Top 10 Hardest Movie Boss Fights Ever

These big bads lived up to their name...and then some! For this list, we’ll be looking at the big screen battles between the protagonists and the villains that gave the heroes the fight of their lives. Our countdown includes "Avengers: Endgame", "The Matrix", "Harry Potter", and more! Which movie boss fight do you think gave the heroes the toughest time? Let us know in the comments.

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    WatchMojo.com7 days ago

    For more movie fights, check out our playlist!: Which movie boss fight do you think gave the heroes the toughest time? Let us know in the comments.

  • Gedaro sienta

    Gedaro sienta

    5 days ago

    Why wasn't the Russian Vs The Punisher (2004) not on this List , or any of Blades Adversaries from his films Those were Hard fought too , #1 should have been the Fight on Titan with thanos that one was waaaay better imo.

  • Ben Roberts

    Ben Roberts

    5 days ago

    Hi Mojo, Can you give us your list for best revenge movies? Ex. The 2002 movie, ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’. BTW-I also like the boss fight with Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Darth Maul was too awesome to die so easily/cheaply.

  • James Dayton

    James Dayton

    5 days ago

    Arnold vs. Predator

  • sugreev2001


    5 days ago

    I would’ve included Samwise vs Shelob in LOTR: Return of the King

  • WarriorMan


    5 days ago

    And what about: Mario Cobretti vs NightSlasher From Cobra (1986) Max Rockatansky vs Humunguos and Wez From Mad Max 2 (1981) Harley and Marlboro vs Alexander From Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991) Shane Tanner vs Wild Bill From Road House 2 (2006) John Matrix vs Benett From Commando (1985) John McClane vs Karl From Die Hard 1 (1988) John Rambo vs Arthur Galt From Rambo 1: First Blood (1982) RoboCop vs RoboCain From RoboCop 2 (1990) Aragon and Boromir vs Lurtz From The Lord of the Lings: The Fellowship (2001) Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh vs Wah Sing Ku From Lethal Weapon 4 (1988) Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett vs Isabel Aretas From Bad Boys 3 (2020) Chev Chelios vs Ricky Verona and Carlito From Crank 1 (2006) Nancy Thompson vs Freddy Krueger From Nightmare on Elm Street 1 (1984) Paul Merchant vs Pinhead From Hellraiser 4: The Bloodline (1996)

  • erik senden
    erik sendenHour ago

    Man, I really wanted Vader to be nr1 and Thanos nr2...

  • Manuel Humberto Cadena Camacho
    Manuel Humberto Cadena CamachoHour ago

    WTF, Roarchach and Night Owl Vs Ozymandias? not even dr. manhathan could defeat it

  • Checkers
    Checkers8 hours ago

    Do you guys know how many videos you’ve ended with Tony’s snap since the release of end game?

  • Saman Kapali
    Saman Kapali14 hours ago

    Top 10 film list with a Fast and Furious film in it cannot be a serious list. :/

  • Spiked Warrior
    Spiked Warrior14 hours ago

    Jet Li vs General Fujita in Fist of legend should have at least been an honorable mention.

  • Sam Cook
    Sam Cook16 hours ago

    When I write my novels, all my fights are based on the video games I've played over the years, from the enemies that can be taken out with a single hit and Elite soldiers that need a few more or need a weak spot exposed, all the way up to the bosses. Might be a slight spoiler here, but one of the central antagonists goes from being one of the very first fought to the main antagonist as the series progresses, and even before that he was already one of the hardest "bosses," taking the entire main team to beat him (even then, it's implied he let them win every once in a while). As the main antagonist, he is the constant hardest boss, and I always think of a God of War boss fight when I write any of the battle scenes with him. There are even moments where I have written him as the point-of-view character, battling other characters and killing one from his point-of-view after a fight similar in scope to the Poseidon boss in God of War III and ending in a way akin to the end of the chase after Hermes in the same game (probably one of the bloodiest moments in the series).

  • Ghost Rider Productions
    Ghost Rider Productions22 hours ago

    0:58 Ivan Drago 2:24 Deckard Shaw 3:32 Lord Rathbone 4:45 Lord Voldemort 6:17 General Zod 7:28 Agent Smith 8:49 Bane 10:16 T-1000 11:34 Darth Vader 14:10 Thanos

  • Newbie52
    Newbie52Day ago

    This was a cool list and you could have ten of them and not get close. A few people already mentioned Jet Li from Lethal Weapon 4 and any of those films could have had a spot on the list. But I was very surprised to not see one single John Woo film. Face/Off, Broken Arrow, even Mission Impossible II could've secured a spot. That being said, Mission Impossible had many amazing boss fights like the cliffside showdown against Walker or the even more epic bathroom fight scene against the false John Lark, both of which were featured in Mission Impossible: Fallout.

  • Factory of Divisive Opinions
    Factory of Divisive OpinionsDay ago

    General Zod and Bane are some of my fav superhero villians.

  • Factory of Divisive Opinions
    Factory of Divisive OpinionsDay ago

    3:54 wait! Hold on! Is that Littlefinger?

  • Kix
    KixDay ago

    Warrior should be on this list, shocked to see it wasn't

  • The Unworthy
    The UnworthyDay ago

    Where the hell is hela

  • Bradley Hansraj
    Bradley HansrajDay ago

    Shredder vs The Turtles (TMNT 1990), Wonder Woman vs Ares, Daniel vs Mike (Karate Kid 3) and Indominus Rex vs Blue and Rexie. An Easiest Boss Battles list would be fun too 😊

  • Bradley Hansraj
    Bradley HansrajDay ago

    This is a good list!!!

  • Jessica Reuter Castrogiovanni
    Jessica Reuter CastrogiovanniDay ago

    Not even an honorable mention for Ripley vs. the alien queen in Aliens?!

  • Chris Squibbs
    Chris SquibbsDay ago

    Kylo ren made honorable mentions but no king ghidorah from king of the monsters? Lol. Hell I'd rather fight thanos then ghidorah. Assuming no cheat gloves. Lol

  • frederick ifill
    frederick ifill2 days ago

    Number 1 was well deserved

  • FoRealz325
    FoRealz3252 days ago

    Anyone remember Stallone Vs Stone Cold in The Expendables? Woulda been a good one. He fucks Stallone up lol

  • jason moran
    jason moran2 days ago

    Ripley vrs Alien Queen Aliens???

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson2 days ago

    Number one definitely for me is Bane versus Batman in a sewer

  • Rydiggydawg 15
    Rydiggydawg 152 days ago

    Thanos was definitely a good choice for #1. You would need an MMORPG squad max-leveled , ability level maxed, and have the best weapons in the game to take on the final level and defeat Thanos as the final boss.

  • nur arief
    nur arief2 days ago

    Every last boss in old jackie chan's movies. ie. Drunken master 1&2, young master, snake in the eagle shadow, wheels on meal...

  • Richard R
    Richard R2 days ago

    How about the predator??? Lol this list stinks minus a few picks i agree with

  • Richard R
    Richard R2 days ago

    I gotta go with Wah sing Ku (Jet Li) in lethal weapon 4!!!! Should’ve been in this top 10 instead of that wack fast furious crap.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson3 days ago

    The final voldemort fight sucks. Harry and him shoot a laser beam at each other for few seconds what a cop out.

  • youngcourty
    youngcourty3 days ago

    Oh yes endgame always no. 1 right ?

  • Chris Bender
    Chris Bender3 days ago

    Riggs Vs KU in Lethal Weapon 4??? It should have at least had an honorable mention!

  • Dexter Roble
    Dexter Roble3 days ago

    You should include the final fight in ip man2

  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones3 days ago

    The original TMNT movie, Turtles vs Shredder fight is still one of the best. This channel is sleeping hard.

  • Richard Fischer
    Richard Fischer3 days ago

    The fight with Luke in Vader in ROTJ is one of my favorite scenes in cinema

  • furiousd36
    furiousd363 days ago

    Am I the only person who loves the end fight of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover vs Jet Li in Lethal Weapon 4?

  • frederick ifill
    frederick ifill3 days ago

    Man Of Steel was very underrated and it’s sad we will never get a sequel smh

  • frederick ifill

    frederick ifill

    2 days ago

    @Chinwendu peculiar nope no sequel

  • Chinwendu peculiar

    Chinwendu peculiar

    2 days ago

    I think they is a sequel 🤔

  • one of the Marvel nerds
    one of the Marvel nerds3 days ago

    Terminator dark fate??

  • Yeo Edwin
    Yeo Edwin3 days ago

    Another honourable mention should be: Twister (Ip Man 2), The Mute Fighter (Police Story 2), Sammo Hung as Triad Leader Wong Po (Killzone aka SPL), Max Chang as Ko Chun (SPL 2), Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat 1995), Han (Enter The Dragon), Colt (The Way Of The Dragon), Big Daddy (Wolf Warrior 2), Megatron (Transformer series), Rawley Wilkes (Lone Wolf Mcquade), Kurgan (Highlander), Mother Alien (Aliens), Castor Troy (Face/Off), Braden (Revenge Of The Ninja), Major Vic "Deak" Deakins (Broken Arrow), Tong Po (Kickboxer), Chong Li (Bloodsport)

  • Alex S
    Alex S3 days ago

    Does the Balrog or Saruman from LoTR count as bosses? Because both those times Gandalf had a hard time.

  • Fazril Abrar Purnomo
    Fazril Abrar Purnomo3 days ago

    You know maybe you can make "Top 10 Hardest Cartoon Show Boss Fight" video

  • Ramsay Bushnaq
    Ramsay Bushnaq3 days ago

    Very disappointed Anakin vs obi-wan wasn't on here

  • AAA
    AAA3 days ago

    @11:45, darth vader "ooooooooooooo" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Sharan Kulkarni
    Sharan Kulkarni3 days ago

    Where is Zack synder:s Steppenwolf??

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K3 days ago

    All Superhero Movies.

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K3 days ago

    Most Male Main Character Walt Disney movies .

  • Roman Paulo Quesada
    Roman Paulo Quesada3 days ago

    #1 Anton Chigurh

  • Yan Martin del Campo
    Yan Martin del Campo4 days ago

    How I personally would number them 1. Thanos 2. Darth Vader 3. General Zod 4. Agent Smith 5. T-1000 6. Deckard Shaw 7. Ivan Drago 8. Lord Voldemort 9. Lord Rathbone 10. Bane Say what you will about The Dark Knight Series. I like it, but it's overrated. The 1st was pretty dull. It's best parts is when Bruce isn't even in his complete Batman suit. I love The Dark Knight, but the only "masterpiece" part about the 2nd was Joker, successful mainly because of Joker, & without him it wouldn't be a masterpiece. The 3rd was successful because people thought "if the dark knight was a masterpiece, just imagine how insane this 3rd one is gonna be" & other small reasons. The thing is that anything that is loved so much is overrated & everything that isn't loved so much is underrated. The Dark Knight Series' combat might just be the slowest, dullest, & weakest I've ever seen in a serious matter. I really do believe a Blue belt 12 year old could beat that Batman & Bane. That's why I put it at 10. I don't even think it's deserves being on the list. & this is just my opinion, so don't come & attack me.

  • Roman Becker
    Roman Becker4 days ago

    John wick vs zero should have been on this list

  • Shardon Burrell
    Shardon Burrell4 days ago

    is shang tsung on this list?

  • Mr Lusty Gaming
    Mr Lusty Gaming4 days ago

    Top 10 Heroes Who Turned Bad

  • deomartinez77
    deomartinez774 days ago

    Mike Barnes Karate Kid 3!!!

  • David Ostapenko
    David Ostapenko4 days ago

    14:20 of Course, Thanos is The Hardest Movie Boss Ever - UNTIL GIGAN IS COMES IN & THANOS SHITTING IN HIS PANTS

  • KillerInstinct
    KillerInstinct4 days ago

    Obi wan vs anakin????

  • Sibusiso Zwane
    Sibusiso Zwane4 days ago

    Tong Po?

  • Jarbloko
    Jarbloko4 days ago

    MAD DOG, from "The raid". Jason in Jason x

  • Patrick
    Patrick4 days ago

    Jackie Chan vs Benny "The Jet" Urquidez in Wheels on Meals or Powerman.

  • Carl Stawicki
    Carl Stawicki4 days ago

    Jaws wasn't a boss, and he eventually turned good. Maybe Jaws the shark should have made the list.

  • Jamie Ferris
    Jamie Ferris4 days ago

    i just realized that bane poses like john kreese hahahaha

  • Libby Green
    Libby Green4 days ago

    When WatchMojo shows half the entries on the list BEFORE they start the list :(

  • John Onwuka
    John Onwuka4 days ago

    Where's mad dog from The Raid? He deserves a spot

  • Adalberto Walther
    Adalberto Walther4 days ago

    Drago was way wayyyyyy harder to beat than Thanos buddy boy

  • Gevorg1989


    4 days ago

    Drago lost one-on-one

  • Cornel Smith
    Cornel Smith4 days ago

    Jamaican dread giving a shout out 8763767881

  • IamATN
    IamATN4 days ago

    Owen Shaw was better villain than Decker IMO 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • IamATN
    IamATN4 days ago

    “Welcome to the top 10 hardest movie boss fights” *immediately shows Kylo Ren* 🥴🤣

  • Boris V
    Boris V4 days ago

    There's a thing called "movie bosses" now?! Can we please just keep calling them the villain? There's no need to mix up gaming therms here.

  • kotobukiya70
    kotobukiya704 days ago

    How the hell is Superman vs General Zod NOT number one?!? They are both more powerful than ANYONE ELSE on this list!!!!

  • Clayton Bearden
    Clayton Bearden4 days ago

    What about Craig vs Deebo? Lol😉

  • Ovrlrd Unknown
    Ovrlrd Unknown4 days ago


  • Toa Olisi
    Toa Olisi4 days ago

    Now do Top 10 Hardest Movie Kaiju Boss Fights

  • Ben Hamilton
    Ben Hamilton4 days ago

    Mike Barnes, KARATE KID PART 3. This dude makes Johnny Lawrence look like a bitch. He doesn't wait til the tournament, he torments Daniel physically and mentally. But it was thru the use of the Miyagi kata he scored the one point to beat him in front of a thousand people. Wonder if we'll see him in COBRA KAI 4, guess we'll wait n see.

  • benjee
    benjee4 days ago

    The Bane-Batman fight was bar-none the most captivating and epic movie scene I've seen in a movie theatre ever

  • Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez
    Roberto Iglesias-Sanchez4 days ago

    Hasn't Watchmojo already made this list like 5 times?

  • ENinja35 Gamer
    ENinja35 Gamer5 days ago

    Who knew littlefinger was so good with a sword

  • Callum Davies
    Callum Davies5 days ago

    Fender tremolo the main villain in cyborg

  • Eddie Cruz
    Eddie Cruz5 days ago

    So we just gonna act like jet li in lethal weapon four didn't almost kill both main characters by himself?

  • Michelle Hamby
    Michelle Hamby5 days ago

    The mean screw distinctly book because bomb yearly push past a aggressive singer. rampant, colorful acrylic

  • Machiel de Vries
    Machiel de Vries5 days ago

    either sauron, the ring that rules them all, or azog sould be in this list, because it took littarly 3 movies eacht to beat them

    DANA SAEED5 days ago

    I Would Put Bane! And Ivan Drago! Ahead Of Thanos.

  • alex Zemrani
    alex Zemrani5 days ago

    Very good

  • ThornyRamathorn
    ThornyRamathorn5 days ago

    The Predator?

  • Mark Clemente
    Mark Clemente5 days ago

    100% knew that Thanos would be #1 on this list. There was literally no question about it.

  • Pinché Chingön
    Pinché Chingön5 days ago

    My favorite version.

  • Your Mechanical Memes From Sony
    Your Mechanical Memes From Sony5 days ago

    Ok I’m a big fast and furious fan. But rocky did not deserve to be below Hobbs vs dom.

  • Ryan Jon
    Ryan Jon5 days ago

    Batman vs. Bane best💪

  • Blind13k
    Blind13k5 days ago

    Top 10 hilarious movie deaths

  • Event Horizon 77
    Event Horizon 775 days ago

    I would have had Jaws the shark on the list.

  • Jram1292
    Jram12925 days ago

    U forgot subzero MortalKombat

  • SQUAD012
    SQUAD0125 days ago

    I'm glad batman bane fights in here. If you manage to make batman war cry his frustration fighting you. You know you're a tough enemy to beat.

  • ƬyϻƑlÿ
    ƬyϻƑlÿ5 days ago

    Wore a mask Locked down a city Canceled sporting events Root of the problem was a bat Bane... A visionary 🙌

  • ƬyϻƑlÿ
    ƬyϻƑlÿ5 days ago

    Me - kills a Boss Everyone else at the office - :0

  • IGutlessIWonder
    IGutlessIWonder5 days ago

    as fun as the F&F franchise can be, that deckard shaw choice is a real stretch

  • Utpal Kant
    Utpal Kant5 days ago

    4:31 That's little finger. Donno how he lost to Lord Stark !!

  • A Schoch
    A Schoch5 days ago


  • Mattias olsson
    Mattias olsson5 days ago

    Top 10 Fight scenes that ended on a draw.

  • Moses Garcia

    Moses Garcia

    2 days ago

    Ip man vs tyson forsure

  • D H
    D H5 days ago

    Agreed w/ #1 #2 Should have been Maddog - The Raid

  • Anthony Lawrence
    Anthony Lawrence5 days ago

    You didn't show batman's triumph!

  • Maggi Iopgott
    Maggi Iopgott5 days ago

    Obi-Wan vs Anikin

  • Keith Olenyo
    Keith Olenyo5 days ago

    Bane bet the shit out of Batman, literally "Batman"😳😳

  • J_Igbo _
    J_Igbo _5 days ago

    John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” It’s that easy guys have a great day.

  • J_Igbo _

    J_Igbo _

    5 days ago

    @Gabriel AJ bro straight fax i get hate for spreading the word but hey what can you do have a good one man

  • Gabriel AJ

    Gabriel AJ

    5 days ago

    @J_Igbo _ yeah being a Christian is not easy because we live in a fallen world, and everyone loves Jesus Christ until it gets biblical.

  • J_Igbo _

    J_Igbo _

    5 days ago

    @Gabriel AJ fax

  • Gabriel AJ

    Gabriel AJ

    5 days ago

    Know ye not that the unrighteousness shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Be not deceived neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulters nor effeminate nor abusers of themselves with mankind (gays and lesbians lgbt) nor thieves nor covetous nor drunkards nor revilers, nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 King James Bible.

  • Matthew Chelette
    Matthew Chelette5 days ago

    What about Obi-wan VS Anakin Skywalker Revenge of the Sith

  • Charles Clopas
    Charles Clopas5 days ago

    "Let's not stand on ceremony here...Mr Wayne..."

  • Yaswanth Baskar
    Yaswanth Baskar5 days ago

    Lord voldermort

  • Richard The Imaginator
    Richard The Imaginator5 days ago

    The EPIC Climatic battle of The Avengers, All The MCU Heroes Vs. Thanos and his army in Endgame is truly one of my favorite boss battle of rewatching it again and again!