Top 10 Things From the 90s That Are Still Popular

Check out our featured song: "Firecracker" by Motorcycle Display team!

Few decades continue to entertain us quite like the 90s. For this list, we’ll be looking at various things from the 1990s that are still popular to this very day. Our countdown includes Pokémon, Nintendo, The World Wide Web, and more! Do you partake in these ‘90s traditions? Let us know in the comments below!

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    WatchMojo.com7 days ago

    Check out our featured song: "Firecracker" by Motorcycle Display team! And for everything 90s, check out our playlist!: What's your favorite thing from the 90s?

  • RizzyRaz


    4 days ago

    I feel so old when watchig anything from the 90s. I must be not too old since I still remember seeing all these when I was a teen.

  • Some idiot • 500 years ago

    Some idiot • 500 years ago

    6 days ago

    South Park

  • Din Djarin

    Din Djarin

    6 days ago

    South park gang wya?

  • Dan's Gaming

    Dan's Gaming

    6 days ago


  • David Graham

    David Graham

    6 days ago

    Pokémon, Nintendo, Mortal Kombat, PlayStation, Power Rangers, and the Internet.

  • Brock LaPlume
    Brock LaPlume15 hours ago

    90's nick Game shows are coming back! (Legends of the hidden temple is the newest one coming back to the CW network for adults now!)

    TITANMAN251Day ago

    Anyone agree HBO Max is perfect for South Park?

  • Numba1 Heathen
    Numba1 HeathenDay ago

    Power Rangers.

  • O'Irish McMan
    O'Irish McManDay ago

    The 90’s were awesome. All kinds of cool music. All kinds of edgy movies and entertainment. Gas was $0.75 a gallon. So many other gifts we took for granted 😅

  • Bearded One1210
    Bearded One1210Day ago

    This is a travesty, I already do not like this dare you not include Keanu!!!!

  • StrayGamer
    StrayGamerDay ago

    How the F is the PlayStaion just an honourable mention and The Simpsons not even anywhere in the video at all?

  • William Thompson
    William ThompsonDay ago

    Damn, I’ve got sealed Polaroid cameras from the late 90’s. My dad retired and their were still some old cameras there.

  • Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman
    Elemental Hero Shining Flare WingmanDay ago

    How is South Park on here but not Family Guy???

  • Marcus Trelle
    Marcus TrelleDay ago

    If Friends was popular it wouldn't be constantly advertised on Comedy Central, a clear sign of a show that is not being watched. The popular shows are the ones that are never advertised because they are already popular and don't need it.

  • Abel Lewis
    Abel LewisDay ago

    Space Jam is still a good movie to watch in 2021 and beyond. Enough said.

  • BuffaloTLK
    BuffaloTLK2 days ago

    Why isn't Pokémon on number one?

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon11302 days ago

    The dude abides

  • braxton mcalpin
    braxton mcalpin2 days ago

    I wasn’t expecting to one bit, but considering how much they’ve been back in the public spotlight with tons of new music and virtual concert appearances and the like, it would have been hilarious and awesome in equal measure to see Weezer on here.

  • István Gergely Pálosi
    István Gergely Pálosi2 days ago

    Top 10 Things From the 50s That Are Still Popular Top 10 Things From the 60s That Are Still Popular Top 10 Things From the 70s That Are Still Popular Top 10 Things From the 80s That Are Still Popular Top 10 Things From the 2000s That Are Still Popular Top 10 Things From the 2010s That Are Still Popular.

  • Tom Frazier
    Tom Frazier2 days ago

    "World Wide Webiverse"

  • Eminem D12
    Eminem D122 days ago

    I gave you a thumbs down for the song hate it LMAO

  • zevin83
    zevin832 days ago

    No, no! Fuck that! Fuck friends. That show was terrible. The rest of the episode I agree with. 83

  • Jeff Graham
    Jeff Graham3 days ago

    Nintendo technically started with the NES in the mid 80's, but okay

  • Danny Kriegbaum Laursen
    Danny Kriegbaum Laursen3 days ago

    Funny I have the entire Friend box due to the song

  • jochem rikmanspoel
    jochem rikmanspoel3 days ago

    LOL i was playing pok3mon while whatching this

    COBRACMR 43 days ago

    This list is low-key kinda fucking stupid

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez3 days ago

    I think the 90’s Sucks

  • Ruth Harris
    Ruth Harris3 days ago

    you will respect my authority!

  • edebehar
    edebehar3 days ago

    What the hell? Where is the power rangers love? 1993 to today. Come on watch mojo

  • Jon Schrift
    Jon Schrift3 days ago

    Um, sorry but Seinfeld by the numbers is still more popular in the 90s and today over Friends

  • NW
    NW3 days ago

    God is miss 90s so much right now!

  • IPhi 63
    IPhi 633 days ago

    No Power Rangers?

  • bigoldinosaur
    bigoldinosaur3 days ago

    Is that Paul Rudd in the Nintendo commercial at 9:37?

  • Gavin Lee
    Gavin Lee3 days ago

    If edm is from the 90s.... I rather go back where it was better cuz I don't like edm of today... when there was actual lyrics it was fire

  • Dan Carthen
    Dan Carthen4 days ago

    EDM began in Chicago and Detroit. Someone tell her.

  • McPizzaPerson
    McPizzaPerson4 days ago

    Slightly salty that SpongeBob & Sonic weren't on the list 🤣

  • Richard Falcon
    Richard Falcon4 days ago

    Don't forget Beavis and Butthead.

  • Excellent Chichi
    Excellent Chichi4 days ago

    South Park in the 90s is rubbish animation!

  • Imagination King
    Imagination King4 days ago

    Omg I still love South Park. I wonder is the show running out of ideas tho

  • Imagination King
    Imagination King4 days ago

    Pokémon will never die

  • Erik Skifte
    Erik Skifte4 days ago


  • Instinct Global
    Instinct Global4 days ago

    So you're just going to leave out Power Rangers....

  • W F
    W F4 days ago

    The internet was created by Al Gore 🤣

  • Antonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y Tenerife
    Antonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y Tenerife4 days ago

    haven't seen it yet but guarantee Internet is number 1... figured as much I mean without it we wouldn't even be watching this... Becca u so beautiful and u got them cards too I still to this day got a ton of sleeves with holographics and I've been wondering for awhile how much they're worth better thank God for the iPod cuz it's practically guaranteed they wouldn't have made out the 2000s decades without it, everybody makes it seem like the iPhone is what really put them on the map but without the iPod they woulda probably never made it 2007 it's probably they're most important product next to the ones that started Apple in the first place..even as a kid In the 90s I hated the look of the fanny packs especially dudes wearing em wtf? then around 2016 I noticed them coming back and dudes still look dumb with em for the most part but women be looking sexy at times...never got into Friends but I still love Pokemon..well the original 151 cuz Jesus Christ 75% of the Pokemon they've added since then are absolute garbage including ones that are clearly based off literal Garbage named Garbador(wtf are they thinking yo?)

  • River Parish
    River Parish4 days ago

    What about Starfox 64?

  • Fitzcannon
    Fitzcannon4 days ago

    Why is the sky?

  • shtupurgnamakit
    shtupurgnamakit4 days ago

    If there's ever a smart house, Rebecca should be the voice.


    4 days ago

    Getting the patent now

  • Joker
    Joker4 days ago

    Friends was one of the most overrated shows in history, Fresh Prince, Martin, and 90s Simpsons were funnier

  • Trigger ETFC Gaming
    Trigger ETFC Gaming4 days ago

    Why is apple on here when they were founded in 1976

  • Edward Brien III
    Edward Brien III4 days ago

    *The Wiggles 1991 - 2021* *30 Years June 19*

  • ramachandra marar
    ramachandra marar4 days ago

    Rick Astley's hit song never gonna give you up

  • RizzyRaz


    4 days ago

    That song is from the 80s

  • Timothy Rogers
    Timothy Rogers4 days ago

    The 90s will never die. The best decade.

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez4 days ago

    SNL's stu Eminem: a ps5? i didn't even ask for this.guess shady must've been a good boy this year.sorry Stu,u f....ed up

  • Melissa Clark
    Melissa Clark5 days ago


  • Lamaj Smoove
    Lamaj Smoove5 days ago

    Why is friends on this list?

  • tenacious645
    tenacious6455 days ago

    The internet feels like a cop out

  • Gogoplata DzNuts
    Gogoplata DzNuts5 days ago

    This list is literally the list I've seen with the most minimal effort off this channel

  • Last Outlaw OverKast
    Last Outlaw OverKast5 days ago

    You guys just hit almost every nostalgia bone in my body

  • Tweekscoffeebean
    Tweekscoffeebean5 days ago

    South Park, Pokemon , Jurassic Park and obviously Nintendo .

  • D Legionnaire
    D Legionnaire5 days ago


  • David Stephan
    David Stephan5 days ago

    Rebecca from Watchmojo should be on the list of things from the 90’s that are still popular😏

  • Robinem
    Robinem5 days ago

    Sonic the Hedgehog: may not be like it used to be anymore but still has a huge global fan base and his big screen debut was massive hit. Nickelodeon was we know it today: started producing its own content in the early 90s and launched in international markets soon after. Power Rangers: still producing a new show every few years and another movie reboot potentially on its way. Harry Potter: First book published in 1997 and you probably know the rest. A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones): The original novel will see its 25th anniversary this year. And regardless of how you feel about the shows ending, it’s still huge today. SMS/ Text Messages: Cellphones go as far back as the 1970’s but text messaging debuted in 1992. Probably the most surprising one not to get an honourable mention. HDTV’s: The technology did technically exist as early as 1993 even if it was a decade from becoming the standard. Debatable in terms of actual popularity and if it counts due to becoming more of an unavoidable thing in 2010’s: Disney Live Action Remakes: Oddly enough a different Jungle Book remake was the one that started it all in 1994. Even though most probably only remember Glenn Close’s 101 Dalmatians from the 90s. Then years passed without more remakes and then we had Alice in Wonderland and many more eventually followed. And believe it or not: Social media: Earliest form of it was introduced in 1997, before Facebook and Twitter. Smartphones: The first ever made was the IBM Simon Personal Communicator invented in 1992. Just a handful of honourable mentions I can think of.

  • Charles Schofield
    Charles Schofield5 days ago

    I disagree with Pokemon. Not because of the video game franchise but because of the Anime in which Team Rocket should've been disbanded after the first five seasons.

  • ShadowPersonOfTheUnknown
    ShadowPersonOfTheUnknown5 days ago

    Nintendo is from the 80s. Technically it's from 1889.

  • gfear24
    gfear245 days ago

    I don't think it's a coincidence that Rebecca was rocking that red flannel shirt seeing as it was in the honorable mentions.

  • Benjamin Burtch
    Benjamin Burtch5 days ago

    SpongeBob should've been here

  • The Blind Coaster Bandicoot
    The Blind Coaster Bandicoot5 days ago

    I can't believe how stupid watch mojo is. I would give them a different name that I cannot say here. It's like someone just thinks of some kind of list topic finds things that somewhat fit the topic and then puts it on the video. I think everyone should unsubscribe, especially everyone who lived in the nineties.

  • Anand Acharya
    Anand Acharya5 days ago

    'Only 90's kids will remember' meme exists Gen Z kids/teens: I'm gonna end your whole career

  • SkrizzNads
    SkrizzNads5 days ago

    Popular things or movies?

  • Mr. Jimbo1969
    Mr. Jimbo19695 days ago

    Nintendo should really be in "Top 10 Things From The 80's That Are Still Popular" video. Don't forget - the original Nintendo Entertainment System came out to the States in 1985.

  • Mathijn D
    Mathijn D5 days ago

    How is Vinyl not on here?

  • Kate O'Toole
    Kate O'Toole5 days ago

    Gargoyles X-Men Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3rd Generation Toyota 4Runner 3rd Generation Toyota Camry Mercedes-Benz W140 Thomas The Tank Engine Bananas In Pyjamas Barney Teletubbies

  • Kate O'Toole
    Kate O'Toole5 days ago

    Rugrats Game Boy Sega Genesis Super Nintendo Frasier Spin City

  • Kate O'Toole
    Kate O'Toole5 days ago

    Where’s The X-Files Or Buffy?

  • Kate O'Toole
    Kate O'Toole5 days ago

    The Simpsons Toy Story Space Jam Home Alone Matilda Scream The Sixth Sense The Matrix The Silence Of The Lambs Forrest Gump Men In Black Mr. Bean Wallace & Gromit Bill Clinton The Little Mermaid Beauty & The Beast Aladdin The Lion King Batman The Animated Series Animaniacs

  • Kate O'Toole
    Kate O'Toole5 days ago

    Where’s Michael Jordan, The Simpsons, Nirvana Or Seinfeld?

  • Kate O'Toole
    Kate O'Toole5 days ago

    Where’s The Spice Girls?

  • Kate O'Toole
    Kate O'Toole5 days ago

    Where’s The Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series?

  • dakkuri1
    dakkuri15 days ago

    Edm brings back memories

  • skullsxr
    skullsxr5 days ago

    Rebecca was like 30 yrs old in the 90s

  • New Damage
    New Damage5 days ago

    Seinfeld, Seinfeld, Seinfeld is all I have to say. Still my absolute favorite tv show ever made and never seems to get old.

  • Douche Bag Dingle Berry Breath
    Douche Bag Dingle Berry Breath5 days ago

    Are you ever gonna promote a music video in your videos that isn't a completely shitty song?

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris5 days ago

    I know that this hasn’t nothing to do but Das Boot is the best movie ever made

  • I Sparky 42 I
    I Sparky 42 I5 days ago

    Simple. I see South Park *click*

  • Anti-Anti-Vaxxer
    Anti-Anti-Vaxxer5 days ago

    Pokemon and South Park are my two favorite franchises

  • Derek Bost

    Derek Bost

    3 days ago

    I totally agree

  • Henry Carmichael
    Henry Carmichael5 days ago

    It's inspiring that Japan could still be globally influential even during a period of severe economic stagnation in the 1990s.

  • Andrea Adler
    Andrea Adler5 days ago

    I rock the high waisted pants when I can find them in my size. They make the legs look longer! EDM is not to shabby as far as music goes. Been watching South Park since I was a tween. Been watching Friends from day one.

  • Rogelio Ramirez
    Rogelio Ramirez5 days ago

    I thought #1 was gonna be rap music or something 😅

  • MRnotso0G Vlogs and more!!!
    MRnotso0G Vlogs and more!!!5 days ago

    I hate ps4

  • Derek Skinner
    Derek Skinner5 days ago

    WatchMojo: Pokemon came out in 1998. Me: HEY! Shut up!

  • Superzeke
    Superzeke5 days ago

    My first time seeing her after all these years and she beautiful 💙

  • Eric W
    Eric W6 days ago

    Nobody uses the internet!

  • Dbz 007
    Dbz 0076 days ago

    Looking back at the 90s. There's a lot of stuff I miss years later. While some of it sucks pretty hard years later. Good times but those days are over. I wish I can relive that decade again. Oh well but it's what it is.

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford6 days ago

    Cool list.

  • Melissa Coulton
    Melissa Coulton6 days ago

    Anyone notice the young Paul Rudd in the Nintendo commercial? lol

  • Joshua Tewolde
    Joshua Tewolde6 days ago

    “🎶I’ll Be There For You🎵” - Friends, 1994-2004

  • Alannah Rodriquez
    Alannah Rodriquez6 days ago

    mom jeans .... plaid... Wear whatever u want honestly. I love how plaid looks

  • prince apoopoo
    prince apoopoo6 days ago

    Nintendo so wild they made the list twist

  • Zachari Sincennes
    Zachari Sincennes6 days ago

    I'm so into the internet that I can't get enough of the internet browser on my PS4. That's one of the reasons I don't have a PS5 yet; I've read it doesn't have an internet browser.

  • Derek Bost

    Derek Bost

    3 days ago

    Yeah but the ps4 does not play any audio CDs though

  • Double Commenter
    Double Commenter6 days ago

    Honorable mention: Resident Evil

  • Double Commenter
    Double Commenter6 days ago

    As far as entertainment. 90s hold up like no other. Can't say the same about fashion industry.

  • New2RetroReviews
    New2RetroReviews6 days ago

    yeah remember when Shrillex was about as popular as MC Hammer for that one week?

  • SpoonBending SpaceMonkey
    SpoonBending SpaceMonkey6 days ago

    Ocarina of Time is one of the best games ever❤️

  • alexander shawn
    alexander shawn6 days ago

    You guys didn't mention sonic