Top 10 Upcoming Live Action Anime That Might Suck

Are they destined to be flops? Join Ashley as he counts down our picks for the upcoming live-action anime films that might turn out to be duds, including "Sword Art Online", "Mobile Suit Gundam", "One Punch Man", and more! Which anime adaptation makes YOUR skin crawl? Let us know in the comments!

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    WatchMojo.com11 days ago

    Check out our featured song: "Cuts" by Artik Falls! And for more Anime, check out our playlist: Which upcoming Anime Adaptation are you cautiously optimistic for?

  • Belladonna Dewish

    Belladonna Dewish

    8 days ago

    Please let me be wrong about these...

  • Adrian Manray

    Adrian Manray

    9 days ago

    They better not do live action Redo of Healer

  • Brooke


    9 days ago

    @Night Legend If it will have a Japanese cast, then it will most-likely be based in Japan...Take the FMA live-action movie for instance...

  • Night Legend

    Night Legend

    9 days ago

    @Brooke bet the setting ain’t gonna take place in Japan, and it’s gonna feature White Actor’s that’s disrespectful to my favorite Anime.

  • Night Legend

    Night Legend

    9 days ago

    Some of these Anime’s take place in Japan bet the Settings are gonna take place in the US, and featured white actors that make anime protagonist look out of character

  • Captain Burns
    Captain Burns8 hours ago

    Hollywood with butcher a Your Name film. It’ll lose everything that makes that anime amazing. Plus I’m more than positive it’ll be overly filled with current social justice propaganda that’s in the US.

  • Jeramiah Michaud
    Jeramiah MichaudDay ago

    You forgot Akira

  • ddbob 1
    ddbob 1Day ago

    Why would they make mha live action you know how bad that's gonna look lol not to mention the story. The only way that would work is if they made the movies live action and maybe not even then lol. But I do agree with the aizawa and all might casting. I also am looking forward to the cowboy bepop live action. That one actually might be good lol. Lol I wanna see Yuyu hakusho too even if it's bad lol.

  • mojo
    mojo2 days ago

    why must the netflix gods torture us with more American crappy death note 😔

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager2 days ago

    I think Aot live action is in production already by wb studios

  • Luna Noire
    Luna Noire2 days ago

    ....i think my soul died forever hearing Your Name is being Americanized....y would anyone do this.... Also, my unpopular opinion, Death Note has like 0.0000000000000000000005% of being redeemed

  • Superman 1 million
    Superman 1 million2 days ago

    Leave Your Name alone!!!

    MADHUKAR G3 days ago

    Everything sucks but I have a hope on gundam because it needs it

  • Nolitha masiso
    Nolitha masiso3 days ago

    Why are live action even made

  • KenpachiM3
    KenpachiM33 days ago

    if they have a good quality CGI like lost in space maybe just maybe Netflix can pull off this this challenge of beboo

  • asheer


    2 days ago

    yeah lets hope

  • Magic Maqwa
    Magic Maqwa3 days ago

    Oh fxck no pls no _special ability_ shows as live action

  • Iffat Bushra Suhi
    Iffat Bushra Suhi3 days ago

    They better not make a live adaptation on MHA and Cowboy Bebop!!!

  • Luis Eduardo Figueredo Montesinos
    Luis Eduardo Figueredo Montesinos3 days ago

    Please dont do any of this movies 😭

  • SoulReaper2078
    SoulReaper20783 days ago

    I must sadly admit that I still have G-Saviour on DVD. But how in Hades did that P.O.S. Netflix Death Note get a sequel?! We have 3 Japanese live action versions that were far better.

  • Agent Venom
    Agent Venom4 days ago

    Why are you doing this Hollywood your making Live-action films for quick cash grab and your going to get completely slander 😤 **"Think Hollywood!"**

  • Simon Ntonifor
    Simon Ntonifor4 days ago

    Why does Hollywood love to fuck with anime fans so much. First they won’t give anime movies proper representation when it comes to the academy awards and now they keep ruining our memories and childhoods by making shitty adaptations of the anime we love.

  • Legz For Dayz
    Legz For Dayz4 days ago

    No. No. Fucking no! How dare they attempt to ruin the classics?! I don't need to see it to know it's gonna suck. Yu Yu Hakusho and Cowboy Bebop are sacred, dammit!

  • A. Joseph Mantilla
    A. Joseph Mantilla4 days ago

    Stevie literally told haters of the live action Bebop to keep their shit to themselves, and since JJ Fucking Abrams grabbed Taki and Mitsuha by their necks, Paramount is going to make that adaptation as horrible as Super 8. Plus, we already have a live action Sword Art Online, it’s called *READY PLAYER ONE* , the only thing they need is a soundtrack by fuckin’ *PRINCE!*

  • Tino5135
    Tino51354 days ago

    No why 😭I thought the curse of 2020 was done!! That dude ain’t No Spike

  • Iván Solorio
    Iván Solorio4 days ago

    Not "might" they WILL SUCK. I can guarantee it.

  • midwestyle
    midwestyle5 days ago

    Seeing Cowboy Bebop adapted to live action just breaks my heart. That literally influence my character and I already know they are gonna burn it with hellfire.

  • asheer


    2 days ago

    well give it a chance first watched then say what you have to say about live action it is comming in august

  • Michami
    Michami5 days ago

    One Piece should have been number one. No amount of casting or script writing will fix that CGI nightmare to be.

  • Max555
    Max5555 days ago

    Maybe after seeing what an Demon Slayer animated film could outgross live-action, that might give them a hesitation if live action is even profitable

  • Gabriel Lundes
    Gabriel Lundes6 days ago

    “Don’t you put that evil on me WatchMojo”

  • bluknight99
    bluknight996 days ago

    "Sword Art Online"? What? How are they gonna convince Jesus Christ to reschedule his second coming to work with the filming schedule?

  • Jake Hardin
    Jake Hardin6 days ago

    I heard Hellsing is getting the live action treatment. As long as they keep Crispin Freeman and Steven Brand, I’ll watch it.

  • Nana_TV
    Nana_TV6 days ago

    To be honest they're going to f*** all of this up and people are going to be mad and pissed off at certain characters are played by white actors and actresses as usual this isn't the first time this has happened

  • Nana_TV
    Nana_TV6 days ago

    I've seen this before Hollywood should just stop making movies or TV shows based off anime they probably never even read seen or did research on it's always the same thing

  • Jitender Kumar
    Jitender Kumar6 days ago

    I am seeing the entire list in future title: as movies that never would have happen

  • Edward Danks
    Edward Danks6 days ago

    You too, Ashley? Your corporate overlords have decreed that you hock shitty music with no relation to anything of these lists. Ugh...that's just stupid.

  • David Rossi
    David Rossi6 days ago

    They're going to ruin my 2 Favorite Anime Of All Time Yu Yu Hakusho Was My Favorite Anime As A Child And One Piece Is My Current All Time Favorite Anime

  • Richard Russell
    Richard Russell6 days ago

    That Westernisation of Your Name ...... F**K no!!

  • Frank Moniz
    Frank Moniz6 days ago

    The Death Note movie was my first exposure to the Death Note phenomenon, so with nothing to compare it to, I thought it was a good movie.

  • asheer


    2 days ago

    as a movie it is good but as an anime adaptation it is bad

  • CycloneFangirl
    CycloneFangirl6 days ago

    I don't know why Death Note (2017) is getting a sequel. That movie is so terrible!!!! I don't want the writers to make a sequel to the terrible movie.

  • Steven Cisneros
    Steven Cisneros6 days ago

    Keanu Reeves as Aizawa, and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson as *All Might* 🤯🤯🤯 my freaking god…….

  • Sebastian Olvera
    Sebastian Olvera6 days ago

    I almost lost my fucking shit when Naruto is on this list but I'm glad they didn't

  • TheJokie58
    TheJokie586 days ago

    I really dont wanna see a live action movie of naruto/naruto shippuden. If they do, it better be good

  • WikdSeafood
    WikdSeafood6 days ago

    I'm one of those anime fans that Cowbot Bebop was what got me into it. Why do we have to have live action versions? And don't even get me started on Steins;Gate!

  • Patrick Perry
    Patrick Perry6 days ago

    I like it.

  • Hank Pym
    Hank Pym6 days ago


  • Faiezi abu bakar
    Faiezi abu bakar6 days ago

    I don't think half of these will come to completion

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey6 days ago

    How about the top 10 fictional waifu.

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey6 days ago

    I always thought Keanu Reeves perfect to play Spike from Cowboy Bebop

  • Kambo Dreamz
    Kambo Dreamz7 days ago

    Top Ten Live Action Anime that didn't Suck!

  • mateusz obszanski
    mateusz obszanski7 days ago

    Theres also gonna be a Hellsing live action from the creator of John Wick

  • Spectrum The Video Game
    Spectrum The Video Game7 days ago

    Gundam G-Savior was straight trash

  • Brittany Beeks
    Brittany Beeks7 days ago

    Just don’t let Scarlet Johansson near any of these.

  • Donatas Simaitis
    Donatas Simaitis7 days ago

    stop fucking making live actions of anime. I much rather have an animated spin-offs done by hollywood or whatever.

  • King Bergado
    King Bergado7 days ago

    why would i they make a live action yu yu hakusho, just us animated movie

  • kevin marpaung
    kevin marpaung7 days ago

    hope Taika Waititi's Akira live action good af

  • Cross
    Cross7 days ago

    if we learned anything from the live action avatar the last that u dont want to cram a whole fucking season into one movie

  • Rin Okumura
    Rin Okumura7 days ago

    Sword Art Online Live Action Will Be A Series And The Game Will Be Adapting As A Global Game Not Japan Only.

  • A Nerd Entertainer
    A Nerd Entertainer7 days ago


  • Billie Comeaux
    Billie Comeaux7 days ago

    None of these should be made into live action. The on;y decent live action films IMO have been the Rouroni Kenshin films.

  • Van Darkholme
    Van Darkholme7 days ago

    Oh no Kong skull island director for gundam. Why do movies like that even make money. (Don't answer me in replies, rhetorical question)

  • Alyster Hyde
    Alyster Hyde7 days ago

    Death Note had even beautiful examples from Japan on how to make the Live Action and still screw up, that is so lame that even Misa Misa could not save it.

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake7 days ago

    we do not and will never need live action anime

  • Greg Luther
    Greg Luther7 days ago

    Just No to your name

  • OD Coordinator

    OD Coordinator

    7 days ago

    When I heard JJ was adapting it, I knew it was doomed

  • Leganzar
    Leganzar7 days ago

    I'll probably like all of these and I don't see why everyone has to get so serious about everything all the time 🙄

  • Leganzar
    Leganzar7 days ago

    Meh, I liked Deathnote

  • farhan Mehmood
    farhan Mehmood7 days ago

    I am praying so fucking hard that they dont mess up cowboy bebop. They have to carry that weight

  • Getabalew Yemane
    Getabalew Yemane8 days ago

    The secret to adopting a Manga/Anime seems to be always forgotten *DON'T*

  • MadSnowman
    MadSnowman8 days ago

    One sure way to know that a movie adaptation of an anime/TV show is going to fail is by looking at the runtime. Squeezing a whole season worth of story into a 90-100 minute long movie comes with a 99 % chance of failure. If the My Hero Academia movie ends up being 150 minutes long (or more), then maybe they'll make something good with a proper budget. if it is below 2 hours, then it is doomed

  • Abid Hasan
    Abid Hasan8 days ago

    6 out of 10 are my favorite anime 😭😭

  • MichaeL Letherman
    MichaeL Letherman8 days ago

    Live-action anime. I sense an oxymoron.

  • Ronald Wright Jr.
    Ronald Wright Jr.8 days ago

    Is there an online petition anywhere so we can collectively beg that nobody ever touch the Cowboy Bebop IP unless they're making t-shirts? Seriously, I'll accept ALL the rest of these if they leave Bebop alone

  • Joel Kotto
    Joel Kotto8 days ago

    Anime without large cast can be pulled off, in my opinion. However, let's just brace ourselves for the unexpected.

  • Lenyse Frye
    Lenyse Frye8 days ago

    Was👏 nothing👏 learned 👏from👏 the👏 Dragon 👏Ball 👏movie??

  • Baby Dino
    Baby Dino8 days ago

    10 --> Nah skip it 9 --> They are may gonna cancelled it because there are too many characters 8 --> This could go for Japanese LA but I don't know how and why Hollywood wanna go with this 7 --> It would be either of ways, I don't know but probably yeah I can see it may get a LA 6 --> Again like MHA 5 --> Interestingly with the recieve of Ready Player One movie, I can see this LA would happen and it's gonna be either hard to watch, but with WB did it great with Detective Pikachu, it may not suck but it could be an ok LA 4 --> Skip, because I am not a fan of SAO 3 --> I can agree this would suck 100% like DB 2 --> I swear I was asking for Yu Yu Hakusho Remake and it's ANIME REMAKE like Sailor Moon Crystal or HxH, at first I was like "big no" but with the staffs and crew who did the LA of Alice in Borderlands, I don't know how it would go 1 --> why? Bonus: Dishonrable mention: - Naruto --> yes there was a rumour about it and believe me, it is gonna suck - Hellsing --> A screenwriter of John Wick is also rumoured to be in this project and I can see this as a 50-50 - Akira --> This has been talked a lot but I don't know is it good or not

  • ILoveBreathing
    ILoveBreathing8 days ago

    Why?.... Why in the goddamn hell is Death note getting a sequel??

  • raj muthu
    raj muthu8 days ago


  • DrPepperJNL
    DrPepperJNL8 days ago


  • Cog B.
    Cog B.8 days ago

    Ash, I think you should change the title of this video (after I watched its entirety) to "Top 10 Upcoming Live Action Anime THAT will suck" seeing this list, I was screaming no and wanted to chuck a beer at the screen(I am Aussie, beer is like water) but I realised that (A) it was just a list you compiled, (B) I can't stop idiotic Directors and producers and (C) a waste of a good beer.

  • Sonzhon 7
    Sonzhon 78 days ago

    Cowboy Bepop is much more flexible to be turn into live action, much more for Death Note but they already did that dirty by trying to put in some new spin so....

  • Cyanite
    Cyanite8 days ago

    Bad anime adaptations show that Hollywood was never perfect.

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena8 days ago

    WM: Top 10 upcoming live action anime that may suck ME: Sufferin' succotash!!

  • Onizuka Eichiki
    Onizuka Eichiki8 days ago

    The list starts at 1:29, thank me later...

  • Alex Canas
    Alex Canas8 days ago

    I guess Akira didn't make the list because Taika Wattiti is making it.

  • Kazuki Araya
    Kazuki Araya8 days ago

    Remove might suck to will suck because every anime that get turn into a live action movie suck they don't follow the story they always add something else to it that doesn't make sense and they always change the story

  • wolfmantheimpaler
    wolfmantheimpaler8 days ago

    I'm just dreading the day for a Hollywood studio to announce they're doing a live action JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis8 days ago

    Literally the only person who I would want to be cast as spike spiegel is Keanu reeves and maybe ray park

  • Gareth Trevor
    Gareth Trevor8 days ago

    I don't want white wash princess mononoke live action remake Aslo having living remakes of my hero academia hero is terrible idea but we live in Hollywood just make money remakes your named is terrible

  • Heretic 117
    Heretic 1178 days ago

    Pretty sure Hollywood is gonna make a live action version of Hellsing, but I guess this list is already filled.

  • Servine641
    Servine6418 days ago

    I found Netflix’s Kagegurui live action remake to be quite enjoyable, probably due to the style of the anime not being too over-the-top, so it’s not like they can all flop, right?

  • graduator14
    graduator148 days ago

    Dragonball Evolution needs a sequel! >:)

  • 49ers1975
    49ers19758 days ago

    if these are done right by japanes crew like alice in borderland then yes it will be great but from the sound of it it's like deathnote...pass on all of these

  • Frieza Clan
    Frieza Clan8 days ago

    The fact that MyHero will get a Live action version of Season 1 we will most likely have to see a CGI Nomou

  • TakaoKinomiya / HyperDarkSonic
    TakaoKinomiya / HyperDarkSonic9 days ago


  • MissSallyB1
    MissSallyB19 days ago

    nice to see that trademark WatchMojo optimism. And in case I'm being too subtle, that was sarcasm.

  • MattGarZero
    MattGarZero9 days ago

    Who are you trying to pander to exactly? These are all gonna be shit.

  • cidXsherra
    cidXsherra9 days ago

    the original live action deathnote is amazing! fuck the netflix adaptation

  • Keyza Mohammed
    Keyza Mohammed9 days ago

    No no no no no don't make one punch man into a live action

  • Deacon Pelton
    Deacon Pelton9 days ago

    Kill la kill

  • AnimeGirl4891
    AnimeGirl48919 days ago

    They had better not butcher the characters names in MHA. Let alone their Quirks

  • George Harvey
    George Harvey9 days ago

    If I ever had the chance to adapt Sword Art Online, I'd skip the entire Alfheim arc. I have too much respect for Asuna's character.

  • El Cinéfilo Incurable
    El Cinéfilo Incurable9 days ago

    They will all suck. American producers simply don't understand anime. Even Japanese live action adaptations tend to fail.

  • Elijah Siddan
    Elijah Siddan9 days ago

    #leavecowboybebopalone .

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake9 days ago

    If Taika had wrote and directed Cowboy Bepop It would definitely be on my watchlist

  • Yulligoteckg Studios
    Yulligoteckg Studios9 days ago

    Sight! Why make a sequel of Death note movie, when the first one sucked!