Top 10 Best Mr. Garrison Moments on South Park

These Mr. Garrison moments on "South Park" never get old. Our countdown includes coming out, she becomes a lesbian, forced to teach evolution, and more! What's YOUR favorite Mr. Garrison moment? Let us know in the comments!

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    WatchMojo.com6 days ago

    For more South Park, check out our playlist!: What's YOUR favorite Mr. Garrison moment? Let us know in the comments!

  • Blake Devitt

    Blake Devitt

    Day ago

    @TrUmp TOucheS Ivanka "I'm not gay! I'm a woman?"

  • TrUmp TOucheS Ivanka

    TrUmp TOucheS Ivanka

    Day ago

    @Blake Devitt one of the funniest lines ever in south park... I remember I couldn’t stop laughing at their conversation

  • Blake Devitt

    Blake Devitt

    Day ago

    (Mr. Garrison coming home to Mr. Slave after the sex change operation) Mr. Garrison: "We can still be together. You just have to stop being gay." Mr. Slave: "How can you say that? You're gay, too!" Mr. Garrison: "I'm not gay! I'm a woman!" (Later on,..regarding his recent break-up...) Mr. Garrison: "My boyfriend walked out on me. Turns out he was a fag."

  • TrUmp TOucheS Ivanka

    TrUmp TOucheS Ivanka

    3 days ago

    @Yukiko Takashiro is that worse or is *Put1n’s B1TCh* saying he wants to f*ck his own daughter ivanka, worse???



    4 days ago

    @Sasuke Is better than you pp

  • Mark McMahon
    Mark McMahonDay ago

    Mr. Garrison probably changed the most out of any South Park character, other than being an asshole no matter what he was doing.

  • The Mega Hunter
    The Mega HunterDay ago

    Are they still making new episodes

  • Blake Devitt
    Blake DevittDay ago

    What the hell is wrong with Randy?

  • Amber Yuen
    Amber Yuen2 days ago

    Hi there WatchMojo can you guys and girls please do a 10 worst South Park episodes all time 😡😡😡

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon11302 days ago

    Oh geez

  • István Gergely Pálosi
    István Gergely Pálosi2 days ago

    Top 10 Worst Things that Garrison Ever Done

  • Scott
    Scott2 days ago

    Why the hell isn't there a top 10 of me? I hope everyone at watchmojo gets cancer, especially Terrance and Phillip.

  • JK DeMartino
    JK DeMartino3 days ago

    D-yikes is my favorite garrison episode, that season 11 was amazing

  • Martin Dolby
    Martin Dolby3 days ago

    Didn't Mr. Garrison want to get molested by his father?

  • Last Outlaw OverKast
    Last Outlaw OverKast3 days ago

    I'm not gay but I love the Coming Out episode bcuz well .. "In not gay!"

  • Mr Halloween
    Mr Halloween3 days ago

    My personal number 1 is when Mr garrison wonders why his dad didn't sexually abuse him 😂😂😂

  • Pushyamitra Gurethia
    Pushyamitra Gurethia3 days ago

    Super discusting western ideology serial.

  • Dominick Sansotta
    Dominick Sansotta3 days ago

    I love how Garrison really poking fun at at Trump 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dominick Sansotta
    Dominick Sansotta3 days ago

    I love when Garrison has to teach eveloution and he/she throws a hack of shit at the dude teaching him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Drew Kirner
    Drew Kirner3 days ago

    "My opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted."

  • Steffy Herself
    Steffy Herself3 days ago

    How about when he was demoted to a Kindergarten teacher? It was so hilarious

  • Noel Hernandez
    Noel Hernandez3 days ago

    Maybe along being a gay in closet, the earlier episodes of southpark showed Garrison as a pervert. *He mated with Cartman's pig when they were making an experiment *He was trying to hook up with a little kid (but backed away when he knew it was Cartman) *People were not OK with letting that weird new creature live with him since he was banging a pidgeon

  • Malcolm Greene
    Malcolm Greene3 days ago

    It's funny how the WatchMojo didn't show the part how Garrison views on transitioning after he he got his penis back but showed him "forcefully taking" Canada's version of Donald Trump

  • Malcolm Greene
    Malcolm Greene3 days ago

    I knew WatchMojo didn't have the balls to show the scissoring part it's a damn shame see USplan more sensitive than actual cable Network TV

  • Dean Williamson
    Dean Williamson3 days ago

    2:48 Scooby Doo reference.

  • Geobro Proman
    Geobro Proman3 days ago

    Lots of South Park videos rolling out, I'm liking it, keep it up! Mr Garrison has gone through quite the strange yet hilarious character evolution, and he'd hate it being called that lol! Also make sure to do the worst things he has done; his rampant promiscuity has driven him to do pretty sick things, such as wanting his father to molest him as Garrison thought it was his father's way of loving him or raping the Canadian Prime Minister to death. I would also rename the video to the 'craziest Mr Garrison moments' as I'm not sure him becoming a parody of Trump was his best moment, due to Matt and Trey getting screwed over by Donald Trump actually becoming president and having to abandon their pre-written episodes where he would return to teaching at South Park again, so he was written to go completely against what he had tried to do. Here are some more South Park ideas: Top 10 worst things to happen to Kyle Brovfloski Top 10 worst South Park episodes Top 10 dumbest things kids on South Park have done (not just Cartman) REMAKE Top 30 worst things Eric Cartman has ever done! Top 10 times Eric Cartman got what he deserved Top 10 most relatable Stan Marsh moments Top 10 worst things adults have done on South Park Top 10 South Park characters that should be in prison Top 5 cutest South Park couples/ships Top 20 times South Park broke the 4th wall You should also make a start on covering regular show, here are some ideas to get you started: Top 10 worst things Mordecai and Rigby have done Top 10 worst things to happen to Pops Maellard Top 10 best Regular Show episodes Top 10 craziest anger outbursts from Benson Top 10 most badass Skips moments Top 10 best pranks pulled by Muscle Man Top 10 saddest moments from Regular Show Top 10 best adult jokes in Regular show And just a few other random ideas: Top 10 times Seth Macfarlane shows made fun of each other (Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, even the movie Ted) Top 10 worst things Beavis and Butthead have done Top 10 worst things to happen to Todd Chavez/Diane Nguyen/Princess Carolyn on Bojack Horseman Top 10 worst things to happen to Brian Griffin on Family Guy (kinda deserved them) Top 10 funniest Roger Smith moments/quotes from American Dad

  • Andrew Haase
    Andrew Haase3 days ago

    Top 10 Cartoon Bosses You're Glad Aren't Yours Candidates: *Mickey Mouse - South Park *Mr. Burns - The Simpsons *Benson - Regular Show *Flintheart Glomgold - Ducktales *Mr. Krabs - Spongebob Squarepants *Mallory Archer - Archer

  • Mlamar
    Mlamar4 days ago

    He has zero filter and I love him for that🤣🤣🤣

  • Darius Gordon
    Darius Gordon4 days ago

    Mr. Garrison is in my Top 5 characters

  • rexerexer66
    rexerexer664 days ago

    It should have been number 1 when Mr. Garrison has issues with the class speaking Japanese in the Chinpokemon episode

  • Imagination King
    Imagination King4 days ago

    He’s such a crazy character lol

  • Shmueli
    Shmueli4 days ago

    I want Mr. Hat back

  • Felicia Jenkins
    Felicia Jenkins4 days ago

    After hearing green apple splatters it took me awhile to eat them again🤢😂

  • Tank Simmons
    Tank Simmons4 days ago

    Y’all show Mr. Garrison raping a guy but didn’t show Mrs. Garrison scissoring or using “IT”

  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis4 days ago

    I wonder if we’ll get a Top 10 Mr. Mackey Moments in South Park. It could have things like Mackey’s hoarding problem, how he got fired and started doing drugs and the song he sang in the movie (“It’s Easy, M’kay”)

  • Adrian Alvarenga
    Adrian Alvarenga4 days ago

    You guys really like South Park

  • Tiana Nesbitt
    Tiana Nesbitt4 days ago

    You have me thinking of his 'scissors' fun.

  • DemonKingNemo
    DemonKingNemo4 days ago

    Seemed more like an Evolution of Mr. Garrison than Best Moments

  • Tricolorrr533
    Tricolorrr5334 days ago

    Real life has been imitating South Park for a while now, has it not?

  • D R
    D R4 days ago

    His name is herbert??!

  • Hernández Adrian
    Hernández Adrian4 days ago

    7:00 Hola Mejico ✌

  • Chardawg
    Chardawg4 days ago

    I enjoy when he came back to South Park during his presidency just to nuke a witch from orbit and let his friends party on his jet

  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader4 days ago

    I wish we saw Garrison's parents react to their son being president

  • Simon Udd
    Simon Udd4 days ago

    Didn’t he nuke Canada???

  • Globby aka Weird Jelly Guy
    Globby aka Weird Jelly Guy4 days ago

    I love Mr. Garrison’s rant he gave to Rosie O’Donnell when he was teaching kindergarten.😂

  • Christopher Freitas-Leonardo
    Christopher Freitas-Leonardo4 days ago

    Well, since Mr. Hat came back, we’ll be seeing him often. At the same time, I don’t approve of his ideals about immigration, that’s just makes him a bigger racist. The flamethrower and refusal to do something about the pandemic are what costed him the election.

  • Minttulatte
    Minttulatte4 days ago

    I love this character. He's so fucking hilarious🤣❤️

  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement4 days ago

    My opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted

  • The Renegade Piano Technician
    The Renegade Piano Technician4 days ago

    If Trump is the Duesch than Hillary must be the "turd sandwich."

  • The Renegade Piano Technician
    The Renegade Piano Technician4 days ago

    I think Lemmywinks was in the episode where he tries to get fired to sue.

  • Gaby Cordova
    Gaby Cordova4 days ago

  • Christian Blanco
    Christian Blanco4 days ago

    One of my students said I reminded them of Mr Garrison. I've never felt so honoured.

  • ThatMultiFandomTeen
    ThatMultiFandomTeen4 days ago

    Love this!! Favorite moment: when he was a woman. Y’all need to do a Top ten cards in South Park phone destroyer!

  • MoltenUprising MK4000
    MoltenUprising MK40004 days ago

    Do a list of Top Ten Fictional Presidents!

  • Kyle Rohen
    Kyle Rohen4 days ago

    The tone and words of this are incredibly fucking transphobic. Lifestyle choices? Biological women? Y’all not even trying.

  • Erin Mailman
    Erin Mailman4 days ago

    Boring/annoying character

  • Andrew Haase
    Andrew Haase4 days ago

    *Top 10 South Park Characters That Should Be In Prison *Top 10 Worst Things Done By The Adults On South Park *Top 10 Times The Adults On South Park Were Actually Right *Top 10 South Park Superheroes *Top 10 Chef Moments on South Park *Top 10 Pathetic Cartoon Villains We Secretly Love

  • Moore Iverson
    Moore Iverson4 days ago

    Thank you watchmojo for Mr garrison moment even I don’t like this creepy / racist / awful teacher . 😅😂🤣😆 . in real life ha will be in jail.

  • Mike Kaltman
    Mike Kaltman4 days ago

    "I don't trust anything that bleeds for three days and doesn't die."

  • Cynthia Marquez

    Cynthia Marquez

    2 days ago

    More like 5 days

  • Brendan Montague

    Brendan Montague

    2 days ago

    @J P Um... Yeah that's the joke. Really man?

  • J P

    J P

    4 days ago

    So he doesn’t trust girls on their periods?

  • Ovrlrd Unknown
    Ovrlrd Unknown4 days ago


  • ShadowXD250
    ShadowXD2504 days ago

    Hey what about Mr Mackey like that isn't mkay

  • dhFLOOPY
    dhFLOOPY4 days ago

    Every year you ask if we can get rid of all the Mexicans and every year we tell you no.

  • pheemer
    pheemer4 days ago

    I never thought I would see a "woke" video about South Park!

  • Aidan Hever
    Aidan Hever4 days ago

    Since Mr. Garrison is based on Donald Trump, I bet he will get his comeuppance.

    MLG GAMER4 days ago

    One of the best LGBTQ+ animated icons of all time

  • Channel Warrior
    Channel Warrior4 days ago

    I'm not gay!!!! - Mr Garrison

  • Raven
    Raven4 days ago

    Mr Garrison had the best character development in the show.

  • theylied1776
    theylied17764 days ago

    Just for you Canadians, there is only one (d) in the word Adult. It makes me laugh when Canadians say (Ad-dults).

  • TheRapper10000
    TheRapper100004 days ago


  • Raven
    Raven4 days ago

    You actually did my request! Thank you! 😃

  • Andrei Kalaw
    Andrei Kalaw4 days ago

    Everthing just goes crazy within minutes of every episode of South Park

  • Rjm0007
    Rjm00074 days ago

    I like how before he was president every Christmas he ask if we could get rid of all the Mexicans

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith4 days ago

    Mr. Garrison is a racist, cold, short-tempered and is a horrible teacher in cartoons but that’s what makes huis character memorable and hilarious.

  • Little Bro
    Little Bro4 days ago

    Video idea! Top 10 GTA V streamers to watch (RP/Nopixel

  • Trami Nguyen
    Trami Nguyen4 days ago

    I love this animated character!

  • iamjohnporter67
    iamjohnporter674 days ago

    Well at least he's no longer President.

  • Gianina Badami

    Gianina Badami

    4 days ago

    Yeah that threw me off on who he was for some reason.

  • Luis Guzman
    Luis Guzman4 days ago

    My fav moment is when mr g turned trans then changed back then trans again then lesbian my young mind was blown away by the elite comedy levels

  • Luis Guzman
    Luis Guzman4 days ago

    South Park wouldn’t be the same without Mr Garrison

  • William Crowe
    William Crowe4 days ago

    What about the time he wanted to build a wall to keep Canadians out, but then he gets upset when Canada builds a wall to keep Americans out?

  • Leny1777
    Leny17774 days ago

    Southpark creators did not have the balls to make Trump...

  • doogie Five-Four
    doogie Five-Four4 days ago

    O Jeezus Christ - *Mr. Slave*

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk4 days ago

    “WhoOooOooa scissor Me Timber!!!” Lmfao

  • AnimaLover
    AnimaLover4 days ago

    You should do a video on anime that are more popular in foreign countries than where they were originally made!!!!

  • Cakes
    Cakes4 days ago

    President Garrison is actually his lowest point. True fans should agree with this.

  • Cakes


    4 days ago

    @Raven it was boring. He became a Trump parody which is such a step down for a complex character like Mr. Garrison.

  • Raven


    4 days ago

    Why you say that?

  • GenesisXTRM
    GenesisXTRM4 days ago

    I love that this got posted during pride month lmao!!!

  • SKaVeN9798
    SKaVeN97984 days ago

    Funniest Mr. Garrison episode; S01E11 "Tom's Rhinoplasty." He became the Hoff!

  • Casey Hayes
    Casey Hayes4 days ago

    Hi Good Morning Day Everybody.

  • Adam Shaw
    Adam Shaw4 days ago

    "Scissor me timbers"

  • Long Quang
    Long Quang4 days ago

    Curious if there will be Halloween episode of him exorcising the spirit of the president out of him lol

  • Gianina Badami

    Gianina Badami

    4 days ago

    That actually sounds good

  • Cakes
    Cakes4 days ago

    He has the best character arc out of all the characters. Love how consistent Matt and Trey are with him.

  • Ivan Hunter
    Ivan Hunter4 days ago


  • Alexiious
    Alexiious4 days ago

    Mr Garrison is the best character ever lol

  • Gareth McKeown
    Gareth McKeown4 days ago

    Definitely gonna have to go back to the early stuff cause of the massive gaps between the new shows !

  • Bearlycute64
    Bearlycute644 days ago

    Can we replace the last honorable mention with the vaccination special where he set things right with the whole town by making a deal with the Hollywood elites to deliver enough COVID-19 vaccines

  • Mr. Decency
    Mr. Decency4 days ago

    "The Death Camp of Tolerance", one of my 22+ most favorite 'South Park' episodes of all time.

  • Christopher Freitas-Leonardo

    Christopher Freitas-Leonardo

    4 days ago

    Yeah, he actually give an important lesson for once.

  • C V Nair
    C V Nair4 days ago

    Comment 101 of video idea. 'Best Live musical acts of all time.

  • Oscar Kageson-Loe
    Oscar Kageson-Loe4 days ago

    King Moron

  • Mr. Decency
    Mr. Decency4 days ago

    Mr. Garrison is a pretty good side character.

  • JM Dromanah 2.0
    JM Dromanah 2.04 days ago

    Hello there

  • trex advent
    trex advent4 days ago

    Can you do top 10 episodes of Camp Lazlo and Foster Home for Imaginary Friends?

  • trex advent
    trex advent4 days ago

    Can you do comic book origin of DC Signal and Batwing?

  • Vladimyr Simon
    Vladimyr Simon4 days ago

    My favorite moment when he was yelling at them for Cussing

  • Elle Cullen

    Elle Cullen

    4 days ago


  • J Hansen
    J Hansen4 days ago

    I didn’t like Trey Parker and Matt Stone turning Mr. Garrison into Donald Trump. Most of the jokes didn’t even work out in part because Mr. Garrison was being something he wasn’t. He’s a gay elementary school teacher and Donald Trump was a billionaire poon hound. The jokes especially didn’t work during the Vaccine special

  • Just A Peaceful Man Who's Born in 1980s
    Just A Peaceful Man Who's Born in 1980s4 days ago

    "D-Yikes" is one of my most favorite 'South Park' episodes. Love the '300' reference. 🙂