Top 10 Stores That Don't Exist Anymore

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Nothing lasts forever. For this list, we’ll be looking at US retail chains and stores which have closed their physical locations and gone out of business, either due to a switch to online sales, or simply being no longer commercially viable for various reasons. Our countdown includes Blockbuster, Borders, Circuit City, and more! Have you seen a famous store or chain close its doors in your town? Let us know in the comments.

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    WatchMojo.com7 days ago

    For more videos on business and entrepreneurship, check out our channel ContextTV: Have you seen a famous store or chain close its doors in your town? Which do you miss most? Let us know in the comments.



    9 hours ago

    and have someone bring us the vaccines soon!!!

  • Adrianne Marcos

    Adrianne Marcos

    12 hours ago

    We still have Toys r us in our malls.



    Day ago

    and I still have cabin fever!

  • Tuan Vandersluis

    Tuan Vandersluis

    Day ago

    I got transformer fortress maximouse at toys r us.



    2 days ago

    And I still miss everything, I want my miracle now!!!!

  • Jonathan Falkowsky
    Jonathan Falkowsky26 seconds ago

    Who cares about streaming movies online now? I miss buying movies at blockbuster where you can buy popcorn and keep it for a few days.

  • Jonathan Falkowsky
    Jonathan Falkowsky2 minutes ago

    You cant go to toy stores anymore for kids. Everything is online and not everyone wants that

  • Jonathan Falkowsky
    Jonathan Falkowsky4 minutes ago

    I feel so old because of these shows and how great they were and I'm still old enough to remember some of these

  • Jonathan Falkowsky
    Jonathan Falkowsky5 minutes ago

    I went to a frys electronics in Tempe Arizona in 2015. I loved that place

  • Alma Ruiz
    Alma Ruiz5 minutes ago

    Toys r Us made me the saddest😔

  • Jonathan Falkowsky
    Jonathan Falkowsky7 minutes ago

    Kmart, blockbuster, and toys r us are the biggest ones

  • Jonathan Falkowsky
    Jonathan Falkowsky21 minute ago

    I'm still a toys r us kid at 20

  • Maia Sutton
    Maia Sutton3 hours ago

    I’m surprised Montgomery Ward isn’t on this list.

  • Paul Baranofsky
    Paul Baranofsky4 hours ago

    A and P was going to merge with Stop n shop and become Stop n P

  • Paul Baranofsky
    Paul Baranofsky4 hours ago

    Ames bradlees Ann and hope

  • Andrew
    Andrew6 hours ago

    A lot of misinformation and conjecture in this video. TRU was not the victim of online sales and big box retail, sure a factor. But TRU was I intentionally sunk by hedge funds. And the locations this video advertised as being open in New York and Texas are closed as well. TRU however as a brand does still exist outside the US and in decent numbers. Come on BotchMojo

  • 90s lover
    90s lover7 hours ago

    Borders, Sam goody/fye, circuit city, toys r us and blockbuster rip these were part of my childhood

  • Holden Magroin
    Holden Magroin8 hours ago

    toys R Us still exists in Canada

  • Jane Hopke
    Jane Hopke8 hours ago

    Didn’t encounter Fry’s Electronics until 2016 when I moved to Seattle. I was happy with the TV I purchased there, but it was the only thing I ever bought there.

  • Checkers
    Checkers8 hours ago

    Anchor blue was my first job at 15, I was looking fresh that whole year at school. I really miss blockbuster, like who doesn’t?

  • Grace staw
    Grace staw9 hours ago

    I remember borders

  • TheBlackdepths915
    TheBlackdepths91512 hours ago

    Like 1 black person in this video

  • deceptichris
    deceptichris12 hours ago

    There is a Radio Shack in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I saw it two months ago.

  • WildBlackRose
    WildBlackRose13 hours ago

    I am not relate to anything of these stores because I am not from here but it was a good video, even I am not from here I felt kinda sad how times change and missing the 80s, 90s and 2000s

  • TF Fan Artist
    TF Fan Artist14 hours ago

    We still have Toys R Us in the Philippines.

  • Danie Bosman
    Danie Bosman15 hours ago

    There are still Toy's R Us stores in South Africa

  • Todd Minnix
    Todd Minnix16 hours ago

    Memories R Us guys. Memories R Us... Edit: A lot of companies went bankrupt in 2020, and I blame COVID. F**k you COVID.

  • Brett Krieger
    Brett Krieger16 hours ago

    There’s a Toys R Us right next to my house liars

  • BrianFillups
    BrianFillups16 hours ago

    I used to work for Toys R us and let me tell you, maybe it was just this one location but they had terrible practices and treated their employees like disposable workhorses. I would have closing shifts at 10pm and be expected to show up at 3am. When popular toys were on a good sale we could only put out a limited quantity on the shelf for the duration of the sale, and one of these times a mom wanted a furby for her kid for Christmas but the shelf display was empty so we were supposed to tell her that we sold out however I knew we had a shitload in the back so I grabbed her one and my manager saw and I got punished. FUCK THEM! GLAD THEY WENT UNDER.

  • Timmy’s Dad
    Timmy’s Dad18 hours ago

    They actually do exists, they are only shut down.

  • Jesus Rosales Campos Shüy
    Jesus Rosales Campos Shüy18 hours ago

    Y’all forgot Payless, sprint, and forever 21

  • Bleeding Red Paint
    Bleeding Red Paint19 hours ago

    Toys R Us still exists! At least in Canada. I go there regularly!

  • J. Schoenborn
    J. Schoenborn19 hours ago

    My late uncle used to work for Circuit City! There's also Blockbuster! I think only 1 or 2 stores still exist out on the West Coast. On that note, it's also like with Hollywood Video or Movie Gallery! Family Video is still around, though, but they've closed ALL of their stores and gone to online stores only. I used to love wandering around Family Video! I'm pretty sure that a majority of the movies and game that I bought were from Family Video. Going there made it worthwhile to get all A's on my report card in school as well as their movie sales to make room for new inventory! When I wouldn't shop there for a while, they'd give me a discount to come back to them and they were cool with videos not being returned on the button: as long as it was in the dropbox by the time they opened the next day. I'm pretty sure I spent half to 3/4 of my life there!

  • the Codester
    the Codester19 hours ago

    Their used to be a blockbuster in marion ohio in like 2009. And a toys r us in polaris ohio. That is where i got some skylanders, and some dvds. And two of my old wwe figure collection hbk shawn Michaels and universal champion roman reigns

  • the Codester
    the Codester19 hours ago

    Toys r us gone, childhood, breathing, dying.

  • Oliver's TV Channel
    Oliver's TV Channel20 hours ago

    I miss Toys R Us.

  • Miles Majeran
    Miles Majeran21 hour ago

    Umm, there is still one Blockbuster left, in Oregon.

  • mchenrynick


    20 hours ago

    AVGN takes a road trip out there in October 2019. Check out his video visiting that last Blockbuster Video store.

  • Danny Jablonski
    Danny Jablonski21 hour ago

    Circuit city is still around

  • Pooky-Chan Gaming

    Pooky-Chan Gaming

    17 hours ago

    Oh yeah? Where?

  • Kipli83
    Kipli8321 hour ago

    Toys R Us exists in Canada

  • Logan Byrne
    Logan Byrne22 hours ago

    You should have included K-Mart and Sears.

  • Logan Byrne

    Logan Byrne

    17 hours ago

    @Pooky-Chan Gaming Nope, all gone in 2020.

  • Pooky-Chan Gaming

    Pooky-Chan Gaming

    17 hours ago

    @Logan Byrne Sears and KMart are still around-for the moment. It’s merely a matter of time before they, too, will be gone.

  • mchenrynick


    20 hours ago

    ..and Montgomery Wards...

  • Scott MacGregor
    Scott MacGregor22 hours ago

    They are really running out of ideas now

  • jason moran
    jason moran22 hours ago

    I'm 20 years toys r us. If I may parafraz Bobby Knight: When our time here is done, and my activities here are passed, they should bury us upside down, so those who screwed this up can kiss our ass.

  • Night20Gaming
    Night20Gaming22 hours ago

    Lol I managed bot a blockbuster and a radio shack, now they are both gone, I wonder who else I can destroy

  • BrickStop
    BrickStop22 hours ago

    i don't think anybody will miss Sears

  • GameRHero95
    GameRHero9522 hours ago

    Anyone remember Blockbuster? How much I missed it so...

  • GameRHero95
    GameRHero9522 hours ago

    It hurts knowing that Toys 'R Us is gone forever...

  • Pooky-Chan Gaming

    Pooky-Chan Gaming

    17 hours ago

    Don’t grieve just yet-I’ve heard that there’ll be a few new Toys R Us stores opening this fall!

  • Red Knight
    Red Knight23 hours ago

    Where’s sears

  • Jragon Gaming
    Jragon Gaming23 hours ago


  • anime948
    anime948Day ago

    No Hastings?

  • John Doe
    John DoeDay ago

    My dad worked at A&P for 35years he said it was a good company I miss Dad and A & p stores

    SG PLAYZDay ago

    I love Borders!

  • Zombie Orchid
    Zombie OrchidDay ago

    My grandpa always shopped at Circuit City. Sam Goody was the only place I could find manga and anime back in the day and their closure at the mall hurt me.

  • Chris Ison
    Chris IsonDay ago

    Where's K-Mart & Sears?

  • sarah shannon
    sarah shannonDay ago

    we have toys r us here in Canada

  • Damilola Owolabi
    Damilola OwolabiDay ago

    Now that PS5 and Xbox are going fully digital soon. I can see GameStop stopping soon

  • Jeffrey Byrd
    Jeffrey ByrdDay ago

    My poor Borders I miss you so!!!!!

  • C. M.
    C. M.Day ago

    "You can still find Toys'R'Us stores across CANADA and ASIA"? What about EUROPE???

  • Peter Valderrama
    Peter ValderramaDay ago

    Wow no mention of 2 guys , bradlees, kiddie city, clover , Montgomery ward

  • Mijere Zimba
    Mijere ZimbaDay ago

    Toys R US has a store Zambia

  • Daniel Maciel
    Daniel MacielDay ago


  • Ian Smith
    Ian SmithDay ago

    Ironic that Fry's slogan was "your BEST BUYS guaranteed"

  • Micah
    MicahDay ago

    My cousin bought me my first video game device (Game Boy Pocket) from Toys 'R'Us in 1999. My mom bought me my first video game console (GameCube) from Circuit City in 2002. Ahh, the memories. Also, can we bring back the soulful commercial jingles? I have never heard any of these, but I was feeling them.

  • michael Mercury
    michael MercuryDay ago

    I live in Canada . We still have Toys R Us but I miss BlockBuster .

  • BananaPubes Princess
    BananaPubes PrincessDay ago

    Age of Matrix coming way sooner than people thought

    GOD SPEEED25Day ago

    So I’m guessing kmart still exist

  • michael kemmers
    michael kemmersDay ago

    Toys r us should not be on the list considering it's still exists up here in canada.

  • Bayne Kent
    Bayne KentDay ago

    Yet ANOTHER reason Canada is better than America.. We still enjoy Toys R Us

  • TheRManProds
    TheRManProdsDay ago

    Um Technically ToysRUs still Exists in Other Countries! Also, they still have a Few Pop Up Locations.

  • americangto
    americangtoDay ago

    That context tv ad didn't seem politically biased or reek of propaganda at all....

  • Troy Thirkield
    Troy ThirkieldDay ago

    I speak for everyone when I say, when Toys R Us & Blockbuster got shut down, parts of our childhood died at that moment!

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage KiraDay ago

    wait wait wait TOYS R US SHUT DOWN i didn't know that

  • agilegrrl
    agilegrrlDay ago

    Toys R Us is still operating all across Canada. Just saying.

  • ferociousgumby
    ferociousgumbyDay ago

    Hey, let's all go to BEND!!😎

  • Lonered
    LoneredDay ago

    there is still one blockbuster in Oregon I think its in Portland to be specific were I live we had video king which was basically the same thing.

  • Jorge Cepeda
    Jorge CepedaDay ago

    Another one not mentioned was Payless shoes

  • Chaosfox04
    Chaosfox04Day ago

    I recall reading somewhere that like Circuit City with Best Buy, Blockbuster had a chance to either buy Red Box or Netflix when they started out, but Blockbuster thought that those businesses were just doomed fads.

  • The YouTube king Jvkstyle
    The YouTube king JvkstyleDay ago


  • Brad Clifford
    Brad CliffordDay ago

    Used to work at circuit city. Now it’s an academy sports but every time I go there it feels weird walking in. Crazy to think we used to sell 50” plasma TVs there for $10k.

  • Jordan Walker
    Jordan WalkerDay ago

    Wait, how did KB Toys not make this list? That company’s been out of business since the late 2000’s.

  • Glenn Starkey
    Glenn StarkeyDay ago

    This list is just keeping the top spot warm for sears...just a few more stores to go

  • Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman
    Elemental Hero Shining Flare WingmanDay ago

    Woolworth's didn't go out of business though, it just became Foot Locker.

  • Icebot7
    Icebot7Day ago

    I remember Jamesway and Bradlee’s, those stones closed a long time ago but I have good memories of them.

  • Icebot7


    Day ago

    I don’t really remember them except maybe a little about Ames. I was a kid when we had Jamesway and Bradlee’s.

  • Driver wolf

    Driver wolf

    Day ago

    What about *Zayre, Ames, and CALDOR..?

    TROLLO_EDDay ago

    I love Blockbusters, when I was a kid and a teenager I kept on going to Blockbusters just to get some movies but mostly video games And for Toys R Us, 1 thing I remember of going to the store is getting a Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber when Star Wars episode 3 was coming to theaters

  • Megatron
    MegatronDay ago

    Toysrus still exists in asia

  • marco cain #THFPh
    marco cain #THFPhDay ago

    Thumbs down because I miss all those beautiful stores times, where you can go in and actually be a human being walk around talk to people we are losing, that As people communication skills communication skills you. walk up to a person they immediately are startled jumping Some people, And on top of everything you have the pandemic which has so many people on defence and on their toes which is understandable but we are losing people's skills communication skills just in generally love on the planet Earth It was so cool just to go into the stores as a child and get what I need Ed and go home and use that product now you have to wait to get it shit to you and hope that everything is in the Box I know times have to change businesses have to stay on point Just a good shot out to those great businesses that I grew up as a child going to that this generation will not get too experienced

  • David Jackson
    David JacksonDay ago

    I live in Dublin,Ireland and I remember Woolworths UK/IRELAND

  • Kompy’s Kastle Kompilation
    Kompy’s Kastle KompilationDay ago

    Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!! :-(

  • phlewis86
    phlewis86Day ago

    I really love Borders books it’s too bad they went out of business.

  • John Doe
    John Doe2 days ago

    Walmart should be broken up under that anti trust law

  • Godzilla fan 2021 productions 2.0
    Godzilla fan 2021 productions 2.02 days ago

    Uhhh hold tf up I heard news about toys r us slowly coming back

  • Melissa Kiely
    Melissa Kiely2 days ago

    Brink back Toys R Us. It was the best place for toys and I have so many memories as a child and my girls too

  • Eric Bry
    Eric Bry2 days ago

    Toys r us and kaybee toys

  • Eric Bry
    Eric Bry2 days ago

    I love books I was kind of sad to see borders go

  • The Cartoon Finder
    The Cartoon Finder2 days ago

    Toys R Us is already back.

  • مح مد
    مح مد2 days ago

    Toys r us is working in saudi

  • wa5abi._.634
    wa5abi._.6342 days ago

    I never got to go to Toys R Us😔💔

  • llI E R R O R Ill
    llI E R R O R Ill2 days ago

    Toys r us was one of my favorite childhood

  • Gabriel Ungacta
    Gabriel Ungacta2 days ago

    The hq for Radioshack is now a college campus.

  • The ECW GOD
    The ECW GOD2 days ago

    I Remember When I Used To Get WWE Figures at Toys R Us

  • Pooky-Chan Gaming

    Pooky-Chan Gaming

    18 hours ago

    My sister and I both have fond memories of Toys R Us-she’d always look for Lego sets and Jurassic Park dinosaur toys, while I’d always haunt the Barbie aisle, as well as the Disney aisles for Princess dolls.

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon11302 days ago

    Soon to be Jcpenney

  • Aperture Gaming
    Aperture Gaming2 days ago

    Anyone else remember hhgregg and Kmart?

  • Wongo C.
    Wongo C.2 days ago

    Regular Show pays homage to the Block Buster rental era of time, while being set in the 2000's (i think).

  • Wongo C.
    Wongo C.2 days ago

    ✨ Nostalgia ✨ if I lived in the US :/

  • Wongo C.
    Wongo C.2 days ago

    In Southern Sub Saharan Africa we still have Toys R Us.