Top 10 Things You Missed in Loki Episode 1

The God of Mischief is back! For this list, we’ll be looking at the Easter Eggs, comic book references, and MCU callbacks you might’ve missed in this episode of the Disney+ series. Our countdown includes The Tesseract Hints at TVA’s Ban on Magic Right Away, Time-Keepers Have a History of Messing With Avengers, We Know How The “Multiverse of Madness” Will Be Caused, and more! Which of these “Loki” moments surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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    WatchMojo.com5 days ago

    For everything MCU, check out our playlist!: What did you think of Loki's first episode? Tell us how excited you are for the next one!

  • LadyDragoncat


    Day ago

    @YourPal Al This list definitely needs a Part Two... and Three! And that's just for this one episode!

  • Darragh Cunningham

    Darragh Cunningham

    2 days ago

    I caught that incubus reference 👏

  • Leon Couturier

    Leon Couturier

    2 days ago


  • YourPal Al

    YourPal Al

    2 days ago

    You went all of that video and never mention Mephisto.

  • LadyDragoncat


    3 days ago

    @Belle Melvaine Perhaps a Part Two list is in order?

  • pumpkin91ful
    pumpkin91ful27 minutes ago

    I want to crash that stained glass so bad.

  • ah mad
    ah mad35 minutes ago

    I hope she's the lady loki

  • Lord Noa Super Show
    Lord Noa Super ShowHour ago

    8:10 It's Maphisto!😈😂

  • Timuçin Harkonnen
    Timuçin Harkonnen2 hours ago

    Calling him a "frost giant" is extremely racist. He is an Asgardian and nothing else!

  • Gopeto
    Gopeto2 hours ago

    How about the Eye-gouging fact, that the whole TVA concept is a FULL Fallout rip-off? Lets see: 1. Retrofuturistic style - check. 2. Retro animation mascot like VaultBoy in informational videos - check. 3. Fear of being a robot and not know it - check. 4. Minutemen - check. 5. Wrist technology - check. All that’s left is for Loki to say “It just works” and we got a full package. Why is no one talking about that?

  • mokeish
    mokeish5 hours ago

    Grasping at straws half way in

  • Iron Warrior
    Iron Warrior7 hours ago

    Another crock of shit from the woke, box ticking brigade at Disney. They really have no idea how to make a good series.

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams7 hours ago

    The robot that takes Loki's clothes off kind of looks like SP//dr in the Spiderverse movie.

  • AllHail Me
    AllHail Me7 hours ago

    I wonder if the time when the multiverses had a war is also known as DC

  • Abhijit Das
    Abhijit Das8 hours ago

    At the end loki will be reset 💔

  • jposensei
    jposensei9 hours ago

    Missed DB Cooper? They said that outright. Wasn't subtle at alll

  • Tunnel69 Productions
    Tunnel69 Productions10 hours ago

    Nebula would be scared af go through that

  • Nick Perna
    Nick Perna10 hours ago

    So I was hoping you were going to pull reference to the throw away line about Nightmare!! When Loki threatens to burn the TVA down, he asks if this was a nightmare, then Mobius replies that he would help burn that down... did anyone else get the feeling theres a connection to the classic Marvel Villain Nightmare?!?! Or is it just me?

  • Alec Powers
    Alec Powers11 hours ago

    Loki:we have a hulk Mobius: we have a pussycat

  • José Gálvez
    José Gálvez12 hours ago

    Maybe it's just the horned helmet you know?

  • matsujonen
    matsujonen17 hours ago

    I think the MCU Mephisto will be a variant Loki

  • Alexander McLaughlin
    Alexander McLaughlin17 hours ago

    Loki I thought the world of you brother, I always thought we'd fight side by side forever ❤❤😭😭

  • Rajan T
    Rajan T18 hours ago

    Wtf i never missed these things in 1st episode ...

  • Moses Rios
    Moses Rios18 hours ago


  • Harold Nazario
    Harold Nazario19 hours ago

    It's older Loki or younger I bet

  • Elisha Martin The Channel
    Elisha Martin The Channel19 hours ago

    Loki: "Because it's part of the illusion. It's the cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak *(points to himself)* to inspire fear." Me: *tears* *bawling* No Loki please, stop. Your pain and inter hurt is hurting me! I'm not gonna cry *voice shakes* I-I'm not gonna- *whine and squeals* Bro man as a comic book nerd from the 1930s to the present day this Loki show has me doing cartwheels. Man, it's so good. Can't even begin. So good to have Tom Hiddleston action on the screen. Feels so good to really be getting some Loki time. You can really see the work put in by Hiddleston for the character of Loki. Earlier in the episode Agent Mobius: (to Loki) You exist solely to cause pain, suffering, and death! And so that others can achieve the best version of themselves. Can you imagine how hurt Loki must have been. To be told your whole existence is for naught. Man...

  • Richard Delinski
    Richard Delinski19 hours ago

    I didn't miss a damn thing. I didn't watch ANY of it. Nor do I plan to. I have heard though that Loki dies in the series finale.

  • Carlos Jimeno
    Carlos Jimeno20 hours ago

    Strange how words like- variant -and- reset -is being said during covid

  • Kennard Peñalba
    Kennard Peñalba20 hours ago

    IF Secret Wars will happen in MCU, I wonder if they'll ever fight the biggest threat like The Beyonder

  • ЯR Teemo
    ЯR Teemo20 hours ago

    In doctor strange they explained how magic works, sorcerers draw energy from other dimensions to cast spells. TVA exist out side of time and existence which is why it does not work. And also infinity stones only work in their own universe. This was in the comics where loki gather 6 stones and travelled to another verse where he sees many stones laying on the groud powerless.

  • Robin Porter
    Robin Porter22 hours ago

    The problem with the show is it made the whole MCU irrelevant. Nothing matters to this point, or going foreward, unless they destroy the supreme timeline.

  • Peter Neufeld
    Peter Neufeld22 hours ago

    I don’t think Loki looked like the devil, but the girl simply saw the similarities in the devil’s horn and Loki’s helmet and made the conclusion he was the devil.

  • Gulam Khwaja Baaqibillah Shah
    Gulam Khwaja Baaqibillah Shah23 hours ago

    I am pretty sure the robot thing refers to the Agents of shield series.... They're called LMDs...

  • Master of Villainy
    Master of VillainyDay ago

    Ok the devil stain glass is a reference to mephisto

  • Bob Marley
    Bob MarleyDay ago

    At first I thought the satan reference was hinting at Mephisto at first

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete PueblaDay ago

    That machine and Terminator is actually a human that has become a cyborg. He still human therefore he has a soul. Unlike a machine.

  • Rob Mtz
    Rob MtzDay ago

    Here we go with mephisto again🤮🤮🤮

  • Mask Glitch
    Mask GlitchDay ago

    A picture of young Stan Lee in the background, it’s a blink and you miss it moment.

  • Israel Clough
    Israel CloughDay ago

    I soo love this show already and so does my girl witch is saying something

  • Φωτης Καραγεωργόπουλος
    Φωτης ΚαραγεωργόπουλοςDay ago

    8:09 what if the picture shows the mephisto???

  • Mr savage tube
    Mr savage tubeDay ago

    Am I the only one Owen Wilson character in TVA looks similar as. Tony Starks dad

  • O'Irish McMan
    O'Irish McManDay ago

    I’m a Norse Pagan and I won’t watch this crap. It’s pretty disrespectful. I’d like to see a Mohammed character or a Jesus character and see how that goes.. 😒

  • Zena Tribble
    Zena TribbleDay ago

    The truthful nut neurobiologically end because transport acly carry mid a aquatic flock. robust, quiet blanket

  • Dragonite lover 1817 Pokemon Lover
    Dragonite lover 1817 Pokemon LoverDay ago

    Loki trying to use his powers must’ve been a hate to say it a Green Lantern reference when Hal tried to put his super suit on

  • Dragonite lover 1817 Pokemon Lover
    Dragonite lover 1817 Pokemon LoverDay ago

    I wonder what’ll get more likes Madalorian or Loki

  • E.O Comics
    E.O ComicsDay ago

    Does anyone Remember when Loki was laughing and they said "What's so Funny" It reminds of the Joker and I also have a theory of Loki but No one wod care

  • CrystallSoul
    CrystallSoulDay ago

    Go read Agent of Asgard!! It’s so great!!

  • Krusty The clowm
    Krusty The clowmDay ago

    All I'm going said js that the first 20 minute of loki was better than the whole wandavision series 😂

  • Nurmuhammad
    NurmuhammadDay ago

    Hey watchmojo I have a question. Will Loki ever appear in other Avengers movies or does the first episode confirm that thanos kills him and thats the end?

  • Brian McAndrew
    Brian McAndrewDay ago

    What about Lady Loki?

  • Rajeev Kumar
    Rajeev KumarDay ago

    what if i say i miss whole episode

  • javid murray
    javid murrayDay ago

    Nobody missed the fact that low key was d b cooper.. matter of fact.. the only reason I caught it was cuz dude said it right after he jumped out the plane 😂

  • ringsaphire
    ringsaphireDay ago

    yep, makes sense! TVA agents don't fear the power of infinity stones... ...but they are uterly powerless facing a dude pouring oil on the ground and lighting a match. It must be the threratening cape he wears that did the trick? I am so impressed

  • Paula Anna
    Paula AnnaDay ago

    Wanda is a nexus person, so I think this is obvious . And new Loki is Lady Loki.

  • A.J.S.V
    A.J.S.VDay ago

    Life Model Decoys or LMD’s… And dare I wear out this theory but, Mephisto? Lol

  • dracoXdrayden
    dracoXdraydenDay ago

    To correct u guys Loki is half frost giant and half asgardian He's not a complete frost giant

  • Georgia Robinson
    Georgia RobinsonDay ago

    Why does no one look at the details ? The stuff like the picture, dagger and medals in the drawer ?? The elevator levels ?? The posters in the TVA ?? I can’t find a video anywhere analysing this !!

  • Carl Jervis
    Carl JervisDay ago

    And the in your face Doctor Who reference?

  • Philip Tim Dominic
    Philip Tim DominicDay ago


  • Hns Rs
    Hns RsDay ago

    Is the collar same as the collar from rick and morty?

  • l LIGHT l
    l LIGHT lDay ago


  • Endre Vass
    Endre VassDay ago

    How can u miss any of these at all? i don't understand. Do u watch the series with blindefold ?

  • Arthur Wagner
    Arthur WagnerDay ago

    The devil picture is Mephisto 😏 haha

  • Epic Anime
    Epic AnimeDay ago

    WatchMojo: Mystery variant could be kid Loki. New Rockstars: Mystery variant could be female Loki. Who will be right?...

  • Z. Nsr
    Z. NsrDay ago

    No i think its mafisto

  • Martin Kipa
    Martin KipaDay ago

    Infinity in drawer surprised me the mosted

  • gahrie
    gahrieDay ago

    No mention of the fact that Damon played a character named Loki in Dogma?

  • EA Noteworthy Elijah
    EA Noteworthy ElijahDay ago

    Another secret hidden clue you missed is in the opening credits. The name Loki with the letter “O” in his name changes through a sequenced series of “druid ruins” as an ancient symbolic language. If you slowed down the sequence & took a screen shot of each ruinic-symbol and then search the sequence you’ll come up with a far more deeper hidden clue. This assignment is only for someone who has the patience w/the right media technology to slow down the opening credits scenes frame per second and to get the exact phrase. I believe their are a total of 12 symbols going thru the letter O in Loki’s name. Till the very last symbol which they pause on for an extra few seconds. That final symbol is found in the last scene of the first episode w/ the darkened staff jammed into the ground. Before the dark character whom we presume is Loki burns the Time Agents. Whoever takes up this challenge will discover a more hidden meaning of this show. You’d have to have an alphabet for Norse/Druid Ruins & again be patient w/ slowly playing the opening credits where the name Loki dwells. It’s only from what I notice within the letter “O”...

  • M Er
    M ErDay ago

    Who noticed that loki picked up Time Stone from the Desk😅

  • Maurice Robertson
    Maurice RobertsonDay ago

    Any Marvel fans recognize that device on Loki's neck? That device was used in "The Gifted" to disable mutants' powers/abilities.

  • Critter Whisperer
    Critter WhispererDay ago

    Loki is NOT evil. Just misunderstood.

  • Robert Ochoa
    Robert OchoaDay ago

    Real quick, Peggy shows up being sent to the TVA

  • Nonamehero6616
    Nonamehero6616Day ago

    I bet it’s spiderman who cause the multiverse shenanigans

  • Maurice Robertson
    Maurice RobertsonDay ago

    Loki dropping from the sky and landing in a desert. Same thing happened in Iron Man 1 after Stark escaped from those terrorists in his very first suit he made in that cave.

  • darrin webber
    darrin webberDay ago

    I did not tell other channel where I commented on Easter Eggs... watch... Kang of MCU Sacred Timeline ... will be a Loki variant. Wait and see.

  • OtakuDeju
    OtakuDejuDay ago

    Did anyone notice that Owen Wilson was drinking a can of Josta soda?

  • OtakuDeju


    Day ago

    @EA Noteworthy Elijah It's an energy drink that was discontinued in 1999.

  • EA Noteworthy Elijah

    EA Noteworthy Elijah

    Day ago

    Wtf is Jousta?

  • chris johns
    chris johnsDay ago

    These videos are always full of things you can only miss if you really just didn’t watch whatever they’re talking about.

  • Mari L
    Mari L2 days ago

    The D.B Cooper part is funny I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • Midnight Ninja
    Midnight Ninja2 days ago

    No way for the time keepers to know Cap would have a sudden bromance with a long lost friend so hard that he was willing to destroy everyone. Lol

  • Tom Whelan
    Tom Whelan2 days ago

    Mephistopheles is the devil I think

    NEMESIS2 days ago

    Not going to lie when the little boy pointed at the satanic figure in the window I got so pumped I thought we were finally going to see mephisto in the Mcu. Also I'm kinda pissed that they turned the infinity stones into a joke like how they did with the snap

  • Annika
    Annika2 days ago

    Doesnt Molbi say that a "she" is responsible for all of that? So maybe we are going to see Lady Loki

  • sadas
    sadas2 days ago

    Man you lot really assume your viewership is as dumb as abag of potatoes

  • Philip Joseph
    Philip Joseph2 days ago

    This video should be called "10 things you may have missed if you mom was vacuuming during Loki"

  • md badol islam
    md badol islam2 days ago

    The brave maple phylogenetically reject because fly statistically worry apropos a skinny fat. lyrical, macabre slip

  • Daten Schutz
    Daten Schutz2 days ago

    Does Mobius kill the child? Obviously resetting a timeliness means destroying it, as Mrs. Minute explained. And Mobius send the kind outside before installing the reality bomb.

  • Harry Perlmutter
    Harry Perlmutter2 days ago

    I to love the DB cooper reference ❤️❤️🍺

  • James vera
    James vera2 days ago

    Yeah more like they were referencing stuff like life model decoys not terminators

  • Vineesh Anjukandy
    Vineesh Anjukandy2 days ago

    We’ll loki never did time travel he just escaped avengers and went to another place , so why is he arrested for time travel

  • Berserker Mo
    Berserker Mo2 days ago

    Perhaps the title of this video should be: "10 things you didn't miss in the show, but we have to be right so we pulled obscure references from the comics to make simple scenes seem far deeper than they actually are" That would probably be too long so I guess the clickbait will do.

  • Vertigo
    Vertigo2 days ago

    Please repent of your sister and put your trust in Jesus Christ, Heaven is real and Hell is really please put your trust in Jesus Christ, He alone is able to save . God bless you

  • asif mlak
    asif mlak2 days ago

    The infinity stones automatically lose power when taken out of it's universe, and the TVA is definitely a different universe

  • Sw00t_y PrD
    Sw00t_y PrD2 days ago

    Jesus Christ is the King 👑

  • Felix Weingardt
    Felix Weingardt2 days ago

    I am all for burning the TVA down. Those Idiots commit dimensional Genocide every odd hours and call it a normal tuesday.

  • Aaron Connolly
    Aaron Connolly2 days ago


  • Fırat KARA
    Fırat KARA2 days ago

    Domates yüz eşliğinde çikolata civcivim diyorum ben ona evet çikolata civcivim sonuçta.

  • K RoSs
    K RoSs2 days ago

    The kid is Loki

  • freezynfyre
    freezynfyre2 days ago

    Soooo not adding the "ETH 616" that was on the end of lokis film file?

  • Brian Coates
    Brian Coates2 days ago

    If the MCU is following the conics, then infinity stones only work in the universe they belong to. The TVA isn’t powering down the stones or even stopping magic. Stones and magic from Loki’s universe wouldn’t work in another universe. Which is even more interesting if there’s only supposed to be one sacred universe....

  • Janis Chonev
    Janis Chonev2 days ago

    This makes no sence i am so dissapointed at what the marvel universe has become!!

  • Bedaannтica
    Bedaannтica2 days ago

    Plot twist : DB cooper irl is actually loki

  • MajClanger
    MajClanger2 days ago

    this kind of title is highly irritating. You have no idea what we saw or what we missed. How about just saying "you may have missed?"

  • EA Noteworthy Elijah

    EA Noteworthy Elijah

    Day ago

    Yes I agree... stop insulting the mass audience and assuming WE ALL MISSED SOMETHING when they only a few of us may have missed some things or maybe we saw more than the subscribed channel.

  • maniacal1
    maniacal12 days ago

    "Are you a robot?" WM: CLEARLY this is a reference to Terminator. ....that fuck?

  • W S
    W S2 days ago

    At first, when watching this I was curious as to how this works with the events that happened in Dr. Strange forehead flick. Then it hit me that this all happened before the Dr. Strange film and thus multiverse is okay.