Top 10 Heated Moments on The Joe Rogan Experience

When it comes to these guests, the "experience" was a controversial one. For this list, we’ll be looking at various moments from Joe Rogan’s podcast in which Rogan and his guest vehemently disagreed. Our countdown includes Milo Yiannopoulos, Eddie Bravo, Brian Dunning, and more! Which of these moments did you find the most awkward? Let us know in the comments below!

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    WatchMojo.com10 days ago

    For more Interview meltdowns and other ways they went sideways, check out our playlist!: Which of these moments did you find the most awkward? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Andrew S

    Andrew S

    Day ago

    Don't show nearly enough context for each of these clips.

  • D Legionnaire

    D Legionnaire

    5 days ago


  • Den M

    Den M

    5 days ago

    @Dom yeah, there channel is becoming ridiculous. Definitely unsuscribed.

  • Kacey Warren

    Kacey Warren

    7 days ago

    @la Sn3ak3rnnnnnnnnnn nn Ass

  • ThetaVibes


    7 days ago

    This is what you guys are doing now...?

  • JoshThisGuy
    JoshThisGuy2 hours ago

    Ugh just play the video, we dont need a commentator

  • Michael Libby
    Michael Libby2 hours ago

    I didn't know mojo was so liberal with these choices it kinda shines through. I mean he literally made bredan shaub cry in front of millions

  • Hector Duran
    Hector Duran2 hours ago

    nick dipaolos right tho, the media absolutely twisted trumps words all the time.

  • The Cooler Daniel
    The Cooler Daniel3 hours ago

    Joe rogan has hair

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe4 hours ago

    And Rogan was wrong about all of them lol

  • David V
    David V5 hours ago

    Imagine arguing with Joe, and then he kicks you lol

  • Charles Thorndike
    Charles Thorndike6 hours ago

    Candace Owens' climate denial on Joe Rogan is cringe on incomprehensible levels.

  • Benoti Sanchez
    Benoti Sanchez8 hours ago

    lol Alex Jones is definitely no. 1

  • Trojann Perez
    Trojann Perez10 hours ago

    Joe should learn how to not argue with stupid..

  • Cameron Ranslow
    Cameron Ranslow13 hours ago

    The commentary sounds a bit one sided depicting the guests...I get it...

  • Meme Lol
    Meme Lol15 hours ago

    Hey mojo, maybe do research on the people instead of calling people far right without proof, also why do people act like joe is such an intellectual he is just a pot head who just goes but what about this? Oh what about this

  • Serbo Matic
    Serbo Matic18 hours ago

    Joe sometimes struggles to grasp some concepts.

  • firdaus125
    firdaus12519 hours ago

    Milos deserved that. He is extremely bigoted but somehow he wants his views to be respected.

  • speedy083
    speedy08321 hour ago

    Honestly the JRE and Milo episode is satisfying as hell. Him shutting that guy up

  • Josh F
    Josh F22 hours ago

    The conover episode was so cringe, just like "adam ruins everything" itself.

  • Tai Chi Man
    Tai Chi ManDay ago

    Why did I just waste 12 mins of my life? I must stop this insanity of curiosity which leads to nowhere.

  • Sambo Slice
    Sambo SliceDay ago

    Top 10 most talkative guests on jre, guarantee ndt would be #1, david blaine would be a close 2nd.

  • Tom Dulle
    Tom DulleDay ago

    He doesn't apologize to others but he does to Crowder? WTF, Joe???

  • Titan CMD
    Titan CMDDay ago

    I wanted to watch the disagreements, not some radio voice dj douchebag telling what's happeneing

  • Bub Bub
    Bub BubDay ago

    Leave it up to a channel like WatchMojo to twist things and take things out of context

  • Jared
    JaredDay ago

    Way too much narritor talking

  • Raidertilldeath
    RaidertilldeathDay ago

    Funny thing is he attacks all of these conservatives. But at the end of the day the lefty cancel culture wants him gone. Go figure...

  • rebelwave100
    rebelwave100Day ago

    Jamie killstein was called predatory for daring to asking consenting adult women if they would go out with him. This definition is dangerous and irresponsible and will lead to the end of the human race.

  • Mike Lee
    Mike LeeDay ago

    Damn if you didn’t talk so much and let’s us digest the video it would be a lot better .

  • SladesterG
    SladesterGDay ago

    Clear bias on this channel lol

  • Deplorable Cat
    Deplorable CatDay ago

    Another video with a million ads and a narrator who loves to hear himself talk. Just shut up and play the damn clip.

  • Ben Sona
    Ben SonaDay ago

    Can the narrator just shut up and play the clips in full!!!

  • MegaFoghornleghorn
    MegaFoghornleghornDay ago

    What aboutism is another supid left wing phase they use to shut down a argument they can't win. To try to put you on the defensive.

  • Alex Debortoli
    Alex DebortoliDay ago

    Im interested in the 10 most heated argument... Only thing u can hear in this video Is the voiceover

  • Marcos Dineros
    Marcos DinerosDay ago

    The selection has purpose like everything else.

  • Firefly Speedshop
    Firefly SpeedshopDay ago

    Sooo WatchMOJO obviously leans left 😂😂😂

  • A Castl
    A CastlDay ago

    Wow climate change is the bogus ass thing to believe if you are somebody supposed to be informed thumbs down to joe r

  • Nico Curtis
    Nico CurtisDay ago

    That Candice Owens one is it for me

  • Mitch Reab
    Mitch Reab2 days ago

    I didn't know mojo was so far left lol Jesus when did this happen

  • TenTonNuke


    Day ago

    Rogan is a leftist, so most of his arguments are going to be against conservatives, specifically regarding religion, science, and Trump.

  • The Kevcast Reviews
    The Kevcast Reviews2 days ago

    Done with Wokemojo

  • The Kevcast Reviews
    The Kevcast Reviews2 days ago

    Is watchmojo now leftists crazies also ?

  • Don Armstrong
    Don Armstrong2 days ago

    Mojo narrator is annoying.

  • Yaboi Log
    Yaboi Log2 days ago

    OK I love WatchMojo I do however this video has a clear left bias

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now2 days ago

    Joe acts like a big tech oligarch. Full of himself and uninformed as usual.

  • Monique
    Monique2 days ago

    So much fakery going on why do people even listen to all this???

  • Christopher P.
    Christopher P.2 days ago

    Owens and Crowder are on the list of the most reprehensible human beings, that includes Trump, Pence, Limbaugh, Rader, Koresh, Jones...the list goes on.

  • Christopher P.

    Christopher P.

    Day ago

    @The Kevcast Reviews I can tell you that I do not rely on CNN, nor have I EVER relied on any network or for-profit media source. So, research - of course, but not through a party affiliated media outlet. I suppose if I was to make ridiculous assumptions, as you have, you're getting your information from FOX News and The Epoch Times and perhaps The Weekly World News or The National Enquirer. Nor do I garner "knowledge" from religious fiction or other sources of justification for elitist hatred and bigotry of those ideals that threaten so many people's fragile belief systems. The people you are defending even deny globally accepted scientific premises and irrefutable (and quantifiable) math. I'm done; my time is not well spent arguing with the likes of you. Good luck in August!

  • The Kevcast Reviews

    The Kevcast Reviews

    Day ago

    @Christopher P. documented by CNN lol I do my own research Christopher do you? Americans are being led now by 2 of the most documented liars of all time

  • Christopher P.

    Christopher P.

    Day ago

    @The Kevcast Reviews Wow! You seriously need help if you are a fan of these people; all of whom are notorious (and documented) liars, manipulaters, hate-mongers, cult leaders, and responsible for thousands of deaths, and (in some cases), admitted and convicted serial killers. Let's not forget Elders, Shapiro, Manson and, of course the obvious, Hitler.

  • The Kevcast Reviews

    The Kevcast Reviews

    2 days ago

    Most of the ones you mention are all amazing people

  • BoviceSON!
    BoviceSON!2 days ago

    A "weirdest guests" would be fun. Tom DeLonge DEFINITELY deserves a mention.

  • Carlos Aragon
    Carlos Aragon2 days ago

    clearly obvious that watch mojo has a leftist stand

  • Josh Dunn
    Josh Dunn2 days ago

    Came to see top ten Joe Rogan arguements, got a shitty narrator's opinion instead

  • Fernand Jg
    Fernand Jg2 days ago

    so is joe rogan on the left?? I'm assuming that since no one from the left is on there (maybe dorsey), but a lot of conservatives. Pretty sure Rogan is a liberal, which can create some disagreement with hard-left figures. Must've never reached a boiling point to make this list. *shrugs*

  • bob Foster
    bob Foster2 days ago

    , this commentary needs to do his research calling Crowder a neo-nazi get a, grip and doesn't give any evidence lol everybody who goes on this program are hypocrites why bother getting into a conversation with somebody who's on steroids and stoned or hi when having a debate it's best to check if the person you're having a debate with isn't high cos they only think with emotion or aggression in the end it always comes to play I love the fact it didn't show the one with Tyson were hes getting angry with Joe but this commentary is biased that's what happens when you're both juiced up and high as fuck lol

  • Nathan
    Nathan2 days ago

    What a shit video, the narrator needs to stop talking and let us actually watch the clips!

  • Garry Langton
    Garry Langton2 days ago

    The guy who talks on this video is too loud and full of shit

  • Omar Sequeira
    Omar Sequeira2 days ago

    How surprising..., all the guests (or the majority) were conservative people. Thats because liberals are poisoning society

  • Nick Carlson
    Nick Carlson2 days ago

    Milo says he is ex gay. And Candace Owens REALLY wanted to be born white.

  • Leo
    Leo2 days ago

    This chanel talk waaay to mutch

  • DreamWarrior
    DreamWarrior2 days ago

    joe is a gatekeeper like many other people. the ones who are telling the truth are always shut down (Zachary K. Hubbard).

  • Alejandro Herrera
    Alejandro Herrera2 days ago

    The Candace Owens one made me lose brain cells. What a hack

  • The Kevcast Reviews

    The Kevcast Reviews

    2 days ago

    She's an amazing woman

  • NP S
    NP S3 days ago

    What the hell is a conservative comedian? Lmao

  • Karen Goga
    Karen Goga3 days ago

    Not been funny Joe but they do that to trump aswell wen we talk about Clinton they say wat about trump all the time

  • iEpicPanda
    iEpicPanda3 days ago

    Ever thought about shutting up so we can hear it rather than explaining what they are gonna say Jesus christ.

  • Joe Crouch
    Joe Crouch3 days ago

    Yeah it's obvious the narrator is a liberal

  • branden hinke
    branden hinke3 days ago

    you talk too much dude...

  • Nuno Coelho
    Nuno Coelho3 days ago

    Honestly who really cares if anyone gets banned from Facebook or Twitter or any other social media platform.. I call it Joe's opinions...

  • Charlotte Muller
    Charlotte Muller3 days ago

    Love Candice Owens!!!

  • Hunter Bruce
    Hunter Bruce3 days ago

    "Crowder is a racist, homophobic, white supremist, and neo-Nazi". lol WatchMojo is a joke

  • L D
    L D3 days ago

    “The thing is…” *Joe leans into the mic* “Fat isn’t the problem. Carbs and sugar is the problem. You ever had nuts, man? Nuts are great for you.” “Uh… Yeah, I eat nuts. I used to pick peanuts back when I was a kid and they were in season.” “Nice, nice. Like, from a tree?” “No, they grow in the ground.” *Joe nearly shits himself in surprise* “What?!” *Guest trying not to sound condescending* “Peanuts grow in the ground, kind of like -“ “Jamie, google this right now. Jamie, google “peanuts growing in the ground”. HOLY SHIT.” “Yeah, just like that. They grow in the ground like potatoes.” “Well…” *Joe breathes heavily into the mic* “That makes sense. They couldn’t grow on trees because squirrels would fuck them up. Imagine that? Imagine how much squirrels would fuck up a peanut tree. Squirrels are basically tiny chimpanzees.”

  • Michael Rodgers

    Michael Rodgers

    2 days ago

    Common misconception from what I can tell. Still hilarious though 🤣

  • Fab 4458
    Fab 44583 days ago

    Not watching this channel any more! One thing I hate more is when someone clearly trying to be bias and one-sided. The way I described Crowder & others clearly shows where you guys are at! Most of those exchanges were friendly exchanges!

  • Fab 4458
    Fab 44583 days ago

    The way you described Crowder is outrageous! A neo Nazi racist , homophobic? Wtf is that.

  • CrAcKinG-_PaYdAY-
    CrAcKinG-_PaYdAY-3 days ago

    Steven crowder is a neo nazi nor racist homophone thank you very much lol.

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson3 days ago

    Aw man where’s the og match mojo woman I love her voice

  • Richard White
    Richard White3 days ago

    "Gender confirming hormone therapy" lol when did watch mojo become hard left?

  • Cody Weaver

    Cody Weaver

    18 hours ago

    Not to mention when they said that Candace has contentious views freaking insane that they said that

  • MegaFoghornleghorn


    Day ago

    Joe likes to pull that lame ass tactic.

  • Gus


    Day ago


  • Matthew Sunderland
    Matthew Sunderland3 days ago

    3:20 what proof of that? Lol

  • skullsxr
    skullsxr3 days ago

    (Anyone having an opinion) Joe Rogan: You're wrong and what you believe is a joke, I'm right you're wrong, end of interview.

  • Willy Diesel
    Willy Diesel3 days ago

    Candace Owen's throttled Rogan

  • Trianepic
    Trianepic3 days ago

    Y’all based when you got to Steven Crowder

  • Christopher Hobson
    Christopher Hobson3 days ago

    You can tell MOJO is pretty heavily left leaning based on the voice over

  • ryman33333
    ryman333333 days ago

    Click bait. They take 10 seconds out of 3-4 hour conversations and try to act like that's the whole interaction. Typical media.. Eddie Bravo and Joe are bffs....

  • Damn Cam
    Damn Cam3 days ago

    Cringe channel, Candace Owens is right about the climate change scam. Willful ignorance will be punished.

  • Aengus K
    Aengus K4 days ago

    Rogan just lost it at Crowders inability to own up to things he's called-out on to his face. His apology was only issued because he didn't want Crowder coming out with some 'Top 10 reasons why Joe Rogan is. etc' video. it's easier to just let it go and accept Crowder isn't gonna change

  • Plastic Iron The third
    Plastic Iron The third4 days ago

    The Crowder one always annoyed me,because the debate was calm and reasonable,until Crowder lied about traffic fatalities,at which point Joe got pissed. Crowder fans took that as the starting point,to label Joe as "being defensive over weed" No,he was getting annoyed about someone lying about what he loves. Substitute weed for chocolate,sex,video games,beer etc etc,and anyone will get "defensive" when someone attacking what they love,attacks with lies. Plus,Crowder turned into a snowflake real quick when called out on his lies,pretending to not care about something he was willing to lie about.

  • Plastic Iron The third

    Plastic Iron The third

    3 days ago

    @Aengus K Plus,he gave himself the get out of jail free card of "I don't really care about this" so that he could lie,question sources,and then accuse Joe of bullying him over something he didn't care about,once Crowder knew he was getting smashed up

  • Aengus K

    Aengus K

    4 days ago

    what REALLY got under Joe's skin was how Crowder just won't say 'I lied' or even 'I was wrong', he just keeps tiptoeing around it by saying things like "ok then let's drop it" or "I'll give you the argument". it's hard not to snap at someone who can't admit they're wrong

  • Joe Foldenauer
    Joe Foldenauer4 days ago

    This was a decent video right up til the description of Crowder

  • Pokemon1086
    Pokemon10864 days ago

    Is it embarrassing that I don’t know who any of these guest from this video are?

  • Cecy Nay
    Cecy Nay4 days ago

    Lol. "Steven Crowder is a conservative commentator or a racist, homophobic, transphobic, neonazi that has been demonitized on multiple occasions". Hmmm, I wonder which the script writer and channel believe. Haha. Show me any proof that he feels hate or fear of any of the people you insinuated and I'll show you a unicorn. Also, being demonitized isn't a sign of hateful content... Say "pedophilia is bad" or "rape is bad" and you'll be demonitized.

  • Jimothy Jermanthonly
    Jimothy Jermanthonly4 days ago

    “Louder in Crowder”? Lmao and then ur introduction was hilarious. Not only on him but quite a few of the others as well... last one of your shitty videos I’m gonna watch 😂

  • Jimothy Jermanthonly
    Jimothy Jermanthonly4 days ago

    What’s funny is how Joe was wrong in almost all of these instances lol

  • Lee Millington
    Lee Millington4 days ago

    What's the point of this video? You talk all over it and don't let the audio play out 🤦‍♂️

  • Mojones
    Mojones4 days ago

    The right: Joe Rogan is a left wing pot smoking hippy, he just interviews a bunch of worthless liberals Joe: interviews Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Jordan Peterson, Dan Crenshaw, etc The left: Joe Rogan is an alt-right figure who only gives platform to dangerous racist and trans phobic people Joe: interviews the Cenk Uyger, Ana Kasparian, Abby Martin, David Pakman, Bernie Sanders, etc When you’re upsetting both the polarized left and polarized right then you’re doing something right. Joe Rogan is the shit

  • Big Daddy Hammer
    Big Daddy Hammer4 days ago

    This was a non-video. Barely any context/content with way too much biased commentary. Instant unsub.

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool4 days ago

    I still can't wrap my head around how do some people think that Rogan is s Conservative/right-winger etc.

  • Lane Chaplin
    Lane Chaplin4 days ago

    We came to this video to hear the clips. Not hear Mojo talk about them.

  • Gabriel Soria
    Gabriel Soria4 days ago

    As a long time listener, the Crowder one was bad. Crowder was kind of winy and tried to deflect away from being fundamentally incorrect, and Joe saw that he was trying to manipulate the situation by accusing him of "gotcha journalism" saying that an off the cuff argument was orchestrated and readied by him and Jamie to make him look bad. I'm annoyed that Crowder is actually kind of funny lol, but yet so far up his own butt then only surrounds himself with yes men to which they just lower the bar every time i hear him.

  • dion kevin
    dion kevin4 days ago

    This is great example of cherry picking sound bites to fit the title of the post. I've watched everyone of those JRE episodes and they were hardly conflict driven.

  • Hany Soliman
    Hany Soliman4 days ago

    It's impressive how completely non-biased the narrator is ....

  • N H
    N H4 days ago

    This was almost unwatchable the narrator absolutely sucks.

  • Toren Green
    Toren Green4 days ago

    Be awesome if they shut up and played the clips

  • Kayla W.
    Kayla W.4 days ago

    I havent watched the video but I guess everyone thinks WM should avoid commentating on politically charged content because them being openly left-wing really rubs some people the wrong way. I mean this Joe Rogan guy sounds like he's also very vocal about his political beliefs so why shouldn't WM be? I'm confused

  • John
    John4 days ago

    This video could have been great if you’d actually, you know, shown the dialogue rather than talking over it to describe what happened. Also, 09:02 “outdated terminology notwithstanding” - what outdated terminology? Are you referring to Joe talking about “males” and “females”….

    AMRAT KHARE4 days ago

    I bet joe likes Trump naw more than Hillary

  • Matnels 27
    Matnels 274 days ago

    Religion is mediocre intelligence

  • Almahdi Alsharef
    Almahdi Alsharef4 days ago

    I just hit .. unsuscribe cause u talk too much

  • Aengus K

    Aengus K

    4 days ago

    why were u subscribed? All of watchmojos videos are like this

  • Jenny zhang
    Jenny zhang4 days ago

    This video is SO politically biased. It is basically an in-kind donation to the Dementiacrats.

    SUPER SENT4 days ago

    Because joe Rogan kicked hard in that one video... And talks over fights people think he's always right and honestly he's a fucking idiot.

  • America First
    America First4 days ago

    Don't edit the clips to fake arguments with people who never had an issue with Joe Rogan, make this channel look like garbage. Please watch those podcasts in full.