bama9 days ago

    No wonder the show got cancelled 🙄

  • Dashawn Pittman
    Dashawn Pittman9 days ago

    And nobody helps him when that lady was throwing stuff on him

  • WiLD CHiLD
    WiLD CHiLD9 days ago

    11:27 I just can't. I literally cannot breathe right now! Holy shit!! 🤣🤣🤣💀👻 edit - I just realized I forgot to write that the reason I found it hilarious was that I asked out loud, "Is that a mannequin or a person?" and then they zoomed in and I just lost it! 😅🤣🤣

  • Royal Ghost
    Royal Ghost9 days ago

    They need to bring Hannibal back

  • Jim B.

    Jim B.

    9 days ago

    We can always get the Hannibal 9000, but that just won't be the same.

  • charliechin


    9 days ago

    Is Hannibal the one who doesn’t want to come back

  • Elizabeth Sapp
    Elizabeth Sapp9 days ago


  • Marcus Wilkes

    Marcus Wilkes

    7 days ago


  • STE Show
    STE Show9 days ago

    His new movie was hella funny too‼️

  • Royal Ghost
    Royal Ghost9 days ago

    Eric Andre’s comedy is so underrated

  • Sergio Solorio

    Sergio Solorio

    9 days ago

    Its absurdist humor that celebrates our collective stupidity as human beings, we’re always so tightly wound these days. Such a breath of fresh air to have him on cable when shows like SNL are dying.

  • Tirel Barnette

    Tirel Barnette

    9 days ago

    I swear

  • WiLD CHiLD

    WiLD CHiLD

    9 days ago

    i have to watch it in micro doses because otherwise his insanity becomes infectious.

  • Gerardo Franco

    Gerardo Franco

    9 days ago

    Bro I just started watching it & tell me why I always need this show in my life 😂

  • PrimeTimeJprime
    PrimeTimeJprime9 days ago

    I feel like these videos when really explained what's going on just ruins what's going on lol

  • Elisabeth Nunez
    Elisabeth Nunez9 days ago

    Top 10 Times Cartoon Heroes Were Badly Injured

  • Just A Peaceful Man Who's Born in 1980s
    Just A Peaceful Man Who's Born in 1980s9 days ago

    Eric Andre is HILARIOUS.

  • wkj1970
    wkj19709 days ago

    Tom Greene made a comeback?

  • Truth Abez
    Truth Abez9 days ago


  • Chin Tuan
    Chin Tuan9 days ago

    Bunch of grown ass P's. Bro, you have no shame. Grow some balls or put mine where yours should be. It may be too big but it may help.


    Damn never been this early

  • JamCal-X
    JamCal-X9 days ago

    BIRD UP!

  • Zoobs
    Zoobs9 days ago

    24th view!

  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge Ramos9 days ago

    Here to remind you that the Phoenix Suns destroyed the Los Angeles Lakers

  • Trami Nguyen
    Trami Nguyen9 days ago

    I love these Eric Andrea funny moments!

  • Donny Kurniawan
    Donny Kurniawan9 days ago

    Eat from me Eat from Meme

  • TheSpyInTheShadows
    TheSpyInTheShadows9 days ago

    LET ME IN.

  • Tyler Landreth
    Tyler Landreth9 days ago

    Nice!! Wait, FIRST!!!

  • Tyler Landreth

    Tyler Landreth

    9 days ago

    Dang it. Oh well.

  • TheSpyInTheShadows


    9 days ago

    You can no longer claim first because there are 3 other people with the same exact minute of commenting, including me