Top 10 Cute Games That Are Secretly Disturbing

Check out The 10 Strangest Video Game ROM Hacks on MojoPlays!

These video games are adorable on the surface, but don't let that fool you. For this list, we’ll be looking at video games that seem delightful but hide their dark side. Our countdown includes Ecco the Dolphin, EarthBound, Duck Season, Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion and more! Did we miss a cute game that caught you off guard? Let us know in the comments!

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    WatchMojo.com12 days ago

    Check out The 10 Strangest Video Game ROM Hacks on MojoPlays! Did we miss a cute game that caught you off guard? Let us know in the comments!

  • Derrick Haggard

    Derrick Haggard

    5 days ago

    Ah yes Ecco once the Vortexx come into play game goes into terrifying mode.

  • Josh Chiang

    Josh Chiang

    6 days ago

    Defintely forgot several entries from the Kirby series.

  • Joshua Linders

    Joshua Linders

    7 days ago

    Kirby series

  • Anime Derek03

    Anime Derek03

    8 days ago

    What about a SpongeBob Horror Game called Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom made by Dave Microwave? Does that counts?

  • Mike Hofmeister

    Mike Hofmeister

    8 days ago

    @Belladonna Dewish a little bit

  • Raptor Nodes
    Raptor NodesHour ago

    I am never playing duck season again

  • Francisco Peña jr
    Francisco Peña jrHour ago

    3:19 WTF 😳, you try to murder and toy elephant, that's both barbaric and horrific. Who in the right mind would make this in a cute video game?

  • Princefishyfingers
    Princefishyfingers22 hours ago

    Can your pet should have been on this list Better yet you should’ve been number one

  • GerarDeactivate The One
    GerarDeactivate The OneDay ago

    Slime rancher, though being scary, is one heck of a great game, same goes for undertale, cuphead, and a hat in time

  • I need more Carrots
    I need more Carrots2 days ago

    "i gently opened the door" top 10 last words before disaster happens

  • WillieManga
    WillieManga2 days ago

    I love this format of games. Games that start out mild but become descents into madness at some point. (SPOILERS for Bugsnax) Bugsnax is a pretty recent example. The inhabitants of the Bugsnax world are cartoony and adorable on the surface, and some are nice and friendly. But many other characters represent serious topics, like scamming, the LGBT, and domestic struggles. They find themselves in a supposed island paradise where cute and edible pokemon-esque creatures roam, not seeming to mind all these strangers eating them alive. Their reason for their low threat level makes the game all the more disturbing due to the addition of another serious theme: parasitism. Eating bugsnax will slowly shapeshift them taking the term you are what you eat very literally. And it turns out they eventually control you. Good thing you are immune to their influence.

  • Althea Lee
    Althea Lee2 days ago

    Anyone else notice he described the manor as horri-fee-ing instead of horrifying?

  • Kimi Nowak
    Kimi Nowak3 days ago

    Kirby 64: AM I A JOKE TO YOU!?!

  • Delvin09
    Delvin093 days ago

    Shame they didn’t mention pony island, portal or bug snax.

  • Snoop dog 2.0 Smith
    Snoop dog 2.0 Smith3 days ago

    I expected to see baldis basics , naughty bear, or yandere simulator on thin list.

  • Deluxe C
    Deluxe C4 days ago

    I played it takes two and the stuffed elephant death scene was fuckin brutal.

  • Zell Black
    Zell Black4 days ago

    Just Monika

  • Kayla W.
    Kayla W.4 days ago

    honestly, imagine being completely new to DDLC, no spoilers or anything, so you just assume it's a regular visual novel dating sim that for some reason became super popular. everything from its genre tags on Steam to the ominous warning before starting the game would make you feel confused and a bit nervous but you still head into the game thinking that it won't _actually_ be that bad. poor thing. if only you knew...

  • Kayla W.
    Kayla W.4 days ago

    didnt think a game about shooting ducks would be turned into a creepypasta. interesting

  • Kayla W.
    Kayla W.4 days ago

    didnt realize this was an actual trend lmao

  • Hannah Sofia Lim
    Hannah Sofia Lim4 days ago

    I'm surprised Tattletail isn't here.

  • Arl fiftyfourtd
    Arl fiftyfourtd5 days ago

    I knew you'd keep ddlc for last

  • Derrick Haggard
    Derrick Haggard5 days ago

    Kirby for obvious reasons. And Senran Kagura despite the supposed cutesy/fan-service look of the games the games at least the main ones have a epic plot that is filled with dark and disturbing moments.

  • Armok
    Armok5 days ago

    I feel like starbound has an element of being secretly disturbing in some ways, but moreso in the worldbuilding side of it. It looks rather cutesy and upbeat stylistically and even seems so when you load up the intro mission, but things turn pretty dark real quick when an entire planet gets blown up and you're one of the few survivors. what makes things even less pleasant is the fact is that the galaxy in general isn't the best place, it's a vast lawless expanse with murderous cannibal tribes, a totalitarian regime mired in civil war (that also has a penchant for unethical experimentation), a bloodthirsty religion built on the sacrifice of sapients (sometimes willingly through religious indoctrination), a megacorp that goes to extreme lengths trying to hide the true nature of the galaxy's FTL fuel (far enough to leave its own workers to die), an entire species who's vast space empire has been reduced to ashes, spooky ruins, even more spooky planets inhibited by equally spooky shadow beings who chill by their own flavor of spooky ruins, an entire species that persecutes its own minority with literal witchhunts, space parasites that brought down an entire private military, and a xenophobic/xenocidal human supremacist cult that wants to ensure the very thing that blew up your homeworld will finally escape its extradimensional prison. and people claim that the old beta lore was darker, somehow. And sure, a lot of this is background stuff hidden behind much more lighthearted stuff, but sitting down to really think about it paints a pretty grim picture for the state of the galaxy in SB, even with all the glimmers of hope strewn about and optimistic ending to the storyline.

  • hanees said
    hanees said6 days ago

    Nier automata I mean it starts as a little romance story in a war but what comes you would never imagin

  • Isabella Buelow
    Isabella Buelow6 days ago

    Spooky’s jump scare mansion and duck season both are kinda forgotten games and really silly games to me.....

  • Belmont Hunter
    Belmont Hunter6 days ago

    I always forget those guys in My Time in Portia literally survived a massive apocalypse that killed millions of people, Jesus Christ! Never trust a cutesie game.

  • Troy Barnes
    Troy Barnes6 days ago

    Little Misfortune is quite cute but disturbing.

  • Sylvia-Novella Underwood
    Sylvia-Novella Underwood6 days ago

    Ah yes Doki Doki Literature Club

  • Spade Shaker
    Spade Shaker6 days ago

    Omori.... just just very scary psychological game.. the game haunts me

  • Josh Chiang
    Josh Chiang6 days ago

    Ok not even a mention of Kirby? Nintendo's pink puffball may be cute and adorable, but the whole series is notorious for its dark moments like anything with Dark Matter and Zero. Or Planet Robobot and the story involving Haltman and his daughter Suzy.

  • Findlay Wright
    Findlay Wright7 days ago

    Good. Doki Doki is where it should be. The best game ever.

  • Jack S
    Jack S7 days ago

    GODDAMN🤬💣💥🤯😤 I fucking hate that dog from the duck hunt game

  • MaddestMike
    MaddestMike7 days ago

    Whoever made Doki Doki Literature Club is a real piece of shit.

  • Megan Ozburn
    Megan Ozburn7 days ago


  • Jeanne74
    Jeanne747 days ago

    I’m shocked Omori wasn’t on this list.

  • tenacious645
    tenacious6457 days ago

    Duck Season is fucking masterful

  • Nick
    Nick7 days ago

    The fuck was that first game

  • Scott Armstrong
    Scott Armstrong7 days ago

    Not to mention Cuphead is about selling your soul to the devil. Also, in Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, you watch somebody commit suicide right after you bury your sword in another character's forehead all the way to the hilt

  • SleepyBoyFox
    SleepyBoyFox7 days ago

    What da dog doin

  • theresaI wright
    theresaI wright7 days ago

    Earthbound is one of my favorite games. I have finished the game twice. Now my son plays it on our Super Nintendo Mini.

  • Kai Grieb
    Kai Grieb7 days ago

    No mention of Eversion?

  • Kai Grieb
    Kai Grieb7 days ago

    They slapped Slime Rancher in the list but DIDN’T EVEN MENTION THE SCARY PART (Tarr)…

  • Samuel Pounds
    Samuel Pounds7 days ago

    No kirby

  • Eddie Gaster
    Eddie Gaster7 days ago

    Lavender Town in Pokémon, anyone?

  • Keshia Anders
    Keshia Anders7 days ago

    What about 'Bugsnax'?

  • mahdi mote
    mahdi mote7 days ago

    Just monika

  • Yiğit Alp
    Yiğit Alp8 days ago

    Doki doki is Free but therapy isnt

  • Gaming Life
    Gaming Life8 days ago

    I immidiatly saw through the anime girls from ddlc

  • Curious Neko
    Curious Neko8 days ago

    Here's a throwback what about Glover ?

  • Curious Neko
    Curious Neko8 days ago

    Me and my husband play it takes two it's a very fun and playful game but yes it did have that dark side when they did destroy the elephant and push her off the ledge made me quite sad have not finished the game so I don't know if there's any other sad parts but so far it's pretty fun.

  • Kyle Chmieleski
    Kyle Chmieleski8 days ago

    The dog well only attack when the kid shoots them.

  • bonafide ride
    bonafide ride8 days ago

    How in the world is the cuphead bosses disturbing?

  • Kou Lee
    Kou Lee8 days ago

    I was hoping conkers bad fur day was going to be on here.

  • CiaraGorgeous uwu
    CiaraGorgeous uwu8 days ago

    *Eversion is nowhere to be found, despite being a textbook example of a cute game that's secretly disturbing - if anything, managing to do it better than DDLC* Yeah, typical shitty WatchMojo list.

  • pakratt13
    pakratt138 days ago

    um...Pony friggin' Island?!? Pony Island (arguably) started the current trend!

  • Alexiious
    Alexiious8 days ago

    Wheres Minecraft and disc 11?

  • Muryoku
    Muryoku8 days ago

    Where is Omori and Hollow Knight in this video?

  • Jake Sapir
    Jake Sapir8 days ago

    Two things. First, please don't glorify PETA's BS. Second, how could you include The Hex but not its spiritual predecessor, the amazing Pony Island?

  • O-Man Gaming

    O-Man Gaming

    5 days ago

    @Jake Sapir Thought so.

  • Jake Sapir

    Jake Sapir

    5 days ago

    @O-Man Gaming Can Your Pet

  • O-Man Gaming

    O-Man Gaming

    6 days ago

    Which part is PETA's BS?

  • Assasin Habacon
    Assasin Habacon8 days ago

    already predicted the outcome of the list

  • Bojana Ojdanic
    Bojana Ojdanic8 days ago

    Damn, retro games are the most disturbing in my opinion

  • Bojana Ojdanic
    Bojana Ojdanic8 days ago

    Undertale number 9??? Oh boy

  • Jack Dempsey
    Jack Dempsey8 days ago

    When I was 14 2018 spring Doki Doki fucked me up I'm fine now

  • Pro Wolf
    Pro Wolf8 days ago

    You forgot Friday Night Funkin

  • Anime Derek03
    Anime Derek038 days ago

    Does Around-the-clock at Bikini Bottom (A.K.A SpongeBob Horror Game) made by Dave Microwave counts?

  • Darkkalim7
    Darkkalim78 days ago

    Of course a sellout no brainer like Doki Doki that has been used over and over again is number 1

  • Merry


    8 days ago

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  • Merry Jane

    Merry Jane

    8 days ago

    Have you thought of investing in Bitcoin trading

  • Jamie Davies
    Jamie Davies8 days ago

    I had a felling ddlc would be on the list

  • Crashme222
    Crashme2228 days ago

    Surprised Bugsnax didn't make it :o

  • YSR Zeus
    YSR Zeus8 days ago

    Why was my immediate reaction to seeing flowey “KILL THAT SHIT!!!”

  • newageBoundhippie
    newageBoundhippie8 days ago

    EarthBound is still my favorite game of all time but man can it get fucked fact, that entry on the list could have been the entire Mother trilogy period. They're all full of disturbing stuff.... also the Pokemon series....have you seen some of those Pokedex entries? WTF?

  • I Heart Yaoi
    I Heart Yaoi8 days ago

    Slime Enslaver.

  • Gianluca Scuzzarella
    Gianluca Scuzzarella8 days ago

    loved duck season

  • JwayneAdams
    JwayneAdams8 days ago

    No animal royale game?

  • Calcina Bonnie
    Calcina Bonnie8 days ago

    I'm sorry but your talk about Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion's cutouts was complete ignorance.

  • Alicia Matheson
    Alicia Matheson8 days ago

    The Cave should have been on this list. You pick 3 characters and go on a puzzle-solving epic journey to get a specific reward. But if you leave the Cave with the reward, bad things happen. The twins and their parents die. The hillbilly goes on an arson rampage. You also leave an old man to die on an island along the way.

  • TheGhostReckon
    TheGhostReckon8 days ago

    The number 1 pick is definitely deserving that rank, considering most of the endings involve one or some of them to commit suicide

  • Ted
    Ted8 days ago


  • Eddy Madison
    Eddy Madison8 days ago

    What about *OMORI* ? The game look cheerful & colorful at first, but then reality hits when you uncover the truth.

  • FurryPaint Poppy
    FurryPaint Poppy8 days ago

    Did You Forget Emori

  • Scuba Steevo
    Scuba Steevo8 days ago

    Some of these games are infamous for being scary.

  • D.T. Gray
    D.T. Gray8 days ago

    NES Earthbound. Didn't even mention the zombie town.

  • DocWyldeCard
    DocWyldeCard8 days ago

    Ya forgot Hatoful Boyfriend.

  • spongeyspikes09
    spongeyspikes098 days ago

    DDLC - disturbing themes of suicide and existential crisis... Also DDLC - Helped me cope after my Grandma's death and still does so to this day Just Monika

  • Jurre Huizinga

    Jurre Huizinga

    5 days ago

    My condoleances

  • Justin Bermeo
    Justin Bermeo8 days ago

    Now I m about to say the most sinister and scariest game that look child friendly and cartoon style that is hell incarcerated... Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama8 days ago

    god I hate doki doki literature club

  • Vinnie Sarantakis
    Vinnie Sarantakis8 days ago


  • TylerTron21
    TylerTron218 days ago

    If you have a sigificant other then you should look at It takes two. What a fantastic experiance.

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon11308 days ago

    As a child ecco the dolphin was terrifying

  • Jill Gott
    Jill Gott8 days ago

    I saw this list and was like let's see and then I was like I wish they had put Little Misfortune on here.

  • Great flames246
    Great flames2468 days ago

    I surprise Kirby didn't make it on the list

  • Extremistyt
    Extremistyt9 days ago

    Who did not expect Doki Doki literature club

  • Thisis Analt
    Thisis Analt9 days ago

    I could see dokic dokic being on the list because of the gore and strong language in it

  • Joshua Linders
    Joshua Linders9 days ago

    You forgot the Kirby series. As cute as it is, it also has some of the most unsettling bosses in the Nintendo franchise.

  • khaliyah jefferson

    khaliyah jefferson

    6 days ago

    @Josh Chiang there's dark matter and what else someone made tier list of that

  • Josh Chiang

    Josh Chiang

    6 days ago

    Hell some Kirby characters and lore puts many horror games to shame. The Zero and Zero 2 boss fights anyone? Or maybe the StarDream OS fight?

  • gato e cachorão

    gato e cachorão

    8 days ago

    The lore is Crazy started with cute save a day into a bunch of Lovecraftian bs

  • khaliyah jefferson

    khaliyah jefferson

    8 days ago

    @Orlando Garcia Kirby always have scary bosses

  • Orlando Garcia

    Orlando Garcia

    8 days ago

    Your "lord and savior" can't be in everything

  • Taylor Hudson
    Taylor Hudson9 days ago

    Ya missed Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Simulator. That one terrifies me so much!

  • Light Sprite

    Light Sprite

    6 days ago

    More like Five Nights at Freddy's 1 or 2

  • JoeySullivan_TheMan


    8 days ago

    I nevered played it but ok?

  • Landon Maxwell

    Landon Maxwell

    8 days ago

    that’s not cute, it’s suppose to be scary

  • Junior Mynos
    Junior Mynos9 days ago

    Could play some ole school Duck hunt right now

  • graduator14
    graduator149 days ago

    The recent game Bugsnax comes to mind.

  • Devon McDaniel
    Devon McDaniel9 days ago

    To be fair, Duck Season only gets creepy if you shoot the dog

  • Thomas Gajeski
    Thomas Gajeski9 days ago

    Does Super Paper Mario count?

  • Nonamehero6616
    Nonamehero66169 days ago

    Why is Pokémon not on this list

  • Genesis
    Genesis9 days ago

    Okay so yall seriously gonna forget the game series Naughy Bear? 🙄

  • Ryuiichi kune

    Ryuiichi kune

    8 days ago

    I wish they would bring this back. It was so fun

  • Noah Gula
    Noah Gula9 days ago

    How is Pokémon not on this list

  • Summer O'Neal
    Summer O'Neal9 days ago

    I’d add the recent game Omori. Seems like a cute RPG, but I saw the truth last night and I’m still reeling.

  • felleR
    felleR9 days ago

    I don't think they know what "secret" means

  • Emily Andrews

    Emily Andrews

    8 days ago

    It's like the creepy images are right in front of us.

  • Yunior Gamboa
    Yunior Gamboa9 days ago

    Man, I wish more game-like Duck season would exist.