Top 10 Anime That Became Masterpieces After Just One Episode

Their debuts were nothing short of perfection. Join Ashley as he counts down our picks for the anime with incredible first epiosdes, including the likes of "Neon Genesis Evangelion", "To Your Eternity", "Death Note", and more! Which first anime episode made YOU a life long fan? Let us know in the comments!

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    WatchMojo.com7 days ago

    For more Anime, check out our playlist!: Which first anime episode made YOU a life long fan? Let us know in the comments!

  • Gravity Falls Canada

    Gravity Falls Canada

    3 days ago

    No Elfen Lied, no Higurashi!? I hate watchmojo, I hate them, I hate them! How can anybody call attack on Titan and masterpiece the ending is such a pile of trash that the creator of the series called himself a failure and that was after he tried to change it. Watch mojo or just promoting it AOT because they had deals in the past concerning the show...

  • Mohammed Ibrahim

    Mohammed Ibrahim

    3 days ago

    Ninja scroll and gundam series Shigurui srw og divine wars 😎🌴vampire hunter d shin getter robo and many others 🇹🇷🇸🇦 🇶🇦😎🌴

  • TheAeroAvatar


    4 days ago

    Hey guys. FORGET about Attack on Titan for a while.

  • Denistar Kynter

    Denistar Kynter

    5 days ago

    Demon slayer

  • Jason Farmer

    Jason Farmer

    6 days ago

    Sword art online

  • ellen knnm
    ellen knnm51 minute ago

    To your eternity 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔

  • Elevator Boy
    Elevator Boy2 hours ago

    I considered AOT a masterpiece until they butchered the fucking ending :|

  • Meh
    Meh7 hours ago

    To your eternity really hit hard😭

  • WWT
    WWT11 hours ago

    Damn 2 wit studio anime on watchmojo top 10 that's how good wit studio is

  • Shadman Ishrak
    Shadman Ishrak14 hours ago

    the only one i can't agree with is AOT only due to the ending mainly...also i'm sad about the fact that they didn't put steins;Gate 😢 ....other than that i've watched all the anime mentioned here

  • Ant Wilder
    Ant Wilder15 hours ago

    Deathnote should be num 1

  • kapil garg
    kapil garg17 hours ago

    You should have included tokyo ghoul also

  • Waffl3Likes_Corg!s:3
    Waffl3Likes_Corg!s:3Day ago

    I see to your eternity, I click. The first episode made me cry sooo hard.

  • OG Juicebox
    OG JuiceboxDay ago

    Actually insane that Yu Yu Hakusho didnt make this list. I dont know a lot of people who don't get hit in the feels on the first ep

  • Dani Laugier
    Dani LaugierDay ago

    Promised Neverland S1 deserved an honorable mention

  • Aargh Saavedra
    Aargh SaavedraDay ago

    Deathnote should end in L's death, that's a masterpiece. Sure it gonna pissed off alot of people but it won't dissapoint much.

  • Edge
    EdgeDay ago

    7 Deadly Sins first episode is a shounen masterpiece. Then it went downhill after that.

  • oliverimhoof
    oliverimhoofDay ago

    Personally, I don't like Attack on Titan (it just never appealed to me), but I can't honestly say the pilot episode was anything less than amazing.

  • Cage532
    Cage532Day ago

    It was the second episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion that made me a life long anime fan. I only saw a few minutes of it in passing but it was when Shinji was lying in bed then cut to the flash back of his battle with Sachiel.

  • Mark dela cruz
    Mark dela cruzDay ago

    Is that To You, My Immortal?, i didnt know it has been animated, thanks for this, now i will watch this 😊😊😊

  • Ved Gupta
    Ved GuptaDay ago

    I already knew that aot first episode will be first

  • Unwanted Guide
    Unwanted GuideDay ago

    where is one punch man tho?!

  • Yogita Pandya
    Yogita PandyaDay ago

    Vinland saga 😎

  • Midnight Walker
    Midnight Walker2 days ago

    You left out “Rising of the Shield Hero.”

  • Cheri Tripp
    Cheri Tripp2 days ago

    #10: He's a doctor and has an oath to uphold (despite the future outcome)

  • JoJoFan87
    JoJoFan872 days ago

    No JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? Shit taste Watchmojo.

  • Edge2300
    Edge23002 days ago

    Aot is a solid one. I still don’t know about how I feel about the ending. Unfortunately, I feel like a lot of the options I want to see had the manga do better than the anime. An example would be Tokyo Ghoul.

  • Robert Salfelder
    Robert Salfelder2 days ago

    I never understood people’s love of attack on titan I never cared for it at all

  • Austin Lackhouse
    Austin Lackhouse2 days ago

    Ew, I really disliked Death Note. Got boring quickly in my opinion

  • Minati Media
    Minati Media3 days ago

    Have You Heard The Name Of "THE PROMISED NEVERLAND" No B'coz That Anime (S1) Is The New Gen. Death Note ....🙄

  • Anshuman Singh
    Anshuman Singh3 days ago

    Monster is a masterpiece Agree 👇

  • galaxygamer1515
    galaxygamer15153 days ago

    Where is my hero academia

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami3 days ago

    Jujutsu kaisen a masterpiece waiting for season 2

  • Gravity Falls Canada
    Gravity Falls Canada3 days ago

    No Elfen Lied, no Higurashi!? I hate watchmojo, I hate them, I hate them! How can anybody call attack on Titan and masterpiece the ending is such a pile of trash that the creator of the series called himself a failure and that was after he tried to change it. Watch mojo or just promoting it AOT because they had deals in the past concerning the show...

  • Thomas Sears
    Thomas Sears3 days ago

    Episode 1 of AoT was shit.

  • David P
    David P3 days ago

    I say goblin slayer

  • Mohammed Ibrahim
    Mohammed Ibrahim3 days ago

    I don't agree with them totally they should put ninja scroll and shin getter robo series and vampire hunter d gravion zwei 🌴😎and other bloody violent masterpiece anime

    SAURABH KUMAR3 days ago

    I would like to recommend Kingdom. It's the best.

  • Dingo Starr
    Dingo Starr3 days ago

    Really hoped Boku no Pico was on here.

  • Shruti Jha
    Shruti Jha3 days ago

    Okay, but I don't think so I watched any episode of To your eternity without crying my eyes out. That anime holds a lot more power than i Had ever expected 😭

  • Peter De Mint
    Peter De Mint3 days ago

    calling death note a masterpiece is a bit of a stretch..

  • SK78 __
    SK78 __3 days ago


  • King Style
    King Style4 days ago

    I think black clover had one of the best first episodes

  • Cofi Yu-Gi-Oh Tutorials™
    Cofi Yu-Gi-Oh Tutorials™4 days ago


  • GreenRust
    GreenRust4 days ago

    No re zero good.

  • u n e x p l a i n e d
    u n e x p l a i n e d4 days ago

    Omg I never knew to ur eternity had an anime

  • mezias00
    mezias004 days ago

    Lol the timing i read through the manga of Bunny drop at the start of the week and the end was just awkward. I liked a lot of it, but just from one second to the other without any hints for these feelings to show oO *spoiler warning* and i was sad for kouki and his mom, just why? T_T

  • Adham Amr
    Adham Amr4 days ago

    How dare you forget about the 1st ep of samurai champloo?

  • Elevator Boy

    Elevator Boy

    2 hours ago

    Fr tho, when this video got in my recommendations, Samurai Champloo already popped up to my mind lmao

  • Harry Rehnquist
    Harry Rehnquist4 days ago

    To Your Eternity has potential to be one of the best anime of all time

  • Yashvardhan Sahu
    Yashvardhan Sahu4 days ago

    Monster , To your eternity , AoT can't argue..... With them....

  • Yashvardhan Sahu

    Yashvardhan Sahu

    20 hours ago

    @Pissed Zeal AOT ....

  • Pissed Zeal

    Pissed Zeal

    Day ago

    Bruh the ending

  • Yashvardhan Sahu
    Yashvardhan Sahu4 days ago

    neon genesis gone so much through my last 4 episodes and end of evangelion movie....

  • Yashvardhan Sahu
    Yashvardhan Sahu4 days ago

    I think this video is the best anime topic video from Watchmojo.....

  • Chau Hien
    Chau Hien4 days ago

    To your Enternity is the masterpice of this season! But oh I'm not forget Vivy but this anime wasn't good after one episode so i don't count.

  • silong balay
    silong balay4 days ago

    where's Redo of a Healer?lol

  • The Game Crasher
    The Game Crasher4 days ago

    Demon slayer and jujutsu kaisen

  • jesse lee
    jesse lee4 days ago

    Akudama Drive!

  • I'm Batman
    I'm Batman4 days ago

    Tokyo revengers was also very good

  • kevin marpaung
    kevin marpaung4 days ago

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood too

  • Matin Shoja
    Matin Shoja4 days ago

    psycho pass has one of the best first episodes

  • Barlin Oii
    Barlin Oii4 days ago

    Two animes from Madhouse... Two from WIT studio....😮😮

  • Rem Winks
    Rem Winks4 days ago

    Death note..... manga was better

  • Akshat Kaushik
    Akshat Kaushik4 days ago

    Vinland Saga, Dororo,Aot, To Your Eternity, and id say even black clover and march comes in like a lion are masterpieces

  • Chandramowli shvaran
    Chandramowli shvaran4 days ago

    Code geass

  • Asmit Kunal
    Asmit Kunal4 days ago

    Monster and Death-note, both are goats for me!!!!!

  • J Surge
    J Surge4 days ago

    Still can't believe it's been 8 years since the first episode of AOT aired

  • Op


    19 hours ago

    @Gravity Falls Canada Just cry like this after AOT success l😂😂😂

  • Gravity Falls Canada

    Gravity Falls Canada

    3 days ago

    How could AOT be considered a masterpiece... Talk about overhead garbage, I'm glad I didn't invest 10 years of my life just to be duped by a terrible ending so bad that the creator himself admitted he was a failure, and that was after he changed it...

  • A. Joseph Mantilla
    A. Joseph Mantilla4 days ago

    “Mr. Anime” Ashley.

    RUPΞSH4 days ago

    AoT is no longer a Masterpiece after they botched the ending. Monster, FMAB, Stein's Gate(with 0) These 3 i consider masterpieces Where ID:invaded is also really good but underrated anime

  • GetAwayFromMe
    GetAwayFromMe4 days ago

    People the reason Im here is that i used to watch an anime show when i was younger and remember it quite well, but have searched everywhere on the internet even gone though all the shows on Nikelodeon- but nothing. I just cant find it. Hopefully you anime fans can help me out. Here's the information I remember. The 3 main characters are 2 boys and a girl named Maya (I remember cause my name is maya, so its basically all maya sorry yall) Maya get visions of the future and has these mysterious blue marks on her face which is revealed towards the end that she and the villain are either related or similar because of the blue marks they both have on their faces. They fight with cards which morf into animal/monsters. Maya's was a black and blue bird wich could shoot the "feathers" from her wings which were sort of like metal. My sister who is also on the journey of finding the missing anime said one of the boy were blonde and im pretty sure the other was had black hair. They have a sensai who teaches them and im pretty sure a robot who fixes their plane. Oh yeah they have a plane. I hope this is enough pls answer if you know im dying.

  • GetAwayFromMe


    4 days ago

    @Lay-Z_Killer 8 whaaat no. the pokemon maya kept on ruining everything.

  • Lay-Z_Killer 8

    Lay-Z_Killer 8

    4 days ago

    @GetAwayFromMe lol I just searched anime character named maya with blue markings on face

  • GetAwayFromMe


    4 days ago

    @Lay-Z_Killer 8 boy what. how? am i an idiot?!

  • Lay-Z_Killer 8

    Lay-Z_Killer 8

    4 days ago

    @GetAwayFromMelol you're welcome. It took me about 1 minute on google to find

  • GetAwayFromMe


    4 days ago

    @Lay-Z_Killer 8 Thank you SO much. Ive literally been actively thinking about this for over 1.5 years. You cant even imagine how happy I am. Thank you Lay-Z. Thank you.

  • Anusuiya Tiwari
    Anusuiya Tiwari4 days ago

    U are missing demon slayer It's also a masterpiece

  • erivaldo meneses
    erivaldo meneses4 days ago

    3-gatsu no lion & shigatsu wa kimi no uso. U miss 2 masterpieces.

  • Sharath Binnu
    Sharath Binnu4 days ago

    What about bleach

  • ELMolliez
    ELMolliez4 days ago

    No? Mushuko Tensei? Explain? Or kanabenari of the iron fortress ?

  • Nonsuch Ned
    Nonsuch Ned4 days ago

    Cross Game. damn Viz and all other possible licensors for damning it to its "we're not releasing a baseball series" fate.

  • Nonsuch Ned
    Nonsuch Ned4 days ago

    Actually, episode 1 of AoT completely soured me on a story I may have otherwise enjoyed and I've never bothered tried to go back.

  • Kira_kun
    Kira_kun4 days ago

    No Code Geass?

  • Madison Harvey
    Madison Harvey5 days ago


    RJ PRODUCTION5 days ago

    Is Monster basically Hannibal the anime?

  • MADBD619
    MADBD6195 days ago

    One episode, just one episode, and all of these anime series quickly became instant hits just on the very first showing. Very cool, if you ask me! ( Which No one ever does. )

  • YoUCaNDo
    YoUCaNDo5 days ago

    Gurren laggan

    MAS MAS ANIMES5 days ago

    Grandioso vídeo

  • Victor Paredes
    Victor Paredes5 days ago

    I need steins gate to be here

  • Compucles
    Compucles5 days ago

    "Talentless Nana"?

  • PhoutianPhill
    PhoutianPhill5 days ago

    Made in Abyss is bad, not a masterpiece.

  • Jack Woodward

    Jack Woodward

    2 days ago

    ok thats your opinion if got voted best anime in 2017 but whatever i guess your opinion is always right

  • Theresa Cherco
    Theresa Cherco5 days ago

    Fruits Basket I think it’s a masterpiece because it’s so beautiful and amazing

  • Mattias olsson
    Mattias olsson5 days ago

    No One punch Man?

  • Nashokota Film's
    Nashokota Film's5 days ago

    demon slayer is missing

  • ZeldaSam1
    ZeldaSam15 days ago

    6:36 The writers of this one DESERVE ta get locked up in straight jackets in MENTAL REHAB!!!

  • Gigalag The Great Worm
    Gigalag The Great Worm5 days ago

    Code Geass, nothing quite as chilling as lelouche’s “Well then” after having the soldiers kill themselves

  • Goblin King
    Goblin King5 days ago

    DragonBall ep1 DragonBall Z ep1 Masterpiece 👍👌

  • inazuma eleven nederlands
    inazuma eleven nederlands5 days ago

    I cant tell why OPM isnt in it

  • M R Mridul
    M R Mridul5 days ago

    Promised Neverland's first episode was dope To be honest

  • P Lizzy
    P Lizzy5 days ago

    Why’s monster so low

  • Kartik Nagrale
    Kartik Nagrale5 days ago

    Top 10 fighting anime

  • Kartik Nagrale
    Kartik Nagrale5 days ago

    One punch man

  • infringedblue
    infringedblue5 days ago

    The fact that Samurai Champloo isn't even mentioned - let alone in the top 3 - is a TRAVESTY!

  • Fariha Tajreen
    Fariha Tajreen5 days ago

    The promised neverland should have been here.

  • Diviner
    Diviner5 days ago

    I feel like Fate/Zero should be on here

  • Harou Bunny ichirou
    Harou Bunny ichirou5 days ago

    Where’s paranoia agent or devil man cry I’m glad made in abyss is on here tho also I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy aot

  • W. L.
    W. L.5 days ago

    Attack on Titan definitely deserves the top spot. Personally, I would add One Punch Man and Dorohedoro. Also, the beginning of Fullmetal Alchemist (not Brotherhood) really hooked me into the story.

  • SirAlex


    5 days ago

    Finally someone who put the original full metal alchemist over brotherhood

  • Dharisic Cool
    Dharisic Cool5 days ago

    Ist death not boring?

  • Sarosh Khan
    Sarosh Khan5 days ago

    Aot is trash 🗑️🗑️

  • deathblade
    deathblade5 days ago

    Vinland saga isn't dub now im upset

  • Soumyadip Mahato
    Soumyadip Mahato5 days ago

    10. Monster 09. Bunny Drop 08. Vinland Saga 07. Ping pong the animation 06. Death note 05. To your eternity 04. Made in abyss 03. Violet evergarden 02. Neon gensis evangelion 01. Attack on titan

  • Soumyadip Mahato
    Soumyadip Mahato5 days ago

    10. Monster 09. Bunny Drop 08. Vinland Saga 07. Ping pong the animation 06. Death note 05. To your eternity 04. Made in abyss 03. Violet evergarden 02. Neon gensis evangelion 01. Attack on titan