The Scariest Moment from Every Conjuring Universe Movie

Brace yourself for a truly terrifying video! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most horrifying scene from each movie so far released in this supernatural horror series. Our countdown includes “The Conjuring”, “Annabelle: Creation”, “The Curse of La Llorona”, and more! Which scene do you think is the scariest? Let us know in the comments below!

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    WatchMojo.com12 days ago

    For more scares, check out our Conjuring playlist!: What's your favorite Conjuring Universe movie? Excited for The Devil Made me Do It?!

  • Ilhaam Foster

    Ilhaam Foster

    8 days ago

    Why isn't The Devil Made Me Do It included as it was released by this date?

  • The Dorito man

    The Dorito man

    9 days ago

    i want to watch the devil made me do it in theater, but im to young ;-; ;-;

  • Daniël Boon

    Daniël Boon

    10 days ago

    This is my ranking: (ps. my opinion is really diffrent then others) 1. Annabelle creation (I love it because it's a really other movie in the "universe". It's not a jumpscare movie, but more a scary movie! And I love that is has a little bit of gore in it!) 2. The Conjuring (Always the 1st movie is the best, not in this universe. But still, this is SOOOO good.) 3. The Conjuring The devil made me do it (Maybe it is just me, ive seen in it in theaters. So the sound is louder! But still i love they didn't make a haunted house film again!) 4. The Conjuring 2 (Just ok, I just didn't like the ghost Bill Wilkins!) 5. Annabelle (Am I the only one that doesn't hate this?) 6. The Nun (Meh, just not good, I want to see Valak man, is it that hard? Jeezz!) 7. Annabelle comes home (Trash, Trash, Trash, I just didn't like the CGI and the cast. Mckenna Grace was good though!) 8. The Curse Of La Llorona (Is this even a Conjuring movie? Lina Cardelini is better then the movie..!) I think that the movies are too short. I love this movies and I. Want. More!!!

  • Classic Disney Room

    Classic Disney Room

    10 days ago

    the Little princess exe is coming soon in 2021

  • Craig Adams

    Craig Adams

    10 days ago

    Bedtime seems like a good time to watch this vid.

  • Torn ed
    Torn ed20 hours ago

    Dang I was hoping you do the amityville horror house

  • Jaytastical TV
    Jaytastical TV22 hours ago

    They forgot about that one scene where the little girl in annebelle creation when she went under some door or something and the demon was like in the background with a red face. That was kinda creepy lol

  • John Peric
    John PericDay ago

    They say that Annabell the real one is the most powerful in the Warrens museum but i think it is The Satanic Worship Idol that would be the most powerful of all the things there.

  • Kelsey Graham
    Kelsey Graham2 days ago

    I love horror movies

  • FEAR Studios36
    FEAR Studios363 days ago

    I disagree they seem cheap. What scared me the most was La llorona and the film Underwater just the trailer of the new Conjuring Scared me. That’s it. Besides that I find the rest jumpscares cheap. I don’t even like the conjuring universe movies.

  • Kevlar Burrito
    Kevlar Burrito3 days ago

    90% of the scares in the Conjuring series are cheap jump scares. Personally it kind of ruins those scenes for me.

  • Blaine Basil
    Blaine Basil3 days ago

    The scariest scene was when the mullens daughter turned around with the demon face and said your soul

  • Rissa Prill
    Rissa Prill4 days ago

    The conjuring didn't scare me at all but the wardrobe scene got my mom and I watched the conjuring 2 yesterday alone and I got jumpscared quite a few times

  • Pawan
    Pawan4 days ago

    Lorraine get scared by a mouse is scariest of all

  • Rick Romney
    Rick Romney4 days ago

    5:00 When the voice over stopped, I dreaded what jump scare was in store for me. If that's just watching a youtube video, I wonder how it is seeing the movie itself

  • Laura Baker
    Laura Baker4 days ago

    La Loronna is NOT part of the CU its a stand alone movie just because annabelle and the father are in La Laoronna does not make it a Conjuring movie. If we thought like that then Aquaman would be part of it since Ed abd Annabelle both show up in it

  • Rilumai


    4 days ago

    Father Perez is the same character in both Annabelle and The Curse of La Llorona which connects the two. _That's_ how they're in the same universe. Aquaman doesn't count because Patrick Wilson isn't playing Ed in it...

  • Tiffany Illig
    Tiffany Illig5 days ago

    The scariest for me, okay when we first see bathseba up on the dresser scared the crap out of me and my mom, valek with the painting running towards Lorraine screaming at her scared me and my mom as well, and last and not least, once bathseba is about to be sent to hell, she gives you that creepy look, scares the crud out of me. But all the conjuring scenes showing the spirits and demons are creepy I like all the scenes but those three scared me and my mom when we first watched it

  • BrandonL Rushman
    BrandonL Rushman5 days ago

    These movies are sooooooooo boring!!!!!!!!

  • adl0815
    adl08155 days ago

    The clapping scene freaked me out.

  • the jedi kid
    the jedi kid5 days ago

    The curse of la lorona is not a conjuring movie

  • minatozuki


    3 days ago

    @the jedi kid the character gives dierection to the family being tourmented by the titular spirt and relates the haunting to his experieances with the demonic entity attached to the doll in march 2019 it was revealed that la lorona is part of the conjuring univerise making it the 6th installment to the franchise : sorry if i spelt wrong

  • the jedi kid

    the jedi kid

    3 days ago

    @minatozuki how does it connect im confused ( also you got the typo wrong just saying )

  • minatozuki


    3 days ago

    no it is not but it connatcs

  • Liam
    Liam5 days ago

    Am I the only one hiding in the comments section 🤣?

  • LASHK001
    LASHK0015 days ago

    Annabelle Creation is my favorite in the entire franchise. It's not only scary, but it's tragic.

  • Deevija


    Day ago

    Yes true how that wheelchair girl is taken by Annabelle is really tragic and make me feel so sad that nobody is able to help her

  • The Real Obscure
    The Real Obscure5 days ago

    My house! 😂😂😂

  • wolfgang girl
    wolfgang girl5 days ago

    After seeing the nun for the first time I had sleep paralysis a few days later and saw her in it. Imagine my horror.

  • wolfgang girl
    wolfgang girl5 days ago

    Annabelle creation was the scariest for me .

  • yugsuk yugsuk
    yugsuk yugsuk6 days ago

    Nothing can match conjuring 1

  • yugsuk yugsuk

    yugsuk yugsuk

    3 days ago

    @minatozuki yes .. conjuring 1 is something else

  • minatozuki


    3 days ago

    for real it came out here and japan where it was not in english the screams where way more scary lord i could not sleep for weeks

  • Khahuna 🈂🌺
    Khahuna 🈂🌺6 days ago


  • Anastasia Richardson
    Anastasia Richardson6 days ago

    I hate his voice so much, he literally ruins every video he does the voice for

  • Armando Salgado
    Armando Salgado6 days ago

    I feel like the most scary one is definitely la Llorna by far 😱

  • RLB 95
    RLB 956 days ago

    No.1 for me is the scene in annabelle 2014. When the demon starts to make a sound all over the house and then shockingly appeared over top of them, no cap!

  • baby lay lay15
    baby lay lay156 days ago

    The nun

  • Abraham Ayala
    Abraham Ayala6 days ago

    I thought it was a little scarier when bathseba did her jump scare when she tried to kill the kid

  • Vinnodh Naidu
    Vinnodh Naidu6 days ago

    Theres a toy barney in my room directly in front of my bed. When turned on it sings the I love u song. Just imagine that song turning on while you're sleeping and it's looking at you at night. So in conjuring 2. The barney whistle and the nun scares me the most

  • Chase Nichols
    Chase Nichols6 days ago

    At 3:21 the music when they see the nun gives me chills

    FEAR the REAPER6 days ago

    Conjuring 3 has the best scares tbh

  • minatozuki


    3 days ago

    yep the last part with the exsoriscam got me

  • sadss. XX
    sadss. XX6 days ago

    I was wearing my earphones and I clicked on this video, thinking I would hear an intro 'welcome to watch mojo' but the thing I heard as soon as I clicked was a demon saying 'I WANT YOUR SOUL'. never screamed fuck so loud in my life as I did today.

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey6 days ago

    The scene with the Crooked Man not only terrified me it made my heart race. 🥶😱

  • Jesus Aguliar
    Jesus Aguliar7 days ago

    Who else hiding in the comments

  • Jesus Aguliar
    Jesus Aguliar7 days ago

    What do you need your phone!

  • Sean McClelland
    Sean McClelland7 days ago

    yes the conjuring 3 just came out 2 days ago but i honestly cant wait for the crooked man that is gunna be crazy good, but ive also heard a nun 2. but hopfully the ferryman also

  • Yo Mom
    Yo Mom7 days ago

    The whole first conjuring movie was the scariest in my opinion

  • B tipsy
    B tipsy7 days ago

    La Yarrroona

  • Ayush Paliwal
    Ayush Paliwal7 days ago

    I love how they don't rely on cheap jump scares

  • Mim J
    Mim J7 days ago

    I could never watch Lorraine in the basement with both eyes open for a good couple years and still gives me shivers

  • Alanas Užemeckas
    Alanas Užemeckas7 days ago

    Scariest movies for me: "Conjuring 2", "Annabelle" and "Annabelle: creation", also "The Nun". But I liked "Conjuring 3", "La Loronna" and others!

  • Dodgÿ••Spawns
    Dodgÿ••Spawns7 days ago

    “La Yorona attacks Sam”

  • Sonti Nag Chakraborty
    Sonti Nag Chakraborty7 days ago

    My fav scenes The conjuring-Carolyn gets possessed Annabelle-I like your doll The conjuring 2-the nun painting Annabelle creation-your soul The nun-valak’s deaths The curse of la llarona-bathtub Annabelle comes home-Annabelle under judys sheets (sorry if it sounds weird) The conjuring 3-bloody bathrooms

  • ODJ
    ODJ7 days ago

    The Nun was one of the scariest demonic creature what is you talkin bout

  • Monty Ray
    Monty Ray8 days ago

    I honesty like anything that's live action

  • vannaty7
    vannaty78 days ago

    I have to say Mama Perrons possession/exorcism scene, scared the crap out of me. The makeup was amazing!

  • thehhepp
    thehhepp8 days ago

    Turn to Jesus! He loves You!

  • Javar Walton-Cooper
    Javar Walton-Cooper8 days ago

    The nun painting legit gave me chills the first time seeing it😂😂

  • Farhan Zahoor
    Farhan Zahoor8 days ago

    none of these come close to hereditary... that shyt left me traumatised

  • Brad Huddleson

    Brad Huddleson

    6 days ago

    I was never scared i was just like well that's fucked up. Lol

  • Wii TV
    Wii TV8 days ago

    Wtffff!!!!!! hahahah, 👍

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez8 days ago

    I hate the crooked man he’s the worst part of 2 and the Conjuring 3 was so disappointing it’s worst than the Nun

  • Chimmy X
    Chimmy X8 days ago

    Nah the scariest scene in Annabelle creation was when that thing started pulling her in the stroller- idk it’s small things like that just makes me so, Idek 😂

  • Chris Chamberlain
    Chris Chamberlain8 days ago

    Definitely the demon in the basement following Mia all the way up the stairs was scary as f too

  • Chris Chamberlain
    Chris Chamberlain8 days ago

    The first time I saw conjuring 1 , the clap scene was crazy and then the demon in the girls bedroom at night and the great acting of the little girl in bed that got her feet pulled was scary as hell bc she made it so real.

  • ShadowReaper12 Inc.
    ShadowReaper12 Inc.8 days ago

    The scene where the girl is locked in the barn with the scarecrow scared the hell out of me when I first saw it.

  • Brockton Lazarus
    Brockton Lazarus8 days ago

    The Nun is my favorite movie in the conjuring series

  • Naumaan Ul Haq
    Naumaan Ul Haq8 days ago

    Conjuring part 1. At the end when Ed shouts Batsheeba n she reveals herself with a scream 😱 that was pure horror for me! Nothing tops that for me!!

  • Just some random guy With internet access
    Just some random guy With internet access8 days ago

    I think that the scariest scene in "Annabelle creation" was when the girl in the wheelchair was trapped in the barn

  • Alexander Panayi

    Alexander Panayi

    4 days ago

    Yeah and I thought when Annabelle mother Esther top half of her body was mounted to the wall and her body was like cut in half by Annabelle was one of the scariest and goriest scenes ever in the movie.

  • Nir Haber

    Nir Haber

    4 days ago

    Sameeeee. Definitely. The claustrophobic space made it so scary, especially when she got possessed

    VASANTHY T K8 days ago

    Of all,conjuring 1 is the best🔥

  • minatozuki


    3 days ago

    yep when i saw based on a true story that took me out bad

  • ShiniGami 001
    ShiniGami 0018 days ago

    Annabella 3 is the worst of this Conjuring univers

  • Angel Zamoraaa
    Angel Zamoraaa8 days ago

    La Llorona isnt part of the conjuring universe!!!!!

  • the one who woke up
    the one who woke up8 days ago

    Fun Fact: The Annabelle demon was played by the music composer for the movie So the scene in the first Annabelle movie with the demon peeking out from behind Annabelle the music put together for that scene was all him. Also why wasn't that scene in this video?

  • Toad Saint
    Toad Saint8 days ago

    never really found these movies scary, a lot of what they convey is shock horror, I think I can get more out of playing that "scary maze game" from the early 2000's

  • LivanaFaolan
    LivanaFaolan9 days ago

    Don't get me started on that painting scene in "Conjuring 2." 😱

  • Donna Power
    Donna Power9 days ago

    what we see when sephiroth sees kirby. Sephiroth: *sweats nervously* what do you want d-dark one? kirby: Poyo! What sephiroth sees. Kirby: 0:04

  • Asad Molla
    Asad Molla9 days ago

    why am i watching this at 3:38 am 🙃

  • M4Racing
    M4Racing9 days ago

    That wardrobe seen from the first conjuring film was scarier than anything that followed.

  • Gbolahan Salako
    Gbolahan Salako9 days ago

    Annabelle Creation: Under The Staircase Scene. The Conjuring: Exorcism Scene where Bathsheba reveals her self, the face. The Conjuring 2: This one had a lot for me.

  • Av3rage Gamer
    Av3rage Gamer9 days ago

    Don't nobody washy hair but me...let's take it a step further, don't nobody need to be in the bathroom while I'm in there wait your turn

  • Jason
    Jason9 days ago

    The first ad ruined the scare in Annabelle

  • Moses T26
    Moses T269 days ago

    Stop calling it the conjuring universe!! That's so cringe!! Its just a saga of horror movies

  • Suyash. YT
    Suyash. YT9 days ago

    Just done watching THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT. And it's really terrifying movie. Must watch 😣

  • Bad Wolf
    Bad Wolf9 days ago

    This one is good

  • Palmer Shelley
    Palmer Shelley9 days ago

    Is it just me or is The Conjuring 2 not very scary?

  • Ryan Chappell
    Ryan Chappell9 days ago

    Absolute worst ad placement in any USplan video ever.

  • speedy083
    speedy0839 days ago

    9:24 10/10 audio

  • Elena Feria

    Elena Feria

    4 days ago


  • Justin Getty
    Justin Getty9 days ago

    Then you got the newest movies which was not scary at all

  • F4llenAngel777
    F4llenAngel7779 days ago

    F***ing thumbnail. I'm just trying to watch a little USplan before sleep. Guess I'll stay up and play some games now.

  • Adin Icic
    Adin Icic9 days ago

    Fun fact. Bathsheba is played by the music composer Joe Beshera.

  • Richard Ramirez
    Richard Ramirez9 days ago

    the conjuring movies are literally the best horror movies !!!! I be paralyzed to my bed after watching the first conjuring!!!

  • 1NZEKTØ 30
    1NZEKTØ 309 days ago

    Batsheeba's jump scare got me!

  • Lakshay Singh
    Lakshay Singh9 days ago

    Valak's entry in Conjuring : The Nun gave me extreme sleep anxiety for many months.

  • Vincent Williams
    Vincent Williams9 days ago

    There is a reference to the actress who plays Anna in the curse of la llarona because they were watching scooby-doo anthe the actress plays Velma in the live-action films

  • Im_Cloud
    Im_Cloud9 days ago

    The devil made me do it

  • SuperWolf
    SuperWolf9 days ago

    The devil is a baby!

  • Oladele Timilehin
    Oladele Timilehin9 days ago

    The nun painting and 'look what you made me do' scenes are my favorite...

  • CrystalKittenLPS
    CrystalKittenLPS9 days ago

    Glad I found this video before going to see the new conjuring movie in theaters

  • Camille Gonzalez
    Camille Gonzalez9 days ago

    I haven’t seen any of these but that hand clap scene is freaking scary! I was like yep I’ll pass thanks

  • rashad smikle
    rashad smikle9 days ago


  • Tiffany E
    Tiffany E9 days ago

    I just saw rebel Wilson in a commercial omg she’s lost weight

  • Liquid Shape Entertainment
    Liquid Shape Entertainment9 days ago

    Im all for paranormal and horror, but the Nun was just a bad movie. Like, really bad.

  • Jacob Drolet
    Jacob Drolet9 days ago

    Amazing I love the conjuring universe movies and fantastic job on the video watch mojo

  • BrotherGrimmy
    BrotherGrimmy9 days ago

    Let's face it. The thumbnail for this video is from a Spiritbox music video

  • o b
    o b9 days ago

    The Nun in the study and the old man and the TV 😰😰

  • Rogelio Dominguez
    Rogelio Dominguez10 days ago

    yoou guys know the Warren were/are a fraud, right?

  • Kitty Cat Cat
    Kitty Cat Cat10 days ago

    annabelle was trash.... the only scare the movie had wasnt even the doll... DUMB ASF!!!!! IT NEVER DID ANYTHING!!! DIDNT EVEN KILL NO ONE DUMB DOLL!! WHY HAVE A MOVIE lol

  • Haikal R. Basaib
    Haikal R. Basaib10 days ago

    for me. the nun opening scene will always get me. even though i’ve seen it a few times. that scene is crazy

  • braeden martin
    braeden martin10 days ago

    I had no idea Annabel come out before conjuring 2

  • Olvia Lee
    Olvia Lee10 days ago

    Does anyone know that the Annabelle doll made a cameo in 2019’s Shazam?

  • Shirin Dashti

    Shirin Dashti

    6 days ago

    Wait did James Wan direct Shazam also?

  • Kok Khai

    Kok Khai

    8 days ago

    In Aquaman too

  • Joey
    Joey10 days ago

    Its daytime so I can watch this now