Top 10 Albums With the Most Hit Songs

These great albums are overflowing with catchy and iconic tracks! For this list, we’ll be looking at popular music albums with the most hit songs. Our countdown includes “Born in the U.S.A.”, "Thriller", "Scorpion", and more! Which of these albums is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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    WatchMojo.com10 days ago

    For more music content, check out our playlist!: Which of these albums is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Anthony Monteverde

    Anthony Monteverde

    2 days ago

    U totally missed "Purple Rain". I know it had a few hits in the top 10(2 went 2 #1 and "Purple Rain" went 2 #2). And Prince was (and only artist) 2 have the #1 movie, single, AND album AT THE SAME TIME!

  • Padishar Creel

    Padishar Creel

    2 days ago

    So, you should now do the same for the UK.....

  • Reine Mazidath

    Reine Mazidath

    4 days ago

    MJ's .

  • Paul Wright

    Paul Wright

    4 days ago

    I clicked just KNOWING I would see Janet. Not disappointed. " janet." remains my favorite album of hers, with "If" a particular favorite.

  • Whitley's Dollhouse

    Whitley's Dollhouse

    7 days ago

    Bad by Michael Jackson

  • Pizmos
    Pizmos3 hours ago

    King of music

  • guerrerodude
    guerrerodude5 hours ago

    Dark Side of the Moon??

  • angel v
    angel v6 hours ago

    1989 by taylor swift??

  • MikeBeast
    MikeBeast9 hours ago

    MJ & juice 🙏

  • Iansha Henry
    Iansha Henry18 hours ago

    Michael Jackson will always be THE icon

  • Sarah Ramsey
    Sarah Ramsey19 hours ago

    didn't some teen poppers do this too selena gomez hil duff aguilera spears aaron carter beyonce shakira or boy bands *nsync backstreet boys demi lovato mandy moore

  • Ebed59
    Ebed5920 hours ago

    Didn't Mariah Carey had 4 #1 singles in her first album? No hate at all, just asking guys. I was just wondering. I thought she would be in the lists.

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks22 hours ago

    Seeing which albums have the most top 10 hits isn't exactly the best way to determine which albums have the most hits in general

  • Robert
    Robert22 hours ago

    Michael is an absolute legend

  • jamie oiler
    jamie oilerDay ago

    wheres hysteria,def leppard???

  • Ryan Kaim
    Ryan KaimDay ago

    RIP George Michael, Such A Talent That Deserved Better.

  • bahamutskingdom
    bahamutskingdomDay ago

    Janet and Michael in the top 2. Amen to that. Jackson's aside.......these guys were our generations greatest of greatest of greatest. Note only 3 of these albums were post 2000. And of those 3 two of them began prior to 2000. What this is saying to me is the music today, though a good deal is some banging songs, has no longevity. It is throw away music. Hit today, forgotten tomorrow. (As I am listening to Billie Jean on the radio that is literally 39 years old and just got done with One Wing Dove of about the same age while also hitting Take Me To Church right before that.) To our top two though.......when one looks at the accolades of both Michael and Janet......there is none to top them. It just isn't. The music has to be that good. And guys it is not on that level anymore. It just is not. It has already been done.

  • Party with the Flykingi
    Party with the FlykingiDay ago

    Rhythm Nation is not regarded as Janets best album. You have to cross the velvet rope for her best album

  • RVS 1984
    RVS 1984Day ago

    Where is Madonna's True Blue? It was #1 in USA, and #1 in the whole Europe for 34 weeks. It has 3 number one hits, and 2 top 5 hits both in UK and USA. Janet Jackson doesn't even have a number 1 hit in UK and yet her album was placed so high in here.

  • R N
    R NDay ago

    no purple rain by prince or She's so unusual by Cyndi Lauper. I think newer albums by drake and juicewrld though were great but benefited with new rules of billboard

  • holiday07
    holiday07Day ago

    Those who weren’t born yet then had no idea of how big globally Michael Jackson was. He was a household name, never a day when anyone who wouldn’t hear his music or at least mention his name or songs. Everything was organic and just natural, not forced, no social media or group of people hyping up or exaggerating his popularity, no overexposure. That’s why he even got bigger and bigger, people never got tired of his music and dancing because they were never shove down into people’s throat.

  • John carlo Parado
    John carlo ParadoDay ago

    Michael Jackson the ultimate GOAT of entertainment 👑🐐

  • meatballsaucey
    meatballsauceyDay ago

    I am very surprised to not see Madonna on this list. After investigation it is obvious why she is not. Great list, good video. Thanks Mojo. Keep em coming.

  • pretty vacant produktions
    pretty vacant produktionsDay ago

    def leppard - Hysteria needs to be on this list.

  • Tony Baker
    Tony BakerDay ago

    Bruh. Them Jacksons

  • Esteban Rico
    Esteban RicoDay ago

    The one at #9 = who??

  • RenR70
    RenR70Day ago

    Funny thing is “Off The Wall” is Michael’s best album.

  • Eddison Thomas
    Eddison ThomasDay ago

    I knew number one would be Michael Jackson lol. You can say what you want about Michael but the man is the most legendary music artist in history.

  • Eric Bry
    Eric Bry2 days ago

    I love some Whitney we all have an artist we are not likely to jam too but that woman had some serious pipes

  • John Katsoudas
    John Katsoudas2 days ago

    Janet Jackson also had another strong album with alot of hits. Control was huge when it came out.

  • John Katsoudas
    John Katsoudas2 days ago

    Thriller is a MASTERPIECE!! In my opinion every song on it could have been a number one song on the music charts. Bad, Off The Wall , and Dangerous all have amazing songs as well.

  • Cali CoCo
    Cali CoCo2 days ago

    The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill belongs on this list.

  • Joshua Alexander
    Joshua Alexander2 days ago

    Y’all left out Mariah. Her debut had 4 number ones just like Whitney plus her her daydream album had 3 number ones

  • Jade Combs
    Jade Combs2 days ago

    Hi! I love watching Watch Mojo and Ms Mojo videos but I would like to see more representation when it comes to the black community and our media. There are countless black tv shows, movies, influencers, trends and sites that you all could make plenty of lists about. That also goes for Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern peoples. We all make so much art and our influences go so far. Please make more videos with different cultures and races represented. We would really appreciate it so much. Thanks!

  • Fernando Gaona
    Fernando Gaona2 days ago

    Janet is such an ICON

  • jmfpoet2ify
    jmfpoet2ify3 days ago

    JUICE WRLD ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ryan Moon
    Ryan Moon3 days ago

    Sure seems skewed to songs that aren’t remotely in my top ten. Of all the great songs of all time. Janet Jackson … twice???? Seriously. Those songs were junk.

  • SketchbookHR
    SketchbookHR3 days ago

    Janet Jackson is so underrated. People forget just how many hits she had

  • albion. Hatdarai
    albion. Hatdarai3 days ago

    Bad... BECAUSE IM BAD IM BAD jk but yeah it's bad because it was made by my favorite singer of ALL time. Also, The music video bad is my favorite music video, and Michael Jackson is my favorite singer.

  • Dion Silva
    Dion Silva3 days ago

    Hey WatchMojo! Drake and Juice world hahhahahaha Do yourself a favor and listen to 2pac All Eyez on me and BIGs Life After Death

  • Monique LaCosta
    Monique LaCosta3 days ago

    Michael Jackson is always and forever Number 1. My favorite song from MJ is The Way You Make Me Feel for when I first began my relationship with my (late) Husband. Quincy Jones is a Great Producer and Great Composer. Janet is my favorite JJ album. Janet has very stylish and creative videos.

  • Roger Garcia Landeros
    Roger Garcia Landeros3 days ago

    No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom!?

  • Ali Fazel Maraghe
    Ali Fazel Maraghe3 days ago

    OMG Katy Perry

  • Richard Garcia
    Richard Garcia3 days ago

    Get the point? Good! Let’s dance!

  • Old School G
    Old School G3 days ago

    Dear Lord Drake...smh..why do I think he is such a tool? I'm sorry...he blows

  • Kyle Vincent Anozart
    Kyle Vincent Anozart3 days ago

    Michael Jackson

  • Aybars Kökmen
    Aybars Kökmen3 days ago

    Appetite for destruction? The best debut album ?

  • Master of Mashup
    Master of Mashup3 days ago

    I can't believe they included streaming artists.

  • Chanibear 777
    Chanibear 7773 days ago

    There are several more by other artists... I say we do a part two or top 25😏

  • Asante j say my name!
    Asante j say my name!3 days ago

    Mj disgust me. When the world praises someone who is 🙌 on 👶'S

  • Asante j say my name!
    Asante j say my name!3 days ago

    Perry he hurts my ears

  • Asante j say my name!
    Asante j say my name!3 days ago

    Juice not dead. Sell more with a fraudulent death. Trash music

  • Asante j say my name!
    Asante j say my name!3 days ago

    Katy he hurts my ears

  • Asante j say my name!
    Asante j say my name!3 days ago

    Lol juice world. Nigguh ain't dead. Sell more when you're supposedly dead.

  • Asante j say my name!
    Asante j say my name!3 days ago

    None of them write their own music

  • euphrentic
    euphrentic3 days ago

    Janet will always be my GOAT! 💛

  • Chip Burke
    Chip Burke3 days ago

    A part of me always dies when I hear Michael Jackson. I wish he was still here today.

  • Jaibaby
    Jaibaby3 days ago

    Janet Jackson doesn't get the credit that she deserves.. 🏆

  • Cat
    Cat3 days ago

    Queen Janet. The only female artist to make this list TWICE. Rhythm Nation is arguably the best pop ever made and now we see why.

  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson4 days ago

    So what about lil Wayne’s Carter 3

  • deathmonster369
    deathmonster3694 days ago

    Top 10 albums with the most hit songs. Doesn't include Boston by Boston or Rumors by Fleetwood Mac. Great research there.

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson4 days ago

    I used to hate Joe Jackson back in the day but you got to say his discipline is the reason why his family is the greatest music family of all time and this list proves it come on now your youngest son and your youngest daughter are the most commercially successful male and female artist of all time and they're not even going to the Deep cuts of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson just legendary💯💪🏽🗣🔥

  • David Massey
    David Massey4 days ago

    Rhythm Nation 7 top 5 singles Thriller 7 top 10 singles

  • Leon H. Kalayjian
    Leon H. Kalayjian4 days ago

    Saturday night fever don't count? Compilation record?

  • Jakob Metselaar
    Jakob Metselaar4 days ago

    Janet Jackson deserves so much more credit from the general public! She has two albums on this list (just like her brother), but for some reason she seems to be overlooked by many. (I blame the boycott Janet faced...)

  • euphrentic


    3 days ago

    People have always diminished her achievements because she had a more famous brother. All her albums (except Discipline) were wrote and produced by her, Jimmy and Terry but she never gets credit for being the first woman ever to be nominated for the producer of the year Grammy. Shame.

    PHARAOH HLMC4 days ago

    4 out of 10 albums..... Damn that's just some Good DNA, right

  • Padmaja Hari R
    Padmaja Hari R4 days ago

    Michael Jackson person who wrote we are the world ,heal the world and sang man in the mirror should obviously top the list no doubt

  • Salty
    Salty4 days ago

    Rip juice wrld ❤️

  • The Renegade Piano Technician
    The Renegade Piano Technician4 days ago

    I noticed all these albums are after 1980. Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin , The Stones, The Who had albums better (more hit songs) than all those mentioned except Michael Jackson.

  • Char
    Char4 days ago

    And now Michael Jackson’s video for Billie Jean (which is from Thriller) has now surpassed 1 billion views on USplan!

  • Giovanni Scafidi
    Giovanni Scafidi4 days ago

    seems like you missed Def Leppard’s Hysteria

  • Justin Latif
    Justin Latif4 days ago

    Jagged little pill should be on here

  • t.colt_allen
    t.colt_allen4 days ago

    These are just two of the many reasons Michael Jackson is my favorite singer.

  • Matthew Pross
    Matthew Pross4 days ago

    X was only on here because he was shot. Trash music

  • Avni GOEL
    Avni GOEL4 days ago

    people gonna hate me for this but i dont like micheal jackson

  • Carter Hurd
    Carter Hurd4 days ago

    My most favorite albums are Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson, they have the best hits

  • Liza Gana
    Liza Gana4 days ago

    Legendary Michael Jackson forever

  • Moyosoreoluwa
    Moyosoreoluwa4 days ago


  • Erik Skifte
    Erik Skifte4 days ago


  • B Diaz
    B Diaz4 days ago

    Madonna’s “True Blue” had 5 top 5 singles. 3 #1’s a #3 and #4.

  • Christina Scarborough
    Christina Scarborough4 days ago

    BAD (1987)

  • Cole Scott
    Cole Scott4 days ago

    Sad Beatles noises

  • TJ Wash
    TJ Wash4 days ago

    They could have done an honorable mentions list. I thought Fleetwood Mac Rumors would have made the list. Maybe they weren’t all chart toppers but there wasn’t a single mediocre song on that album.

  • Paula Fitzhenry
    Paula Fitzhenry5 days ago

    Luke combs, you forgot him


    I love MJ, but people are forgetting about the Boss, Bruce Springsteen. A freaking legend💙🤍❤️

  • Josh
    Josh5 days ago

    Surprised Rumours isn’t on here!

  • SleepyTha2nd
    SleepyTha2nd5 days ago

    Jacksons run tings!! I can never get tired of MJ's accolades.....RIP King

  • Julie Laland
    Julie Laland5 days ago

    I love Michael Jackson even he is in heaven ❤❤❤❤❤😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚❤❤❤❤❤he will always be the king of pop in my heart ❣💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐❣

  • Jordy Alexander
    Jordy Alexander5 days ago


  • Ghostface
    Ghostface5 days ago

    Yet none of Taylor swift album Daisy is here wow

  • Kate
    Kate5 days ago

    I thought Celine Dion was a giant best selller too

  • Kate
    Kate5 days ago

    Michael! ❤❤❤ King shit 🙌

  • Steven 2Real
    Steven 2Real5 days ago

    I don’t know a single Janet Jackson lol

  • Bo D Hansen
    Bo D Hansen5 days ago

    What about Madonna : True Blue album ?

  • Neco Tatum
    Neco Tatum5 days ago

    Usher confession album

  • Federico Jimbo Smithson
    Federico Jimbo Smithson5 days ago

    Please WM, make a version of this for Metal Musix

  • Jru Garcia
    Jru Garcia5 days ago

    the Jacksons are the definition of pop music. heck, Michael is literally called the “King of Pop.” but all the artists on this list deserve their success as they made awesome tunes for us to indulge and listen to.

  • Jadyn Berhardt
    Jadyn Berhardt5 days ago

    The fact that Michael Jackson appears TWICE on this list says a lot.

  • Paulo Sumalinog

    Paulo Sumalinog

    3 days ago

    And her sister Janet Jackson has 2 albums here.

  • Abhilash Sriranjan
    Abhilash Sriranjan5 days ago

    Wait .. Smooth Criminal had reached #7? Damnnn Such lists will always be dominated by MJ...the greatest artist who ever lived

  • safwan Alvi
    safwan Alvi5 days ago

    I think Twenty One Pilots' Blurryface should also be on here. That album is a no skip album and every song has more than 100,000 streams on Spotify. Also, Arctic Monkeys' album AM also fits this category, as it was their only album to peak in the American Billboards and was absolutely MASSIVE in UK and Europe. Again, it is also a no skip album and i think 8 of its 12 songs peaked in the UK Billboards Top 20. It also broke a record of fastest selling album in the UK, I think, so it's got that too

  • Lenci J Escobar
    Lenci J Escobar5 days ago

    That’s so cool with Michael Jackson’s thriller is number one MJ forever 👍✌️

  • Light23K
    Light23K5 days ago

    What’s not to agree? It’s facts. Do you think I’m trump or his supporters?

  • Riley Gagnon
    Riley Gagnon5 days ago

    I would have 1989 by taylor swift on there too.

  • Kip Upgone
    Kip Upgone5 days ago

    Totally disagree with this list. I don't think downloading should've been included. Only vinyl, cds and tape. 2nd what happened to Thiller. No MJ? WTF?!. And where the hell is Alanis Morrisette, " Jagged little Pill and The Beatles, "A Hard Days Night? . This list is way off!