Top 10 Worst Things King Kong Has Done

Don't mess with the king of the jungle! For this list, we’ll be looking at the biggest misdeeds that the big ape has gotten away with over the years. Our countdown includes “King Kong”, "Godzilla vs. Kong", “King Kong Lives”, and more! What do you think is Kong’s worst deed? Let us know in the comments below!

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    WatchMojo.com11 days ago

    What do you think is Kong’s worst deed? Let us know in the comments below! For more MonsterVerse, check out our playlist:

  • heavy from Team Fortress 2

    heavy from Team Fortress 2

    2 days ago

    @Jediwiz yes I know that but I wanted to prove the Miss Mojo Affair points I mean there's literally more things at Godzilla did I was extremely messed up

  • Jediwiz


    2 days ago

    @heavy from Team Fortress 2 bruh I ment another top ten worst things Godzilla did

  • heavy from Team Fortress 2

    heavy from Team Fortress 2

    2 days ago

    Hey Godzilla start at first not Kong

  • Devin Yamashiro

    Devin Yamashiro

    6 days ago

    @Ethan Cullen Also the Top 10 or 20 reasons Homer Simpson should be in prison. or reasons Stan Smith should be in Prison or the reason we hate and despise Donald Trump.

  • Ethan Cullen

    Ethan Cullen

    6 days ago

    Top 10 worst things cinder fall has done (RWBY)


    how tf was it Kong's decision to fight in Hong Kong? Godzilla was literally there. 99% of these don't even make any sense. Godzilla was the one destroying buildings that Kong was jumping on.

  • Shaurya Arneja
    Shaurya Arneja2 days ago

    Eating the raw tentecels in skull island mire squid

  • Emiliano Merendino
    Emiliano Merendino2 days ago

    'Munching his opponent'. What do you expect he ates? Giant bananas?

  • Rodimus
    Rodimus3 days ago

    Kong from the Monsterverse never do anything evil, he was just fighting for his life or the lifes of his friends, with number 8, Apex was stealing a sample of a very dangerous form of energy that could cause more havok than already did with Mechagodzilla, number 5 was just food for god sake and number 1 was started by Godzilla when he was looking for Apex, if Kong hadn´t intervined the destruction would have been worst

  • anguirus
    anguirus3 days ago

    So pepe le pew got canceled for alleged "rape" . But kong can just get away with being caught red handed with kidnapping, murder ,destruction of public property, resisting arrest ,asulting multiple officers ,attacking a monarch ( Godzilla. cause you know king of the monsters) and drug usage .

  • MigsyH 20
    MigsyH 203 days ago

    The H.E.A.V.E. ship wasn't bad They got that coming when the moment shot Kong

  • Ethan Cullen
    Ethan Cullen3 days ago

    Top 10 times RWBY characters went beast mode

  • Maniac MAD
    Maniac MAD4 days ago

    8:45 is that crazy Ralph from Friday the 13th?!?

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney4 days ago

    Could you please stop it with the Godzilla vs Kong spoilers? It's getting ready annoying.

  • Arctic WolfPlays
    Arctic WolfPlays4 days ago

    Kong’s worst misdeed is usurping Godzilla.

  • Arctic WolfPlays
    Arctic WolfPlays4 days ago

    See Kong is just as bad if not worse than Godzilla.

  • Troy Amende
    Troy Amende4 days ago

    Living things need to eat so when he fights the squid monster that makes sense to eat the creature.

  • All American
    All American 4 days ago

    Bro it’s a movie!!! Ever think about that😀

  • Jeffrey DeCristofaro
    Jeffrey DeCristofaro4 days ago

    Careful WM, this is Kaiju Roasting, and I resent it!!!

  • Zokizzy Foshizzy
    Zokizzy Foshizzy4 days ago

    Just Captain Hayes? I'd say dislodging that tree and sending the rest of the crew into the ravine was worse. I'm sure you all know why!

  • Mike Lindgren
    Mike Lindgren5 days ago

    This collection was a waste I'm surprised you even bothered making it. It's kong being kong and far as kong concerned he's doing what needs to be done. He doesn't care about human emotions unless they suit him.

  • jesus lopez
    jesus lopez6 days ago

    Love it

  • slenderontheblockSOTB
    slenderontheblockSOTB6 days ago

    Ah yes, Kong crushing people that were attempting to ruin the world is the worst thing he's done

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker6 days ago

    How is an animal eating other animals considered "worst things he has done"

  • Devin Yamashiro
    Devin Yamashiro6 days ago

    I still love King Kong, Godzilla and various Kaijus. ❤

    WHOOOSH XD6 days ago

    Number 8 wasn’t a bad deed imo she deserved it lol Number 5 wasn’t a bad deed either, he was just eating a snack!

  • Peyton martinez
    Peyton martinez6 days ago

    🦍is still is a good

  • Fictionalized reality
    Fictionalized reality7 days ago

    Worst? You guys do know that Kong is an animal right?

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez7 days ago

    It is life

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez7 days ago

    Kong from Skull Island they owned Kong versus Godzilla are good

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez7 days ago

    Kong either lives or dies it is not kongs fult

  • Lonell Fletcher
    Lonell Fletcher7 days ago

    Um, all of this is assuming Kong is more aware than he might actually be. He is still a wild animal after all.

  • Caleb Prescott
    Caleb Prescott7 days ago

    The worst thing king kong did was breaking the dinosaur jaw !

  • Dylan Cashen
    Dylan Cashen7 days ago

    Do the worst things that happen to king kong please watchmojo

  • TheJRo5e
    TheJRo5e7 days ago

    What about the scenes from skull island when they 1st arrived in the choppers.

  • Jotta H.
    Jotta H.7 days ago

    ... Wtf? That bit about the octopus felt hammy AF. It would've been worse had he just killed the octopus for fun and NOT made use of its corpse. "It's kinda gross" is not a qualification for something being a horrific deed.

  • matthew truman
    matthew truman7 days ago

    Holy hell, videos like these make me want new voice overs that know how to use their brains.

  • The Patriarch
    The Patriarch7 days ago

    Did Kong ever piss on a village or a group of people? No? I bet he has off-screen.

  • Dr Cory
    Dr Cory7 days ago

    Cool top 10

  • ShyboySexgod
    ShyboySexgod7 days ago

    1967 Kong looks like a crackhead

  • Richard Sylvester
    Richard Sylvester7 days ago

    Hard to feel bad for any of these moments after people decide to hunt, capture and display him on a stage ...

  • ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ7 days ago

    King Kong my problematic king. 👑💘🐒

  • Owen Jolley 3
    Owen Jolley 37 days ago

    The first thing I thought when I saw that thumbnail was “I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going”.

  • Gevorg1989
    Gevorg19897 days ago

    Your spoiler warning is useless when you name the spoilery part instead of just naming the movie

  • tuska doom
    tuska doom7 days ago

    Isn't it all worst things monkeys do for us humans? But when a giant gorilla climbs on a high-rise, the fun stops

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt7 days ago

    Number 2: come to universal studios kongfrontation

    JŒ DŒ BÏRD7 days ago

    Why did they have to make kong so ugly in most of the movies.

    THANATOS PRIME7 days ago

    King Kong will always be my favorite giant movie monster.

  • Furkan Bozdag
    Furkan Bozdag7 days ago

    He is a good boy

  • Pushyamitra Gurethia
    Pushyamitra Gurethia7 days ago

    बेकार चलचित्र।

  • Jason that firset car was not real
    Jason that firset car was not real7 days ago

    Now the answer is KingKong did Mass Murder . Go GODZILLA kill him.

  • Madison N
    Madison N7 days ago

    You're a real numb nut if you think forcefully taking King Kong away from his home will bring you anything but disaster. Quite a lot of these entries were on the fault of the people not King Kong, so I can't really be mad at him.

  • Taka-Kevz
    Taka-Kevz7 days ago

    Number 8 the bitch and her soldiers deserved it. So I don't think its considered a bad thing kong has done

  • Dakshay Patel
    Dakshay Patel7 days ago

    King Kong sure does like kidnapping women

  • TheRandomBrandon
    TheRandomBrandon7 days ago

    “Munching on his opponents” Yes, how dare he eat to survive like all other animals. He truly has gone too far this time.



    4 days ago

    Yeah seriously how else is he gonna file that massive body, he ain’t eating nothing but leaves and berries, he needed some serious protein to get as big as he is.

  • BronxKidd _

    BronxKidd _

    7 days ago

    My thoughts exactly bro 😭

  • Yanixan Lozoya
    Yanixan Lozoya7 days ago

    Kong is nice but people fuck around with him bc he lost do Godzilla

  • coronsbly E
    coronsbly E7 days ago

    That thumbnail tho

  • Priyam Gangwar
    Priyam Gangwar7 days ago

    my man Kong is Sucker for a beautiful woman.

  • AlphaGojira
    AlphaGojira7 days ago

    On Number 8, it was Maya Simmons' fault! She needed something from the Hollow Earth and betrayed the protagonists, threatening them including the girl if they try to stop them, and even shoots Kong so that she can escape! Kong only kills anyone who attacks him, shoots him, or threatening to harm his friends.

  • WeepingAngel1999
    WeepingAngel19997 days ago

    Now we just need a Godzilla version

  • kevin Bryant

    kevin Bryant

    4 days ago

    They do

  • wryduchess7417
    wryduchess74177 days ago

    Kong was showing his dominance against his enemies he killed by eating and drinking blood

  • Olvia Lee
    Olvia Lee7 days ago

    153: I now see that 2005’s King Kong is a remake of the 1933 original. Didn’t notice when I was a kid but I just love the 2005 version along with 2017 and 2021.

  • C V Nair
    C V Nair7 days ago

    Comment 86 of video idea. 'Best Live musical acts of all time.

  • Josh Mcgrath
    Josh Mcgrath7 days ago

    Godzilla weakness :Three headed dragon from outta space Kong weakness : Jessica Lange

  • Cupcom5
    Cupcom57 days ago

    You guys are clearly stretching with some of these.

  • Jason Santos
    Jason Santos7 days ago

    Yeah at least aint worth like godzilla how much damage to the heat cause yeah Kong which is gals got free

  • jrobcrawf
    jrobcrawf7 days ago

    Honestly I had no real issues with his actions in the first half of the list. Actions just have consequences, it's that simple. I will admit that log bridge attack was a jerk move though.

  • René Moncayo
    René Moncayo7 days ago

    Number 5: proof that King Kong is Korean >.>

  • René Moncayo
    René Moncayo7 days ago

    Flash photography 🤦🏾‍♀️ 3500 ISO was a thing back then

    MR. SPACEGODZILLA7 days ago

    Kong is a mega simp

  • Joshua Anthony
    Joshua Anthony7 days ago

    I don’t quite understand linking human emotions to an animal, Kong is a massive silverback, which are exceptionally territorial and aggressive. Monsters aren’t going to think about damage or human lives while they fight. This video was over reaching and seemed to have been put out just to make a post. Most watch mojo vids are worth watching but this was a shame.

  • Yui Man Tai Tai
    Yui Man Tai Tai7 days ago

    Still less worst compare to what Godzilla has done in the past.

  • Christopher Merlot
    Christopher Merlot7 days ago

    Eating squid like that is not sushi; it's calamari you uncultured swine.

    EFIL WV7 days ago

    He got caught by CC Unit trying to meet up with a 12 year old girl for s.

  • MYTHICal Beast
    MYTHICal Beast7 days ago

    Kong had the chance to kill godzilla after 2 nd round when godzilla was knocked down and also he didn't use the battle axe in 3rd round

  • MYTHICal Beast

    MYTHICal Beast

    7 days ago

    @Cupcom5 he can do something when godzilla was knocked down

  • Cupcom5


    7 days ago

    He wasn't winning against Godzilla.

  • G1 Grimlock
    G1 Grimlock7 days ago

    The entire Hong Kong has been Destroy

  • manbenitez247
    manbenitez2477 days ago

    I'm sorry but all these attacks were and bare justifiable

  • Rodrigo Ayala
    Rodrigo Ayala8 days ago

    Kong just wants Susan always just want to Susan this is a tongue really likes her why not

  • Andrew Leyton
    Andrew Leyton8 days ago

    Ok number 8 is just to fill the place

  • Baller_Eli
    Baller_Eli8 days ago

    yeah number 10 should be wayyyyy higher, even top 5! in the ones after it, the humans actually attacked Kong. I get if you were just using more recent films, for our eyes sake, but that lady literally did nothing to get killed 💀

  • Lunakit
    Lunakit8 days ago

    Hmm.. In the original movie, didn't he murder a bunch of women who were tied up as human sacrifices on the island before he fell for the stereotypical hot blond..?

  • Quak toons
    Quak toons8 days ago

    If we can kill an enemy but not eat them what makes us different than monsters

  • DEV
    DEV8 days ago

    Number 5 should not be on the list because it makes sense in nature. Kong is a massively large organism. To support the weight of his body, and to keep up the energy needed to support said body, he needs to consume lots of calories and food. Plants are not going cut it for a creature as large as Kong so it makes sense that he would take any opportunity to fuel his body by eating what ever comes his way, including his opponents. Besides, just because he is an ape does not mean he has a mostly plant diet like a gorilla. It is just nature taking its course

  • Grimo Rea playing WAKFU MMORPG-Turn based PC
    Grimo Rea playing WAKFU MMORPG-Turn based PC8 days ago

    kong got tentacled thumbnail.

  • Major Aasum
    Major Aasum8 days ago

    "Did you really have to throw him that hard?" No, he coulda calmly held him above the edge and released after a moment of peaceful violence *trollface* Edit: and frowning upon a predator for consuming his prey? Common man, if it was a documentary it would be fine but because its a movie its DISRESPECTFUL???? gtfo, not eating it would be disrespectful, jeezus

  • nickythompson20103
    nickythompson201038 days ago

    King is nice, ppl mess with him n he served them simple justice😂😁!

  • Jason Atkins

    Jason Atkins

    7 days ago

    Yes Agreed

  • Thomas Short
    Thomas Short8 days ago

    10 “made an innocent woman fall to her doom” 5 “it’s kinda gross” Ok

  • heavy from Team Fortress 2

    heavy from Team Fortress 2

    2 days ago

    Poor woman

  • Maddalonefarms
    Maddalonefarms8 days ago

    5:41 He only did that to protect everyone

  • King Of Hell
    King Of Hell8 days ago

    Number 1 should of been not bowing down to godzilla

  • Weirdo Absurdo
    Weirdo Absurdo8 days ago

    thats good to see how kong look like was before he is glowing up

  • Blender Study
    Blender Study8 days ago

    Thank you for the update, WatchMojo..!! 1:17 I think that is the worst habit King Kong does when his sweetheart goes missing. 🤣

  • Carl Meredith
    Carl Meredith8 days ago

    For number five Kong is still young and growing growing boys need to eat besides he's a giant ape apes are predators they hunt and eat simple

  • Dewman Free
    Dewman Free8 days ago

    To be honest I felt so 😥 for those people that King Kong killed in the 1976 movie. All those innocent passangers on the subway trains got massacred.

  • Rogue
    Rogue8 days ago

    If killing Hayes isn’t on here I will be disappointed

  • B.R. Fowler
    B.R. Fowler8 days ago

    I partially disagree with #8. Maia Simmons, the occupant of the HEAV that Kong crushed in his hand, deserved it for what she did to Drs. Andrews and Lind, and Jia. Even Eiza Gonzalez would have to agree with her character’s death.

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas8 days ago

    No squishing the natives in the original?

  • swaygfx
    swaygfx8 days ago

    Trying to fight Godzilla has to be worst

  • Leo the Blader
    Leo the Blader8 days ago

    I mean when Kong eat the squid and the Warbat a apes got to eat

  • SakikoShihoin
    SakikoShihoin8 days ago

    'Turned a normal commute into a life or death struggle' Every day thing on a major city train during rush hour!

  • CS Xanatos
    CS Xanatos8 days ago

    Do you guys even try when you make these lists? #6 no one even got hurt, all he did was rock the sub. Thats worse than eating the guys or throwing the other dude in the ravine to his death? This lists are junk

  • Chuy
    Chuy8 days ago

    “Number 5: Munching On His Opponents” bro you want him to starve?? 😭😭

  • Jason Atkins

    Jason Atkins

    7 days ago

    I know right that’s what I said he’s an animal for Christ sake! lol 😂

  • JumpyyBoy
    JumpyyBoy8 days ago

    alot of stuff he did wasnt bad at all hahaha

  • Aspenwood Grove
    Aspenwood Grove8 days ago

    The "Top 10 Worst Things King Kong Has Done" all start with "What Did Humans Do To Bring About The". After 40 or 50 years, humans still have not learned to leave Kong the fuck alone. Stupid humans.

  • Dustin Hendrickson
    Dustin Hendrickson8 days ago

    Must have been a slow week at WatchMojo.