Top 10 Movies That Became Popular Years Later

Check out our featured song: "Firecracker" by Motorcycle Display team!

These films have aged like a fine wine! For this list, we’ll be looking at beloved films that didn’t perform well on their initial release. Our countdown includes "Dazed and Confused", “Blade Runner”, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and more! Which modern film do you think will become a future cult classic? Let us know in the comments below!

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    WatchMojo.com7 days ago

    Check out our featured song: "Firecracker" by Motorcycle Display team! Which modern film do you think will become a future cult classic? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Joker NP

    Joker NP

    4 days ago

    Why nobody talks about "Once upon a time in America"(1984)

  • JM Dromanah 2.0

    JM Dromanah 2.0

    4 days ago

    Suicide Squad & Watchmen

  • Premium Tube Gaming

    Premium Tube Gaming

    4 days ago

    How is this comment older than the video

  • Levente Tar

    Levente Tar

    4 days ago

    @Javier Barrales u talk about the last airbender sireis , right?

  • Javier Barrales

    Javier Barrales

    4 days ago

    The Passion of the Christ, The Golden Compass, The Last Airbender, and Bridge to Terabithia, and Sucker Punch.

  • William Summerson
    William Summerson35 minutes ago

    Shawshank redemption. One of the greatest films and narrated of all time.

  • TimDaTanuki
    TimDaTanuki2 hours ago

    Apocalypse now

  • siddhanth lall
    siddhanth lall7 hours ago

    Scott pilgrim vs the world?

  • The Wacky Wookiee
    The Wacky Wookiee22 hours ago

    Surprised the Star Wars Prequels didn’t make it.

  • B
    BDay ago

    Where Apt Pupil? It’s movie is cult following

  • Kate O'Toole
    Kate O'TooleDay ago

    HEAT LA Confidential Rocky Horror Blues Brothers The Princess Bride A Christmas Story

  • Kate O'Toole
    Kate O'TooleDay ago

    The Shining Scarface The Shawshank Redemption The Green Mile

  • Jonathan Giardina
    Jonathan GiardinaDay ago

    Blade Runner originally had a butchered ending.

  • JamesM.
    JamesM.2 days ago

    Agree that Tron and Blade Runner were definitely underrated classics. Tron proved that live action and computer animation can go together. And Blade Runner is all about what it means to be human

  • Paesito Paez
    Paesito Paez2 days ago

    8:57 reminded me of Call me By your Name lol

  • Shane Lehmann
    Shane Lehmann2 days ago

    fight club? napoleon dynamite?

  • James Howe

    James Howe

    2 days ago

    napoleon was a sleeper hit

  • Al Kohallick
    Al Kohallick2 days ago

    Um.. The Big Lebowski???

  • José Sánchez Fournier
    José Sánchez Fournier2 days ago

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

  • Amanda Redd
    Amanda Redd2 days ago

    My film studies instructor said that Citizen Kane is the only perfect movie ever made

  • Amanda Redd
    Amanda Redd2 days ago

    Dazed and Confused is a fantastic movie and Linklater is ingenious ❤

  • Roman Bullard
    Roman Bullard2 days ago

    I find it retarded people can't find appreciate a film when it's released but wanna love it years later.....alot of these films and others I loved on my first watch ❤

  • Bryan Esbert Go
    Bryan Esbert Go2 days ago

    The reason became popular with the following movies years later is due to they are not popular and successful yet during its initial release. Now today with modern technology such internet and social media community, most will appreciate with the following movies.

  • Mirrors srorriM
    Mirrors srorriM2 days ago

    Princess Bride? A Christmas Story?

  • Atlas
    Atlas2 days ago

    Treasure Planet is by far my most favourite Disney Film and honestly everyone I know agrees with me, I totally believe that it’s fanbase is mostly the people that were kids when it came out and it’s only bigger now because we’re adults now and want to own it cause it’s our childhood classic!

  • Atlas


    Day ago

    @1992disney well you definitely are not wrong friend haha

  • 1992disney


    2 days ago

    Well it's mostly because of the fact that it's such a great movie.

  • Benjamin Guzman
    Benjamin Guzman2 days ago

    What about Contagion?

  • Cine Beng
    Cine Beng2 days ago

    It is quite a travesty that The Iron Giant was overlooked during its original release. To be frank, I disliked the trailer. Thankfully I went to watch it, and was pleasantly surprised how much I love it. It deserves to have a resurgence of popularity I must say, especially the ending…. It was one of the most uplifting endings I have seen in years.

  • magusxxx
    magusxxx3 days ago

    According to my local theater: If they didn't limit Iron Giant to one showing a day Disney wasn't going to give them the next Toy Story movie. That's why it failed!

  • TᕼᕮᗰᕮSSIᕼᗩ
    TᕼᕮᗰᕮSSIᕼᗩ3 days ago

    Very surprised that Shawshank Redemption is not on this list. It was considered a bomb in its theatrical run but is now considered by many to be one of the best movies of all time.

  • Justine Harper
    Justine Harper3 days ago

    It still shocks me that Hocus Pocus bombed. It’s one of my favorite movies ever. I guess there is a nostalgic factor for me since I grew up with it, but there’s also so much hilarious adult humor that I appreciate now

  • Ms Kris Clark
    Ms Kris Clark3 days ago

    I was first in the door opening day in Fresno CA for Blade Runner It always upset me the box office hurt by ET

  • Yudha Bagaskara
    Yudha Bagaskara3 days ago

    Fight Club should be here

  • KkraZy Christian
    KkraZy Christian3 days ago

    Never Heard Of Treasure Planet

  • Alexandru Mihalis Nicolau
    Alexandru Mihalis Nicolau3 days ago

    Apocalypse Now should be on the list

  • Daromir Firunsson
    Daromir Firunsson3 days ago

    Where is Labyrinth?

  • WhySoSerious
    WhySoSerious3 days ago

    How do people know the wizard is the most scene movie. When I tried to watch it was so boring

  • Irene Harnack
    Irene Harnack3 days ago

    "Tron" was also a Disney movie!

  • Irene Harnack

    Irene Harnack

    Day ago

    @James Howe Oh dear, I guess I must have missed it.

  • James Howe

    James Howe

    2 days ago

    that what they said

  • Richard Fischer
    Richard Fischer3 days ago

    Wizard of Oz was a film WAY ahead of its time .

  • gfear24
    gfear243 days ago

    Just remember, the production budget of a movie is about half the cost of a movie. Promotion & distribution accounts for the other half. In order for a movie to turn a profit it has to make roughly double the production budget.

  • cjfilmproductions
    cjfilmproductions3 days ago

    I worked in the film industry from 1997 to 2012. I have never seen blade runner. Sounds like sacrilege i know.

  • High Five
    High Five3 days ago

    Pudupettai Tamil film one of the best gangsta movie

  • TheWarriorsMortalKombatFan9303
    TheWarriorsMortalKombatFan93033 days ago

    Honerable Mention: Osmosis Jones 2001 Performed Poorly at the box office and it became one of Warner Brothers Animation Studios biggest box office flops in there history But later found success through home video & TV (The latter it was once shown on Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theater Run) It spun a Saturday Morning Cartoon Show called Ozzy And Drix that premiered on Kids WB and Cartoon Network in 2002 and lasted in 2004 And it's following and fan-base grew larger and stronger after the Covid-19 pandemic arrived.

  • TheWarriorsMortalKombatFan9303


    3 days ago

    @the ramblin ramblerWell the live action parts are either meh or just plain boring.

  • the ramblin rambler

    the ramblin rambler

    3 days ago

    Live action parts sucked

  • Bill H
    Bill H3 days ago

    Sucker punch

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams3 days ago

    Tron is absolute shit. Tron:Legacy on the otherhand is brilliant

  • the ramblin rambler

    the ramblin rambler

    3 days ago

    Tron legacy had the record for most money spent by first time director

  • Sam Mitman
    Sam Mitman3 days ago

    Dazed and Confused = Garbage. Hocus Pocus - No. Blade Runner = MASTERPIECE Tron = UNBELIEVABLY BORING ET = just....why? Citizen Kane = Why is this movie considered so amazing? Id love to know why. I personally would never waste my time with it.

  • Elaine Evans
    Elaine Evans3 days ago

    The Rocketeer should have got a mention.

  • Kita McGuire
    Kita McGuire3 days ago

    I probably single-handedly ran up the rentals for hocus-pocus as a kid. My mom had to banned me from getting it from blockbuster when I was young LOL

  • 1992disney
    1992disney3 days ago

    While I'm very happy that Treasure Planet is on this list (obviously), I think that it should've been ranked much higher than eight because not only was it so friggin' good and underrated, but it was unlike anything Disney has ever made before, and sadly hasn't made ever since as well for obvious and biased reasons. I mean, how often do you see Disney combine hand-drawn animation with CG and blend them together so well, avoid repeating their formula as much as possible, create and write an animated morally gray antagonist with a redemption arc, and even tackle some relatable themes such as the struggles of growing up as a teen and knowing your worth and potential, mature ones like the negative consequences of greed and the importance of morality, and especially a serious issue like parental abandonment? Think about that and so much more. It's an underrated masterpiece for a reason, you know. Also, it deserves to be re-released in theaters in 3D, IMAX 3D, and 4DX with a much better marketing campaign and a much better release date, when there's little to no competition. That way, it'll not only become even more popular while gaining even more fans in the process that'll earn the same status as the other classics and masterpieces like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, and many others, but it'll also get it's very own huge and successful franchise.

  • ChaoticPhantasy
    ChaoticPhantasy4 days ago

    The fifth element?

  • Rob Norris
    Rob Norris4 days ago

    I know there's already a lot of Disney on this list, but you overlooked Fantasia (1940). Walt Disney's experimental animated motion picture, which can be considered the grandfather of the modern music video format, was a tremendous disappointment upon initial release. But Disney would re-release their animated films every few years, and Fantasia would gain traction every time it returned to theaters. Today, it is regarded as Disney's masterpiece.

  • aldusxenon
    aldusxenon4 days ago

    The end of Blade Runner IMO is one of the saddest endings of any film ever. It ALWAYS makes me cry. 😥

  • Rick Nelson
    Rick Nelson4 days ago

    They Live #1

  • Brooke Douglas
    Brooke Douglas4 days ago

    I love Clue! My sis and I quote it all the time

  • Gevorg1989
    Gevorg19894 days ago

    Glad to see TRON here.

  • Let It Be Known
    Let It Be Known4 days ago

    Although it's not " popular" compared to Brazil, I'm glad that Terry Gilliam's 1998 film Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas is now the cult classic that it deserves to be.

  • Felicia Jenkins
    Felicia Jenkins4 days ago

    Didn't see Heathers til I was well into my adult years but I was able to sneak into Fatal Attraction with the right clothes and make-up 🤣.

  • Gabe F
    Gabe F4 days ago

    about school of rock

  • KMS781986
    KMS7819864 days ago

    treasure planet, wizard of oz & hocus pocus, didn't & SHOULDN'T HAVE BOMBED, I didn't care for it a wonderful life either

  • RavenHowl
    RavenHowl4 days ago

    Donnie Darko could have been in the honorable mentions 💙

  • Hot swiggity sex
    Hot swiggity sex4 days ago


  • AV Club
    AV Club4 days ago

    I have always loved Tresaure Planet

  • Sean Horace
    Sean Horace4 days ago

    Perhaps Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory should've been on this list as well. But there's also .Don Bluth's All Dogs Go to Heaven and/or The Pebble and the Penguin .Disney's Hercules What do you think?

  • grijesh ninama
    grijesh ninama4 days ago

    Blade runner 2049 , Ad Astra , Annihilation, First reform, Logan lucky , Wind rivers , Blindspotting could be next cult movies .

  • Kim B
    Kim B4 days ago

    I watched It's A Wonderful Life last Christmas for the first time and I really wish I didn't. It has such a slow pace and I dislike the whole "I wish I wasn't born" premise.

  • Chris in Indiana
    Chris in Indiana4 days ago

    Here's one. "Miracle on 34th Street" (1947) starring Maureen O'Hara, Edmund Gwenn and Natalie Wood. Even though it takes place at Christmas, it was released in the summertime and wasn't promoted aggressively. It's become a traditional Christmas movie over the years on TV, home video and streaming.

  • aceventuraify
    aceventuraify4 days ago

    The Shining and Shawshank Redemption should have been on this list

  • Hill 16
    Hill 164 days ago

    Casino Royale is now most people’s favourite Bond movie even though it’s 15 years old

  • Frank Lloyd
    Frank Lloyd4 days ago

    Christmas Story where that at ???

  • Dhruv Sibal
    Dhruv Sibal4 days ago

    You missed Greatest showman

  • Ari Shore
    Ari Shore4 days ago

    Spider-Man 3 better be on this list

  • Ari Shore

    Ari Shore

    4 days ago

    @Cloverfield as much as you hate it everyone knows bully mguire he is become in icon in popculture,and Spider-Man 3 is highly underrated I suggest a rerun (it proves uncle Ben’s message that great power is with great responsibility (don’t bring up the “there are 2many villains card cause there is only 1 villain in it and 2anti hero’s and endgame had way more enough said

  • Cloverfield


    4 days ago


  • S. Pak
    S. Pak4 days ago

    A underrated movie that should have been popular is "Hero" starring Dustin Hoffman check it out if you haven't seen it

  • S. Pak
    S. Pak4 days ago

    Didn't "The Dead Zone" become popular later?

  • Celeste the Bunny
    Celeste the Bunny4 days ago

    It mildly upsets me that Clue only got an honorable mention, but at the same time, I'm glad it was touched on. I love that movie, I've rewatched it too many times to count.

  • MichaelNicle
    MichaelNicle4 days ago

    TREASURE PLANET is literally one of the most beautifully animated movies of ALL TIME. i feel so lucky to have been able to see it in the cinema when it came out.

  • Michael-paul drew
    Michael-paul drew4 days ago

    Both blade runners are awful. So so boring

  • Cloverfield


    4 days ago

    Ok Michael Bay movie lover

  • Lloyd Williams
    Lloyd Williams4 days ago

    What about The Shawshank Redemption It only made $16 million during its initial theatrical run and then it went on to become one of the top rented films of 1995

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee4 days ago

    Shawshank. Future: Idiocracy

  • Wind Craft
    Wind Craft4 days ago

    Cats will be classic one day. Remember that!

  • Wynn Wynn
    Wynn Wynn4 days ago

    Hocus pocus being #4 In box office success is a success !

  • Wynn Wynn
    Wynn Wynn4 days ago

    DaZed and confused was very popular in the 90s.

  • Jake
    Jake4 days ago

    Waterworld, The Postman

  • Tilen Malej
    Tilen Malej4 days ago

    Treasure planet FINALLY got some respect. It's my favorite Disney movie by a landslide.

  • Young Senpaii
    Young Senpaii4 days ago

    So we're aren't going to talk about how much Scarface was hated when it was released on CHRISTMAS day. The Cuban community hated the depiction on its immigrants and was only made popular through pop culture many years later.

  • artfire28
    artfire284 days ago

    I read Rambo 2 won some Razzies but became one of the best cult films up to this day. The messages about veterans and POWs not having enough care and recognized by the country they served are still relevant up to this time.

  • artfire28
    artfire284 days ago

    The audience from that time did not get how relevant those films were. The staff weren't just working for a buck, but visionaries and would become legends for years to come.

  • H. Rix
    H. Rix4 days ago

    Where’s Shawshank?

  • Andy Schoppe
    Andy Schoppe4 days ago

    No Fifth Element?

  • Sandeep Kumar Tirkey
    Sandeep Kumar Tirkey4 days ago

    The Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club

  • Caleb Velez-Rager
    Caleb Velez-Rager4 days ago

    Wow! John Carpenter's "The Thing" didn't even get an honorable mention! It was released to critical lambasting and terrible box office numbers but has since become revered as one of the greatest horror movies of all time!

  • Charlie Rashed
    Charlie Rashed4 days ago

    No Shawshank Redemption ???

  • Anand Kumar
    Anand Kumar4 days ago

    All kamal films , Thiyagaraja kumararaja films ❤️ 🙏

  • Scott Lindsey
    Scott Lindsey4 days ago


  • Event Horizon 77
    Event Horizon 774 days ago

    What about The Shawshank Redemption?

  • V4Now
    V4Now4 days ago

    I think Falling Down Is one of these movies. It got better with age.

  • The Tree
    The Tree4 days ago

    Scott Pilgrim?

  • Supermac Ratio
    Supermac Ratio4 days ago

    Treasure planet's animation is so good that it could match up to today's cgi.

  • Clayton Zeigler
    Clayton Zeigler4 days ago

    John Carpenter's The Thing should have at least been in the honorable mentions

  • Joe Roycroft
    Joe Roycroft4 days ago

    John Carpenter's The Thing!!

  • TTG Labour
    TTG Labour4 days ago

    Stranger things nobody watched it in 2016

  • Tashiro Sato
    Tashiro Sato4 days ago

    Can u do Oberlo vs CJ Dropshipping

  • Gamer's Theater
    Gamer's Theater4 days ago

    Here's one: Dracula Untold, everyone hated it in 2014, but loved it today

  • MealsOnWheelsSZN
    MealsOnWheelsSZN4 days ago

    No Halloween 3?

  • SmittsD
    SmittsD4 days ago

    Blade Runner and The Thing were release on the same weekend back in 1982. Oh god the money I would have spent that week...

  • Random TV
    Random TV4 days ago

    You might as give Disney there own list.

  • Nayan 4572
    Nayan 45724 days ago

    Dazed and confused is a dogshit film