Top 10 People Who Secretly Lived In Someone Else's Home

These people took squatting to a whole new level. For this list, we’re only looking at verified, true stories of people who found themselves living with a secret stranger. Our countdown includes Stanley Carter, Theodore Edward Coneys, Tatsuko Horikawa, and more! Let us know in the comments which one will leave you searching your house for hiding spots.

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    For the creepiest mysteries, check out our playlist!: Let us know what other creepy real life lists you'd like to see!

  • Zachary Off

    Zachary Off

    4 days ago

    Is there a reason you his cricket sounds in the background of the entire video?!?!

  • Whitley's Dollhouse

    Whitley's Dollhouse

    5 days ago

    10 Scariest USplan Videos

  • wyatt perkins
    wyatt perkins6 hours ago

    Washington is a pretty wack state 😂😂

  • Eli Dagdagan
    Eli Dagdagan2 days ago

    I honestly thought Santa would be on this list

  • A
    A2 days ago

    Bad Ronald?

  • Lynne McGee
    Lynne McGee3 days ago

    Felt so bad for that poor woman that got scammed. There are so many scammers online. People are just trying to live, quit scamming them.

  • grumpy
    grumpy3 days ago

    That exorcist clip, I was like "what"?

  • TwojaStaraIFrytki
    TwojaStaraIFrytki3 days ago

    i think that's why fences and outside walls exist...

  • Brandon Anderson
    Brandon Anderson3 days ago

    Craziest story ever on this subject: a woman in 1913 moved a man in that worked for her husband, secretly hid him for 5 years, moved him into their new house when they moved states away, kept him for almost 6 more years, the man kills the husband after mistaking a fight between the couple, and neither of them did time for the murder. Look up Otto Sanhuber & Dolly Oesterreich.

  • Maya Abeysekera
    Maya Abeysekera3 days ago

    Missed one! The story of Danny LaPlante is the freakiest thing ever

  • Elijah Lowry
    Elijah Lowry3 days ago

    This video just made me wanna watch Upgrade...

  • Leonardo Lim
    Leonardo Lim4 days ago

    Imagine an amazon/ebay order that u didn't ordered, was delivered to your house with that address

  • Tiana Nesbitt
    Tiana Nesbitt4 days ago

    Ew really? Like once upon a time in my neighborhood a bunch of jackals took over a vacancy with their drugs?

  • EXTREEEEME!!!!!!
    EXTREEEEME!!!!!!4 days ago

    Everyone talking about parasite in the comments. Me : haven't seen parasite yet.

  • Darnell Hagood

    Darnell Hagood

    4 days ago

    Me neither….

    DAMANIQ PHILLIP4 days ago


  • 99 99
    99 994 days ago

    Well... this would not happen if there wasn't people living in the streets thanks to the social desiguality problems :)) if I end up homeless someday, trust me I will sneak into your houses.

  • Corvus
    Corvus4 days ago

    #1: The Faceless Old Woman

  • YXP_6
    YXP_64 days ago

    Thats a true sleepover

  • Federico Jimbo Smithson
    Federico Jimbo Smithson4 days ago

    Can't blame them, you know, who doesn't want a free rent.

  • Julia Naylor
    Julia Naylor4 days ago

    Be grateful the worst most of us can get is animals, like mice, rats and others, depending on where you live in the world, they just eat and trash stuff, but at least they don't do what some of these people did. 🤔

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha4 days ago

    Ladies, not all men are creeps and sometimes we can be susceptible to vulnerability proven @4:58 (Sorry to make this a gender issue; I just wanted to point out that we're all afraid)

  • Oldenweery
    Oldenweery4 days ago

    I suddenly wonder which was worse, our building's infestation of bedbugs...or these secret "guests."

  • Fashion Diva
    Fashion Diva4 days ago

    I bought a home during the housing market collapse in 08 in a heavily impacted city. It was a short sale and occupied by renters. They were given 90 days notice and had known the house was listed for sale for 9 months before that. They refused to move and had to be evicted. It was an extended family, all living off one poor old man’s social security and pension. They had divided the house and guest house into zones for their individual families. There were at least 15 people including children and 3 dogs in the home. We were stationed in Korea then (both active duty) and had to have our realtor agent friend do the final walkthrough. When he got there the renters were still in the house and he had call police to have them removed-a second time since they’d already done it once prior. This time they were arrested for trespassing and unlawful entry. And even after THAT and having all of their belongings gone (I gave them 72 hours to pack it up or it was going in the trash; they’d had a year by this point to find someplace else to live), they STILL continued to return. Since I’d had the locks changed they smashed a side window to gain entry. When we finally arrived at our new home (a long trip when you’re on Uncle Sam’s dime, lol, and we had to pick up our shipped car from Seattle and drive it the rest of the way, another 1,100+ miles) there were lights turned on but we thought it in the moment is was our realtor as a nice gesture avoided us bumbling around naked. In which we found air mattresses, a wallet photo ID, fresh food in the refrigerator, a grocery receipt dated 2 days before we arrived.

  • Gevorg1989


    4 days ago

    Sorry I didn't understand the final part - when you finally came, was anybody in the house? And was the food by realtor or by previous residents?

  • Andrei Kalaw
    Andrei Kalaw4 days ago

    Good thing i was caught climbing on the fence of an abandoned house and i was 12 at the time

  • alexandria mangano
    alexandria mangano4 days ago

    All the movie cuts were kinda distracting to the stories, just saying…

  • Jerome Marshall
    Jerome Marshall4 days ago

    Idk why I was waiting for Anne Frank

  • Collin B. Shakes
    Collin B. Shakes4 days ago

    Why the Parasite Spoiler in the beginning 😂😂??

  • Gevorg1989


    4 days ago

    They love to spoil. I'd put another movie - I See You

  • boi yeetus
    boi yeetus4 days ago

    Paranormal Activity came in 2009 not 2007 Unbelievably obvious mistake

  • Antreas Theofanous
    Antreas Theofanous4 days ago

    I love how everyone's first thought is"must be a ghost"

  • Zachary Off
    Zachary Off4 days ago

    Wtf is with the repeated cricket sounds hiding faintly in the background of your entire video?!

  • LJ808
    LJ8084 days ago

    Ok, this list was kinda creepy....

  • Kayla Drummond
    Kayla Drummond4 days ago

    Freakin creepers oh my goodness You don't stay in someone else's house without them knowing. I swear you find out something weird everyday about people

  • Godzillaman
    Godzillaman4 days ago

    Where's Otto Sanhuber?

  • antrocks
    antrocks4 days ago

    me n tim cook haveing a baby

  • bomguy999999
    bomguy9999994 days ago

    All great examples of awesome ways and reasons to get yourself shot!

  • Spectrum The Video Game
    Spectrum The Video Game4 days ago

    How big are these closets? lmao

  • EmoDere 2.0
    EmoDere 2.05 days ago

    Last night had a messed up sleep struggle before sleeping and this was basically it.. Lmao I imagined being jumped scared whilst going on a livestream with a random stranger pop up behind me I panicked to sleep lol.

  • Noir Angel
    Noir Angel5 days ago

    [Sees title of video] 🔨😁 Starts searching house.

  • Catherine Ginn
    Catherine Ginn5 days ago

    This isn’t a recent occurrence, but I feel like Joe Odom (as seen in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” (a movie based on a nonfiction book of the same name)) was a pretty iconic squatter.

  • Jeff Da Jefe
    Jeff Da Jefe5 days ago

    Number 2 is amazing. Never knew about that growing up in Denver lol

  • Reidyne
    Reidyne5 days ago

    Imagine being so desperate you break in and squat in someone's house.

  • Reidyne


    Day ago

    @Don Divelbiss not everyone gets help, even when they ask.

  • Don Divelbiss

    Don Divelbiss

    4 days ago

    That isnt desperate that is pathetic desperate people would ask for he.lp

  • Al M
    Al M5 days ago

    2:10 Some context missing. Who's Jimmy? :-P

  • Al M
    Al M5 days ago

    0:26 "No one knows how long he had allegedly been living there!" Funny error. Was this allegation made by someone dying? "I hereby solemnly do allege he'd been living there for...augh!" Fix by flipping phrases. Make it two sentences, even. "He had allegedly been living there. No one knows how long."

  • Al M
    Al M5 days ago

    Some librarians once told news agencies they felt for two dudes who got busted for living in the building. Guess these squatters cleaned up after themselves well. Report was they "never harmed a thing!"

  • Alexánder Álvarez
    Alexánder Álvarez5 days ago

    Wow, imagine having such money that you can afford a house so big that a person can live in your closet without your knowledge

  • Adrienne Reyes
    Adrienne Reyes5 days ago


  • No One's Innocent
    No One's Innocent5 days ago

    2, 3, and 4 were pretty fkd

  • Stage3Cancer
    Stage3Cancer5 days ago

    Who's watching this while living in someone's attic

  • No One's Innocent
    No One's Innocent5 days ago

    Relax. That first one was prolly just some dude trying to hide his drinking from my wife

  • Kim Martin
    Kim Martin5 days ago

    This is my worst nightmare.

  • Whitley's Dollhouse
    Whitley's Dollhouse5 days ago

    The only house we lived in was our teacher's house, we wouldn't live in no stranger's house

  • Blender Study
    Blender Study5 days ago

    Thank you for the update, WatchMojo..!! It's creepy to think that really happened in real life. @.@

  • Shanna Dehning
    Shanna Dehning5 days ago

    When homelessness is criminalized instead of treated as systemic cruelty, people have no choice. Very scary indeed but I wish Watch Mojo would have said something about homelessness not being a personal failing.

  • Bryan Beach

    Bryan Beach

    5 days ago

    When somebody trespasses on private property, they are committing a crime. Simple as that.

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina5 days ago

    Secret 🏡🏠🚪🤫🤐

  • Belmont Hunter
    Belmont Hunter5 days ago

    Everyone who disliked this video are the spiders who think my home is « free real estate »

  • ƬyϻƑlÿ
    ƬyϻƑlÿ5 days ago

    Imagine you live alone and you have a job from 9 to 5 and in between that time there's a stranger somehow living in your house and you're not aware of that :|

  • asendorfyt
    asendorfyt5 days ago

    I could never do that. I snore too loud. Id B discovered the first night

  • Mike Morr
    Mike Morr5 days ago

    Whoever is in charge of b-roll clips is having a field day on this video haha

  • tray brogdon
    tray brogdon5 days ago

    Ya see don't do this my mom left her friends at over but never try to sneak in

  • Nikki
    Nikki5 days ago

    “She’s likely sleeping a little easier right now” Doubtful, I’d be afraid he or someone else would get in again.

  • Florider_HD
    Florider_HD5 days ago

    top 10.....of people braking in and living there....why the top 10 wtf

  • Dashia James
    Dashia James5 days ago

    Can someone please explain to me WTH, we got Home Security..!! No least to me.

  • SpikeTheWolf
    SpikeTheWolf5 days ago

    Some of these stories can make for interesting films ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Dashia James
    Dashia James5 days ago

    You come back from a vacay to find a person in your home secretly living there. That's just plain straight creepy & strange..!!

  • SpikeTheWolf
    SpikeTheWolf5 days ago


  • Clayton Saint Cyr
    Clayton Saint Cyr5 days ago

    I was terrified of these people as a kid. Always thought I'd find one of them in my house.

  • nick S
    nick S5 days ago

    Easiest way to not have strangers in your home... gets dogs ya jackasses preferably big dogs

  • minienima
    minienima5 days ago

    Real life parasite

  • Maeve Herlihy
    Maeve Herlihy5 days ago

    Why the fuck is this even a video

  • Joker !
    Joker !5 days ago

    How did I know Parasite would be in this video one way or another

  • ———————————-
    ———————————-5 days ago

    I’m surprised no one killed the squatters.

  • Jim Pickens
    Jim Pickens5 days ago

    Thanks now I gotta check my attic

  • Sad Ken
    Sad Ken5 days ago

    Kick off the video with a spoiler? Nice one guys

  • Johnny 2 Hollywood 666
    Johnny 2 Hollywood 6665 days ago

    I'm glad I have no strangers living with me.

  • Red Floda
    Red Floda5 days ago

    Buy a guard dog ! Problem solved

  • Jacob Rossow
    Jacob Rossow5 days ago

    These criminals are very lucky the owners called the police instead of digging a hole.

  • Stacey Starling
    Stacey Starling5 days ago

    Between my loud kids, barking sss dog, and whiny cat...intruders would not stay

  • Jeff Bezos
    Jeff Bezos5 days ago

    Did I make the list? I haven’t been found in 10 years

  • Koomiest.Koom
    Koomiest.Koom5 days ago

    That 2nd guy has way to many photos on his wall

  • Donovan Clinton
    Donovan Clinton5 days ago

    Fred Fredburger living with the Blue Juror, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: "Keeper of the Reaper" episode

  • no one
    no one5 days ago

    #4 5:51 "stewart" only the loyalist will know who this guy looks like.

  • Black Guy of the south
    Black Guy of the south5 days ago

    Of course this video would start with a scene from the Oscar winning movie Parasite

  • Steven Kim
    Steven Kim5 days ago

    Parasite was literally the 1st thing that came to mind when I saw this video title. Haha

  • Wastelandmatrix
    Wastelandmatrix5 days ago

    Even the squatters in Japan are polite :D

  • Purple_Chalk
    Purple_Chalk5 days ago


  • Robert Pinal
    Robert Pinal5 days ago

    Yeah....... i'm getting the '870, this is what happens when ring doesn't work

  • Leonardo Lim
    Leonardo Lim5 days ago

    1:17 those look like frozen pigs that u find in the meat cooler

  • Pushyamitra Gurethia
    Pushyamitra Gurethia5 days ago

    बहुत बुरी बात। वैसे सिंपसन वाला मस्त।

  • Leonardo Lim
    Leonardo Lim5 days ago

    Ilove it when they use movies as an example of real lifehappenings

  • TheLoudIntrovert
    TheLoudIntrovert5 days ago

    Okay. This is creepy. There has always been this opening in my ceiling in my room that was partially covered by a plank of wood, but the rain and winds today was so heavy it lifted and moved the plank away. I saw this video pop up in my notifications and I watched it. At the end of the video I looked at the opening. And I'm scared as fuck rn. I'm gonna check it out. My phone died, I checked and there's nothing there. I hope.

  • S7
    S75 days ago

    With the economy getting worse that will become more common.

  • brokennoah
    brokennoah5 days ago

    It would be great to have someone to live with for a change. I mean, sure, it's terrifying and all but you know after a long hard day of work and you just need to vent. I also like to cuddle.

  • Trami Nguyen
    Trami Nguyen5 days ago

    I love this channel!

  • Justice Rodz
    Justice Rodz5 days ago

    What kind of fucking closet did that guy have damn

  • Terri Badger
    Terri Badger5 days ago

    Haha thank goodness for those Washington squatters rights 😅

  • Cymon Templer
    Cymon Templer5 days ago

    “Dear Deidre, For the last 6 months I’ve been living with the most beautiful woman. Today she found out.” ~ comedian from Mock the Week

  • Tim Moore
    Tim Moore5 days ago

    Love the South Park clips with the hippies. lol

  • Kandys Torres
    Kandys Torres5 days ago

    that's insane

  • Omar Brown
    Omar Brown5 days ago

    You ever get that feeling someone in your house when you hear the door slowly creak then you remember the window is open and its the wind 😂😂

  • Philis Phil
    Philis Phil5 days ago

    Me: Thinking its using real life Mojo: In movies

  • Gianna Reeves
    Gianna Reeves5 days ago

    I wish they’d make more creepy vids like this