Top 10 Video Games That Will Traumatize You

Not all of these are "horror" games, but they are all horrifying in some way. For this list, we’ll be looking at games that impact the player, leaving you terrified, sobbing, or just straight up scarred for life. Our countdown includes “Alice: Madness Returns” (2011), “Doki Doki Literature Club” (2017), “Outlast” (2013), “Soma” (2015), “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” (2017) and more! What was your favorite game that harmed you in a way that would never heal? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Oleg D
    Oleg D15 hours ago


  • Kevin Brooks
    Kevin Brooks22 hours ago

    Mass effect 3 only if you start to pay real attention to npc

  • Cain Butler
    Cain ButlerDay ago

    That Max Payne game almost traumatized me back in the PlayStation 2 days…the story was beyond tragic…

  • Yagerulz 91
    Yagerulz 91Day ago

    A little surprised that Heavy Rain isn't on here...and The Suffering scared me so bad when I was a kid...

  • RemyLeBeau
    RemyLeBeau2 days ago

    That’s sad but that’s a game that truly can make someone empathize with the sorrow of another person or another couple

  • J Rich
    J Rich2 days ago

    I will never forgive them for what they did to Joel

  • Wolfie gaming xox2
    Wolfie gaming xox23 days ago

    I knew that Doki Doki literature club was going to be on this list

  • Monkomedia
    Monkomedia3 days ago

    Surprised that fnaf isn't of this list, if it was I'd say that either fnaf 1, 4 or vr should be listed, but I'd much rather have them all listed in one of the spots

  • Viktor Apostolov
    Viktor Apostolov3 days ago

    SCP Containment Breach was a top hit! I love the game! If you haven't played it, you should play it too!!!

  • Random Youtube Guy
    Random Youtube Guy3 days ago

    Nr 1 : Microsoft flight simulator. Every time you see the download screen.

  • Hardcoregamer 955
    Hardcoregamer 9553 days ago

    no Heavy Rain ?

  • Usaken*slave* No.69
    Usaken*slave* No.694 days ago

    For me Abby s*x scene. it traumatized me enough, I didn't even touch that game again for 1 week

  • Danny Tegens
    Danny Tegens4 days ago

    Shitty list... where’s Max Payne 3? And yeah, Spec Ops: The Line being among “mere” honorable mentions is like spitting into game’s face

  • Jackacake1892
    Jackacake18924 days ago

    YET ANOTHER that includes Spec Ops: The Line. Have you never heard of any other game? It features in about as many videos as the "Would you kindly" moment from Bioshock

  • Jayden Post
    Jayden Post4 days ago

    The evil within anyone?😅

  • Vincent Valentine
    Vincent Valentine4 days ago

    2 words: Dead Space

  • youdbettertube
    youdbettertube4 days ago

    This seems like a good video to enjoy with my morning coffee.

  • Kayla W.
    Kayla W.4 days ago

    some of my suggestions have been mentioned in the comments but I'll throw in a few more that focus on psychological horror and exploration of mental/emotional trauma as well as relationship issues: - Layers of Fear - Presentable Liberty - One Chance - TIE - Mixed Messages I'll add more to this list if I can remember

  • Traumvita
    Traumvita5 days ago

    TLOU 2? Really? What a disconnect

  • Rainbowveins79
    Rainbowveins795 days ago

    This War of Mine, Outlast 2, That Dragon Cancer, and Layers of Fear really messed me up.

  • TheKrillmeister
    TheKrillmeister5 days ago

    Nope, none of these games are even remotely scary. If these games traumatize you then you are just weak

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous5 days ago

    For me it was Goat simulator

  • Petros Laoudikos
    Petros Laoudikos5 days ago

    "Mother 3" WILL scar you for life, especially if you made the mistake to name the game's family with your family's own.

  • Johnny Vargas
    Johnny Vargas5 days ago

    OMG please just stop, The only thing that traumatized me about last of us part two was it’s horrendous and awful storytelling. That game was garbage for its story, graphics and gameplay and some characters are solid overall though the story was just bad and unnecessary

  • Angel Giuliano
    Angel Giuliano5 days ago

    All these games are great and deserve to be on the list. But the first game that ever traumatized me was The Evil Within I feel like you missed that but hey the list is still good 😊

  • Usako Utada
    Usako Utada5 days ago

    I would add "The Cat Lady" here. Such an underrated and depressing game.

  • Hannah Sofia Lim
    Hannah Sofia Lim5 days ago

    Resident Evil Village, the Beneviento's mansion is freakin creepy

  • Ymmij Adriano
    Ymmij Adriano5 days ago

    Why Corpse Party not here?! Like that game traumatized me!

  • BluGuy
    BluGuy5 days ago

    "Gamers everywhere" Uh huh, sure.

  • IFailFYI
    IFailFYI5 days ago

    Eternal darkness was an amazing for its time

  • Tom Mazzga
    Tom Mazzga6 days ago

    Fear should of been number 1

  • Theodore Magnus
    Theodore Magnus6 days ago

    Why has everyone forgotten dead space?

  • Eugenia Pinto
    Eugenia Pinto6 days ago

    One that did traumatized me was a game called Anna .... OMG ..... It was recommended to me after i asked for any good `puzzle` games .....

  • Supah Bluu
    Supah Bluu6 days ago

    A video game has never traumatized me. lol what is this

  • Meghan Scibelli
    Meghan Scibelli6 days ago

    The Cat Lady 👌🏻

  • michael jenkins
    michael jenkins6 days ago

    Someone here obviously never heard or played project zero

  • Kurt Meyer
    Kurt Meyer6 days ago

    Alien Isolation

  • FringeBoi
    FringeBoi6 days ago

    Dude I got the worst commercial at the wrong moment. Abby was throwing up when she saw her friends dead and the ad I got the peter rabbit ad when he's running around having a sugar rush.

  • Xenomorph Exidious
    Xenomorph Exidious6 days ago

    Last of us II is exactly what shouldn't be in this list! It's plot is DUMB.

  • [DLB] Takedown Queen
    [DLB] Takedown Queen6 days ago

    What about Phasmophbia? I have personally never played it but have seen gameplay of it, scared the hell out of me

  • Miles Boustead
    Miles Boustead6 days ago

    You missed Postal

  • Huge Gaming YT
    Huge Gaming YT6 days ago

    Mw2 when ghost died

  • BWake
    BWake6 days ago

    TLOUS 2 left me pretty traumatized. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, even months after I finished it. The imagery of Joel’s death and the imagery throughout the game - especially how Ellie kills people - and the unfulfilling feeling that abbey gets to live really stuck with me. Like they all killed so many people and did so many bad things, it makes you reconsider the concept of revenge.

  • Eric Vinegar
    Eric Vinegar6 days ago

    Having to kill Sif in Dark Souls was the most traumatizing experience of my life

  • Pprokop87
    Pprokop876 days ago

    Nothing about Sanitarium? For real?

  • Wanderinpaladin
    Wanderinpaladin6 days ago

    personally the original version of Silent Hill with the undead babies threw me for a loop.

  • Candlebeard
    Candlebeard6 days ago

    Stalker was very traumatizing for me, maybe because I'm Slavic and I know places that look very similiar.

  • arati shete
    arati shete6 days ago

    you ferget bout until dawn

  • Fossa
    Fossa6 days ago

    Shepherd traumatized me....

  • matteo89ify
    matteo89ify6 days ago

    You put that trash TLOU2 and not dead space1? Hem ok

  • Rat MYFHC
    Rat MYFHC6 days ago

    None. They are games. Have I been scared for a moment yes, but traumatize for life? bruh...

  • Malamute Bikes
    Malamute Bikes6 days ago

    I would have also onsidered: Manhunt (gruesome kills and atmosphere), Condemned ('rip the jaw of the final boss'...enough said), Hatred (just evil) and Heavy Rain (some real tough decisions had to be done)

  • 22Tho
    22Tho6 days ago

    Clip shows outlast. Me: click*

  • Mulinda
    Mulinda6 days ago

    Soma should have been higher on this list

  • Ellie Joel
    Ellie Joel6 days ago

    My top28: 28-Ghost Of Tsushima 83/100 27-Final Fantasy 7 Remake 84/100 26-Resident Evil 2 Remake 85/100 25-Resident Evil 7 86/100 24-Heavy Rain 87/100 23-Ori & Will Of The Wisps 88/100 22-Detroit: Become Human 88/100 21-Death Stranding 90/100 20-Batman Arkham City 90/100 19-Marvel’s Spider-man 90/100 18-Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception 90/100 17-Silent Hill 2 91/100 16-Metal Gear Solid 4 91/100 15-Devil My Cry 5 91/100 14-Demon’s Souls 91/100 13-Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 92/100 12-Shadow Of Colossus 92/100 11-Red Dead Redemption 2 92/100 10-Chrono Trigger 93/100 9-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 93/100 8-The Legend Of Zelda: Breathe Of The Wild 93/100 7-Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 93/100 6-Bloodborne 94/100 5-Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 94/100 4-Persona 5 94/100 3-The Last Guardian 94/100 2-God Of War 95/100 1-The Last Of Us Part II 96/100 Bonus-The Last Of Us 93/100 Bonus-Pillars Of Eternity, Divinity Original Sin 2, Ico, Suikoden 2, Persona 4, The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Maker, What Remains Of Edith Finch, Undertale, Inside, Monster Hunter: World.

  • Moaead Rawashdeh
    Moaead Rawashdeh6 days ago

    I am a simple man I see TLOU2 in a top ten list other than "worst games of all time" list I click dislike

  • BOMBON187
    BOMBON1876 days ago

    Superman 64 traumatized me still to this day.

  • Hassan Naboot
    Hassan Naboot6 days ago

    what about the suffering ???

  • Andrew Benge
    Andrew Benge6 days ago

    I feel that Disco Elysium could be on this list, very psychological, inside the mind of Harry a lot and there’s some revelations within the story that are very sad and harrowing.

  • Tony Redgrave2246
    Tony Redgrave22466 days ago

    Hey, hey!'s too early for Halloween!

  • BeastKiller935
    BeastKiller9356 days ago

    2:15 this shit looks straight out of a fucking Creepypasta

  • Outsider At1as
    Outsider At1as6 days ago

    I still get shivers when I remember DDLC, that just, wow.

  • Mitty Abisola
    Mitty Abisola6 days ago

    Wwe 2k20. got traumatized that upon realizing you paid for a broken and almost unplayable game. Not to mention those disturbing and nightmare fuel glitches. Lol

  • Keadon Boze
    Keadon Boze6 days ago

    Can USplan please stop reminding me about the last of us part 2

  • Prajwal Jayaraj
    Prajwal Jayaraj6 days ago

    What about the Lisa RPG Triology? That stuff was genuinely traumatizing.

  • Ashton Lincoln
    Ashton Lincoln6 days ago

    The line I loved that game but it swore every sentence

  • SheanWalsh
    SheanWalsh6 days ago

    Outlast 2 is probably the only game that i finished but never come back to play it again because how scary it was thus enough to make me traumatized.

  • Loliofhorror
    Loliofhorror6 days ago

    Can Your Pet. You get a cute baby chicken, take care of it, raise it, play with it then when you think your exercising it it gets ground up and put into a can with the very name you chose for it on the can. The worst part is the damn psycho developers market this game as a cute pet game not even hinting to the Gruesome ending

  • droid play90
    droid play906 days ago

    I thought outlast was gonna be scary when I play it but surprisingly it wasn't Coz I played lots of horror games

  • some weeb
    some weeb6 days ago

    Doki doki... please don't remind of that. Please.

  • Squiddo Tortillo
    Squiddo Tortillo6 days ago

    F.E.A.R should have been on here, i said what i said

  • D'Arrien Clayborne
    D'Arrien Clayborne6 days ago

    you forgot about Siren. I that game scared tf outta me. We literally took a week before we found out what we had to do

  • Garrett Klopfer
    Garrett Klopfer6 days ago

    Number 1: trying to buy a god damn ps5 or xbox series x

  • Desert commando
    Desert commando6 days ago

    A lot of the cutscenes and choices in Metal Gear Solid V hit me really hard.

  • kiroshi harimy
    kiroshi harimy6 days ago

    Another game that could be #1,is "Before Your Eyes".

  • Please Count To 3
    Please Count To 36 days ago

    From what I've seen on youtube years ago the most traumatizing games are the banned ones no one can ever play.

  • Ashhole The Great W
    Ashhole The Great W6 days ago

    Resident Evil 4 with Leon and Ashley... Alice... Clive Barkers undying .... I love horror games

  • BlueAdeptRogue
    BlueAdeptRogue6 days ago

    The most traumatizing thing in gaming that happened recently is waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 and seeing the final results. Runner up, Alien Colonial Marines.

  • TheCamTheMan 1
    TheCamTheMan 16 days ago

    What about Red Dead Redemption 2, I was traumatized after storymode

  • Cat Kirby
    Cat Kirby6 days ago

    Earthbound scares me

  • Stuart Moffatt
    Stuart Moffatt7 days ago

    I would have recommended the Lovecraft inspired game ‘The Shore’ for it’s nightmarish visuals and sound design but I was quite disappointed in the game as it is incredibly short.

  • Capt prime
    Capt prime7 days ago

    Alice madness returns is a masterpiece

  • SquallNeko
    SquallNeko7 days ago

    Now those were seriously some messed up games. I am so glad I stay clear of them.

  • Renato Rostás
    Renato Rostás7 days ago

    PT. Because of it, I can't play first-person horror games.

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams7 days ago

    Sorry but your number 1 pick is trash! Who the hell would play a dumb game like that?! Please I want to know how many people even heard of it

  • 2Girls1Rell
    2Girls1Rell7 days ago


  • Sushy San
    Sushy San7 days ago

    Watching Ellie And Dina be brutalized and nearly murdered by Abby was traumatizing. My jaw dropped.

  • Emaxus
    Emaxus7 days ago

    Ghost of Tsushima traumatized me because i was expecting Kotun Khan to be formidable (the Ronin duels are harder then him), after his awesome reveal he dissapointed for the whole game. The rest of the game was a masterpiece though.

  • King's Nerd Cave
    King's Nerd Cave7 days ago

    Last of Us 2 traumatized me with bad the story was... In terms of good horror, Alien Isolation should get an honorable mention and Outlast is my favorite scary game.

  • Event Horizon 77
    Event Horizon 777 days ago

    Shame that Alien-Isolation didn't even get an honorable mention. That is one of the most terrifying and scaring game I have every played.

  • Volting Master
    Volting Master7 days ago

    Top 10 Video Game Announcements that made fans Rage Quit.

  • Jack S
    Jack S7 days ago


  • Alvi Fadhollah
    Alvi Fadhollah7 days ago

    01:45 I see what you did there

  • FerFiger
    FerFiger7 days ago

    I got traumatized when I couldn't save Katie in Life is Strange...

  • markon AC fan!!!
    markon AC fan!!!7 days ago

    And Nier franchise just laughs right around the corner....

  • Klinsk
    Klinsk7 days ago

    Alice: Madness Returns was amazing, too bad EA removed it from Steam, you can't even play it anymore despite the fact that you OWN it!

  • juicy ghoul
    juicy ghoul7 days ago

    Can't wait for Alice:Asylum

  • benwade99
    benwade997 days ago

    Alien isolation for me, I don't get scared at films or games really but F me I've never been so tense, my neck and back actually hurt playing that game! 😂

  • xLooneyGameRx
    xLooneyGameRx7 days ago

    I don't know about you guys but the regenerators in Resident Evil 4 have left me scarred for life 😂

  • Alright Boppers
    Alright Boppers7 days ago

    Manhunt anyone?