Top 10 Bad Movies We Only Watched for the Cast


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    Check out our playlist for the worst movies ever!: What bad movie has a great performance? Let us know in the comments!

  • Kevin Donnelly

    Kevin Donnelly

    3 days ago

    HB h by juju Uighur GHB ghvh HB v

  • William Chico

    William Chico

    4 days ago

    @David Smith oh, hello! I saw the greatest James Stewart western classic film Shenandoah, and it's one of the greatest James Stewart western classic film since Bend on the River. You need to watch Shenandoah on Tubi for now, okay?

  • David Smith

    David Smith

    4 days ago

    @David me too.

  • David Smith

    David Smith

    4 days ago

    @William Chico Thanks, I’ll have to check it out.

  • Enrique La rosa

    Enrique La rosa

    5 days ago

    @David you are here too?

  • Jeff Cox
    Jeff Cox2 hours ago

    Jonah Hex is the best DC universe, not Batman movie, period.

  • Shanelle Goodman
    Shanelle Goodman18 hours ago

    I am shocked that movie 43 has not been mentioned. I was actually sure it'd be in the top 3!

  • Gerardo Martinez
    Gerardo Martinez20 hours ago

    I've always thought that Willem Dafoe is a very underrated actor

  • Dion Ruffin
    Dion RuffinDay ago

    I never finished Ghost Rider the movie was trash

  • Im Batman !
    Im Batman !Day ago

    Tourist is a good movie, what the heck

  • Tougherlist459
    Tougherlist459Day ago

    I actually liked RIPD it wasn’t the best but it was enjoyable

  • Gerardo Martinez
    Gerardo MartinezDay ago

    Collateral Beauty is a very good movie

  • Captain Nixe
    Captain NixeDay ago

    I'd like to add another movie. The 1980 film adaptation of "The Formula" which I saw only because it starred two of my favorites, Academy Award refusers George C. Scott and Marlon Brando. What a disappointment.

  • Erik Skifte
    Erik SkifteDay ago


  • hollis murillo
    hollis murilloDay ago

    The island of Dr. Morou is my guilty pleasure

  • Jerdabear33
    Jerdabear33Day ago

    movie 43

  • Ian Turner
    Ian Turner2 days ago

    The Avengers 1998. Sean Connery, Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman, Jim Broadbent, Patrick Macnee, Eileen Atkins. I loved the original 1960s and 70s tv series but seriously, the worst film I ever watched.

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon11302 days ago

    Black swan

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil2 days ago

    Suicide Squad (2016), Batman and Robin (1997) and Movie 43 (2013)

  • Tavis Pezely
    Tavis Pezely2 days ago

    Movie 43

  • Jace Pawlak
    Jace Pawlak2 days ago

    I thought MOVIE 43 was gonna be on top. Not even an honorable mention? That movie is putrid.

  • KatarnCrusader
    KatarnCrusader3 days ago

    Lions for Lambs was not a bad movie. And does not deserve to be put on a list with unsalvageable trash like Jonah Hex, Speed 2, Ghost Rider, Gigli etc...

  • Physics
    Physics3 days ago

    Anyone type the list? Ahh.. sick

  • IAmKingSwavey YT
    IAmKingSwavey YT3 days ago

    “It’s Turkey Time” 🤦🏾‍♂️😭🤣

  • A Nerd Entertainer
    A Nerd Entertainer3 days ago

    This list absolutely went into garbage when the #1 movie is Ghost Rider. It is a good movie and very entertaining.

  • Darian Duncan
    Darian Duncan3 days ago

    Fun fact, the diner scene from Heat was shot with Pacino and DeNiro separately They were Not actually in the diner together

  • Jake wayne
    Jake wayne3 days ago

    loved Jonah Hex. Megan fox so great Actor. in this movie. just if got a Movie Sequels. I go see it.

  • Tobias Doesken
    Tobias Doesken3 days ago

    Sorry, I really enjoyed R.I.P.D. honestly. And it is one of my favorite Jeff Bridges characters ever

  • Tobias Doesken

    Tobias Doesken

    3 days ago

    Also really loved Jonah Hex as something entertaining as well, even though it didn't follow the comic

  • alextheminecrafter
    alextheminecrafter4 days ago

    I thought Ghost Rider was a good movie especially when you compare it to the sequel.

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson4 days ago

    Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin and a cast of others in The Delta Force.

  • Hokuto Shinken- Chris Armstrong
    Hokuto Shinken- Chris Armstrong4 days ago

    The cast of Hellboy 2019 is great.

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson4 days ago

    From the director of New Year's Eve - Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson4 days ago

    Heaven's Gate.

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson4 days ago

    Some might put Cannonball Run 1 and 2 on this list.

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson4 days ago

    Mordecai? Another Jonny Depp

  • Jack Penn
    Jack Penn4 days ago

    No cats or dolittle?

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith4 days ago

    Whedon's Justice League

  • Cecilia Falk
    Cecilia Falk4 days ago

    Almost every movie Norman Reedus was in 😂😂😂

  • Samuel Sims
    Samuel Sims4 days ago

    Fantastic 4 reboot

  • TheLewitzer02
    TheLewitzer024 days ago

    Here's one I recall pretty well, and it's "Dolittle (2020)". While the film has been a guilty pleasure for me, the cast was beyond epic.

  • Brandon Lund
    Brandon Lund4 days ago

    OMG for once they didn't call Movie 43 bad. Either they didn't realize the opportunity or they realized it's pure satire, finally.

  • manic kitty
    manic kitty4 days ago

    I can say with honest pride, that I've never seen any of these movies.

  • Jeffrey DeCristofaro
    Jeffrey DeCristofaro4 days ago

    That's why they're called stars - no matter how bad a movie they're in can get, you go see it anyway because they're in it. I saw STEALTH for Jessica Biel, THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN for Sean Connery (RIP), and THE HAUNTING remake for Catherine Zeta-Jones, and even the worst GODZILLA movies for... well, Godzilla.

  • Overlord Of Cats
    Overlord Of Cats4 days ago

    The Expendables?

  • John Bino
    John Bino4 days ago

    oh nah yall just be hating

  • Christopher Merlot
    Christopher Merlot5 days ago

    I really hope that Marvel Studios gives us a good Ghost Rider someday.

  • Redemption Gaming
    Redemption Gaming5 days ago

    (#10) Clearly, whomever made this list has NOT suffered heavy loss in their life. This movie is beautiful, hopeful and delves deep into the psyche of parents who have lost a child.

  • Odwayne Williams
    Odwayne Williams5 days ago

    Yeah, but I still want Nicholas Cage in the MCU as the sentry.

  • Lisa Henderson
    Lisa Henderson5 days ago

    I loved Collateral Beauty! Don't know why it is on this list?

  • X
    X5 days ago

    This one will probably be an unpopular one but RED. I just didn't like it that much. And while I don't think the cast did a terrible job, I didn't buy Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker as love interests for a second. And also Knight and Day for Tom Cruise, and WAR with Jet Li and Jason Statham. WAR was atrocious.

  • Zacman1123
    Zacman11235 days ago

    To quote someone I follow on USplan: Whenever Nick Cage makes a film, God flips a coin.

  • Eternal Dolphin1210
    Eternal Dolphin12105 days ago

    Mars attacks had Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Benning, Sarah Jessica Parker, Micheal J Fox, Pierce Bronson, Danny DeVito, Tom Jones, Jack Black, Silvia Sydney, and Frank Welker among others It deserves number

  • Gevorg1989
    Gevorg19895 days ago

    What's Good Year doing here?

  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick5 days ago

    Wow, I've literally seen none of these movies. Here's to intuition 🍷🍷

  • Totsi Rol
    Totsi Rol5 days ago

    Movie 43 should be number 1 on this list

  • Dino Monzon
    Dino Monzon5 days ago

    Nicolas Cage’s first Ghost Rider film was rather good; I liked it. It wasn’t perfect, but it did present GR and his powers, including the penance stare, very well. Given the complex backstory of the character in the comics, it was revised to make it easier for audiences to follow.

  • Mistro miks
    Mistro miks5 days ago

    Surprised I didn't see Batman and Robin with George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger lol

  • Carlo S
    Carlo S5 days ago

    Heat was really a bad movie. A common bank robber movie.

  • Neil Bender
    Neil Bender5 days ago

    Nick Cage has a simple formula. Throw enough movies out there until some stick. If they don’t...oh well, you still get paid. He has been in a handful of my most favorite movies and a handful of my worst. Everything else is ok and watchable. Now give me my 3rd NATIONAL TREASURE movie!

  • David Harvey
    David Harvey5 days ago

    Burn After Reading, Movie 43, and pretty much anything else from Focus Features.

  • random 5 year old
    random 5 year old5 days ago

    Forgot the turning

  • Ollie Smith
    Ollie Smith5 days ago

    How about The Haunting(Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Owen Wilson, Lili Taylor, Bruce Dern, Virginia Madsen), Pearl Harbor(Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, Josh Hartnett, Jon Voight, Alec Baldwin, Dan Aykroyd, Cuba Gooding Jr, Tom Sizemore, Jennifer Garner, Michael Shannon), The Spirit(Gabriel Macht, Sam L Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Jaime King, Eva Mendes, Sarah Paulson, Paz Vega)and Transformers The Last Knight(Mark Wahlberg, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Laura Haddock, John Turturro, Josh Duhamel).

  • FieryPhoenix586
    FieryPhoenix5865 days ago

    I was still pretty new to Nicholas Cage at the time I saw Ghost Rider. I was mostly drawn to it because it looked awesome.

  • Brandy Loutherback
    Brandy Loutherback5 days ago

    I only watched A Simple Favor for Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively!

  • Will G. Forrest
    Will G. Forrest5 days ago

    I liked collateral beauty.

  • Anthony Marret
    Anthony Marret6 days ago

    I feel that Jonah Hex's intro sequence is very underrated. It's fun, crazy as hell, and gives you a good omen of what's to come. Welp, they definitely did something crazy but after the first few minutes it's no longer fun nor good.

  • Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
    Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises6 days ago

    I actually loved *Collateral Beauty.* It was fun and moving.

  • Jonathann St-Pierre
    Jonathann St-Pierre6 days ago

    I wouldnt say that Collateral beauty and Righteous kill were bad. Maybe sometimes long and confusing but not bad. What about waiting for years for Star wars 7 and then getting meaningless cameo from the actors we wanted to see?

  • Dani3po
    Dani3po6 days ago

    Ghost Rider should be on another list: "Movies nobody watched because of the cast". Nic Cage is the biggest red flag.

  • Yeminn Htoon
    Yeminn Htoon6 days ago

    Okay am i the only one who thinks A Good Year doesnt belong on this list?

  • Joaquin Calderon
    Joaquin Calderon6 days ago

    "Movie 43" (2013)

  • Misty Rose
    Misty Rose6 days ago

    The Woman in the Window that came out this year definitely deserves to be on the list at least as an Honorable Mention. Amy Adams in the lead, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Jason Leigh. My god, they went all out with getting highly respected actors with accolades and the film was such a disappointment :(

  • Let It Be Known
    Let It Be Known6 days ago

    1999's Mystery Men is a guilty pleasure of mine with a great cast👍

  • joe O Flaherty
    joe O Flaherty6 days ago

    The Emoji Movie: Every Voice Actor

  • Trent Pousson
    Trent Pousson6 days ago

    I fuck with jonah hex not gonna lie lol

  • Ariel Kaplan
    Ariel Kaplan6 days ago

    Ghost Rider was kinda fun to watch , which there non in modern movies , only boom boom BOOM !!!

  • Everlena Oliver
    Everlena Oliver6 days ago

    So we're gonna ignore Wesley Snipes' in Demolition Man. He made it worth watching.

  • Everlena Oliver
    Everlena Oliver6 days ago

    I actually like Ghost Rider, the sequel's what sucks.

  • Luisa Gomez
    Luisa Gomez6 days ago

    You forgot Movie 43, or are we trying to forget that monstrosity

  • Joaquin Calderon

    Joaquin Calderon

    6 days ago

    And i try to forget Hugh Jackman's neck deformity

  • troygles
    troygles6 days ago

    Movie 43....just awful

  • Mr Arrowverse 16
    Mr Arrowverse 166 days ago

    at least the first ghost rider movie is watchable unlike the second one

  • Devin Crum
    Devin Crum6 days ago

    I really wanna see the Island of Dr Moreau. Imagine being on the set of a movie you hate in the middle of nowhere and then you find out one day that your daughter has just killed herself. Yeah...Marlon Brando was not a happy camper during the production. I probably wouldn't have been either if I was him.

  • Valentina Iuliana
    Valentina Iuliana6 days ago

    I like RIPD 😁😁😁😁

  • Mythical_Phoenix
    Mythical_Phoenix6 days ago

    R.I.P.D. and Ghost Rider were good movies maybe for some people it was bad but to me it was good and RIPD was funny as heck.

  • bheast86
    bheast866 days ago


  • Sagar Srivarma
    Sagar Srivarma6 days ago

    I didn't feel new years eve was a bad movie

  • Matt R
    Matt R6 days ago

    Gigli is not really the worst movie, it’s meant to be so bad it’s funny, J. Lo and Ben Affleck just have no chemistry, but Christopher Walken is what made that movie. Movie 43 is really the worst movie ever, because it had so many celebrities and it was so unwatchable!

  • Nikola Lutov
    Nikola Lutov6 days ago

    I personally really liked "A Good Year", watched it a few times. Can't agree at all...

  • Rog Nog
    Rog Nog6 days ago

    This is just my opinion but Ghost Rider 1 & 2 are criminally underrated movies

  • Twiggymaster666
    Twiggymaster6666 days ago

    No mention of Movie 43

  • Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue6 days ago

    Collateral Beauty is bad movie.. WTF ... Did you have some brain damage??? basically every word said for the movie in this clip is not true

  • Monte Johnson
    Monte Johnson6 days ago

    I loved Bewitched! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • DJGamingSmash
    DJGamingSmash6 days ago

    Worst movies with the most star-power: (I'm including ones I personally don't agree with) Movie 43 Valentine's Day Happy New Year The Snowman Any bad superhero, rom/com, or PG-13 action movie Spike Lee's Oldboy Any American / Disney live-action remake Iron Mask The Happening Chaos Walking Year One Jack & Jill Morgan Aloha The Big Wedding The Monuments Men Uwe Ball's In The Name of the King Gangster Squad Rock of Ages The Love Guru Batman & Robin Ridley Scott's The Counselor

  • Michael Reidt
    Michael Reidt6 days ago

    I’m surprised bat man and Robin were not on this list which derailed the franchise for years at least ghost rider got a sequel

  • Jeffrey Kolodziej
    Jeffrey Kolodziej6 days ago

    Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. The actor who played lincoln was simply great.

  • Bodi Play Games
    Bodi Play Games6 days ago

    Say what? Collateral Beauty was not a bad movie xD it's pretty good movie and I don't know why ppl don't like it? I think they just don't understand it. Same with Turist. Not great movie but not bad at all...

  • Ol' Tree
    Ol' Tree6 days ago

    I love the first Ghost Rider

  • freakjob0
    freakjob06 days ago

    RIPD is unfairly maligned. Sure it wouldn't have been half as good without Jeff Bridges, it's still better than most of the MIB movies.

  • K Clems
    K Clems6 days ago

    How could I forget Rob Dyrdek as "Rambo the skateboard pimp" 🤢

  • Christopher C
    Christopher C6 days ago

    @3:58 Speed 2 being "somewhat watchable", but only once.

  • Demond harris
    Demond harris6 days ago

    Soul plane cool world, dick Tracy, spice world, wild wild West, wag the dog, the big kahuna

  • sheenak56
    sheenak566 days ago

    The first Ghost Rider was good. He did a good job.

  • redmario7
    redmario76 days ago

    Scary Movie - At least the cast was good enough to enjoy this spoof movie.

  • Thomas Myers

    Thomas Myers

    6 days ago

    Scary movie 3 and up (in my opinion) sucked Ms. Man's balls

  • Kendly Ebanks
    Kendly Ebanks6 days ago

    You missed Movie 43