Everything We Know About the Dexter Reboot (So Far)

Tonight's the night we go over everything we know about the "Dexter" reboot so far. Our countdown includes Clancy Brown as the villain, when it takes place, it won't retcom past seasons, and more! Are YOU looking forward to the "Dexter" reboot? Let us know in the comments!

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  • WatchMojo.com
    WatchMojo.com5 days ago

    For more must watch TV!: usplan.info/two/video/yISsrI1zh6yojpA.html Are YOU looking forward to the "Dexter" reboot? Let us know in the comments!

  • Rational Aussie

    Rational Aussie

    11 hours ago

    Yes , I've really missed him !

  • Pete Herrera

    Pete Herrera

    Day ago

    I do not care for the new lineup of cast members which makes it a hard sell for me. You need to bring back some of the main old character as different people like Debra as a twin in the FBI rather than a cop and Yvonne Strahovski twin as an FBI person. work with that!

  • Daryl Dixon

    Daryl Dixon

    3 days ago

    Dexter is one of my all time favorites!!!

  • Sissy Theriot

    Sissy Theriot

    4 days ago

    I don't want Dexter to die I

  • Devin Giles

    Devin Giles

    5 days ago

    I did not know there is going to a revival of Dexter. So, nope.

  • Da Vern
    Da Vern47 minutes ago

    Worst mistake was to Kill Deb and dump her with the Baddies like why ?

  • batgurrl
    batgurrlHour ago

    I go in with low expectations to avoid total disappointment. I would love to see an older Harrison pop up or Jennifer Carpenter as Deb giving Dexter guidance

  • Tammy Hiller
    Tammy Hiller2 hours ago

    Can’t wait for dexter to start again

  • XMiguel20
    XMiguel202 hours ago

    Man! This was the best show lol

  • モハメッドホーシャン
    モハメッドホーシャン3 hours ago

    Wait a minute, a reboot? What about the pervious seasons then!!!!

  • SemperFi EDC Guy
    SemperFi EDC Guy3 hours ago

    HELL YEAH!!!

  • A Landslide
    A Landslide3 hours ago


  • Poopoo Kachoo
    Poopoo Kachoo4 hours ago

    The big bad also voices Mr. Krabs so he’s definitely a good villain.😂

  • Connor Thornewell
    Connor Thornewell4 hours ago

    To list off Clancy Brown's filmography without citing Spongebob Squarepants (as Mr. Krabs), is a true travesty

  • JB Jacobs
    JB Jacobs4 hours ago

    Sorry but I don't want Dexter to die. It may in a way be destined but I don't like it. The ending before I hated enough. The show went down hill when they decided to have Deb love Dexter. That was just weird.

  • James L. Leite
    James L. Leite4 hours ago

    Can't wait to see Oscars role!

  • Croatian_Sensation
    Croatian_Sensation8 hours ago

    This isn't a reboot smh. Its a continuation

  • rwd86
    rwd869 hours ago

    Whew I really thought it was an unnecessary reboot but its actually a continuality.. Bad title for this clip...

  • Ross Eisenschenk
    Ross Eisenschenk9 hours ago

    Another "reboot" no one asked for

  • Rational Aussie
    Rational Aussie10 hours ago

    Please Showtime , don't let this be the very final ending for Dexter . Keep this season finale open ended like the ending of season 8 , so there will always be a chance for a tenth season or perhaps a Dexter movie ! 👍👍

  • TTv GOTM_ Boys2
    TTv GOTM_ Boys211 hours ago

    I don’t see him being social at all, I don’t think that that is true to the character, all of that way very awkward and uncomfortable for him, unless his new role in this town dexter is Deescalating to the point where his code is falling apart and he kills for the thrill alone, or maybe his son does, that’s something he had left his son to figure out, his son has no code that is if he’s a killer

  • turtle 15
    turtle 1512 hours ago

    WHAAAAAAT !!!! Dexter is coming back 👏👏👏😂👍

  • Eddard Clark
    Eddard Clark13 hours ago

    Let's hope the writes get their heads out of their @sses, as the final season was absolute garbage.

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez14 hours ago

    When is it coming out and what will it be called?

  • A Day in My Life
    A Day in My Life14 hours ago

    I hope the fans completely love it and pressure them into more seasons. One more season is not going to cut it I don't think. I miss Dexter too much.

  • pablohanc
    pablohanc15 hours ago

    Dexter was a great show....... that jumped the shark more than just about any other show ever. By the end, it was terrible.

  • Robert Koch
    Robert Koch15 hours ago

    not a reboot

  • ddm62571
    ddm6257115 hours ago

    Yes, the more Dexter the better!

  • Haru Krentz
    Haru Krentz15 hours ago

    Still waiting for GoT reboot.

  • Ivan Berchenko
    Ivan Berchenko16 hours ago

    my dark passenger is excited about the new season

  • Kostas Mad DJ
    Kostas Mad DJ16 hours ago

    Favourite tv show ever. Much underrated too. Its up there with all the greats

  • JDogg 1
    JDogg 117 hours ago

    What’s worthless video.

  • Adrees Mukhtar
    Adrees Mukhtar17 hours ago

    I love Dexter!!!!!! Can’t wait for it to come back!

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis17 hours ago

    I was always okay with the final season of Dexter. It left it open for what we're getting now which is what I wanted.

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis17 hours ago

    Season 1 is some of the best tv I've ever watched.

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis17 hours ago

    He's going by the author's name? That's funny.

  • Wise Krown
    Wise Krown18 hours ago

    God I love this show

  • Man with No Name
    Man with No Name18 hours ago

    Such a great fucking show for 4 seasons. Let’s hope they can handle this one correctly.

  • GucciXmouse
    GucciXmouse19 hours ago

    Is that a man or woman in the middle at the beginning of the clip ?

  • SterlingK Art
    SterlingK Art19 hours ago

    When they mention clancy brown, but NOT mr krabs in spongebob smh

  • rashawn evans
    rashawn evans19 hours ago

    Wonder if he's gonna keep he's code,and if he's son will follow in he's fathers foot steps.

  • Caligula Augustus
    Caligula Augustus20 hours ago

    Why? Dexter sucked.

  • Taylor Crook
    Taylor Crook20 hours ago

    but seriously the "no confirmed original cast" line is bullshit. i don't remember what point it was (not the video clip from james). like its not hard to google the fact that yvonne is confirmed to be in it. we got BTS pictures and she was in them on set.

  • Chris Hirner
    Chris Hirner20 hours ago

    You forgot Mr Krabbs, Clacy Browns finest role!

  • Wesley Fontenot
    Wesley Fontenot21 hour ago

    They should’ve remade it as Harrison’s story with Dexter as his passenger, Hannah as his mentor with Aster, Cody, & Rita’s memory as his coping mechanisms

  • KuGiCa Imp
    KuGiCa Imp21 hour ago


  • Elliot Buring
    Elliot Buring21 hour ago

    Maybe not Rita, but I’d totally be fine if Dexter got out of the shower and runs into his roommate Deb. Or was his spiritual guide.

  • Charity G
    Charity G22 hours ago

    I thought the ending was Alaska?

  • SFCD
    SFCD22 hours ago

    ohhh wow....really needs a doubledose....a continuation and a slight prequel so we can get Deb back.

  • The Alien
    The Alien22 hours ago

    Hey! I'm watching 24 right now lol

  • William Herman
    William Herman22 hours ago

    Michael C Hall vs Clancy Brown?!? Yeah, I'm all in!!!

  • K. Gambeezy
    K. Gambeezy22 hours ago

    "It just isnt Dexter without Michael C. Hall"... well...fuckin DUH, he's the titular character! smh

  • Caleb Waln
    Caleb Waln23 hours ago

    Hope deb comes back as a ghost like his dad was

  • TheePhantomShip
    TheePhantomShip23 hours ago

    season 2 season 1 season 4 season 7 (Doakes finale) season 3 season 5 season 8 season 6 honestly they should have just cut it after my first to 4 choices i hope this revival does it justice though

  • Gabriel Mozer
    Gabriel MozerDay ago

    if dexter dies im going to be really mad... Just want to see him go to Argentina :(

  • bigraviolees
    bigravioleesDay ago

    Kill evil. Start with every pig in the GOp

  • Hannibal Dexter
    Hannibal DexterDay ago

    I'm excited for this revival, so much can be done and love Dexter, now if only they would revive my other favorite show Hannibal it be epic! ❤

  • glenn verelst
    glenn verelstDay ago

    i actually liked the ending, knowing he would hurt indirectly everyone around him :( it makes sence he goes off alone :)

  • Robert McPhail
    Robert McPhailDay ago

    I could watch season 1-4 endlessly. However, the more I watch 5 and beyond, it gets really insufferable. The show becomes pretty ridiculous. Too many people know his secret and don't care, and the Dept he works in becomes the most inept Dept on the planet to not figure it out. Still one of my favorite shows, esp confining it to the first four seasons.

  • Anonymous Proxy
    Anonymous ProxyDay ago

    I fucking hope fucking Debra fucking Morgan is fucking back. She had 997 F-bombs on that show and she NEEDS to hit 1000. Plus: she's adorable.

  • Bill Randolph
    Bill RandolphDay ago

    All they had to do is remake the last 15 minutes of the last episode. Debra doesn't get a blood clot and lives and he and Hanna make it to Argentina but instead they are dragging out that horrible ending. It's like accidently stepping in dog poop but instead of wiping off your shoe you take it home and spread it all over your walls.

  • Mark Gladkikh
    Mark GladkikhDay ago

    i bet its going to be a movie

  • Angelica Pearson
    Angelica PearsonDay ago

    I am but I want the last season to a nightmare dexter had. Please make it be so!!!

  • Milissa Overshiner
    Milissa OvershinerDay ago

    Jim Lindsey must be a homage to the original author Jeff Lindsey!

  • smashcashone
    smashcashoneDay ago

    Not enough people are talking about this

  • Slideaway
    SlideawayDay ago

    Ive rewatched this fucking show like 7 times. No other show has ever got me so hooked like Dexter

  • The Alien

    The Alien

    22 hours ago

    Should try 24 or The walking Dead

  • Louise Nielsen
    Louise NielsenDay ago

    I will NOT be watching dexter without ANY of Jennifer Carpenter/Debra

  • Michael O'Dell
    Michael O'DellDay ago

    That last season was terrible and I can't see any way the can undo the crap that last season set in motion. Season 8 made me regret ever watching the show, with an ending like that.

  • robert oxsen
    robert oxsenDay ago

    Biggest continuity error of dexter: It is IMPOSSIBLE to speak to your dead father…. Obviously most serial killers in reality life get very deep psychological profiles… they never even eluded to dexter having any psychological issues at all…. It was just chopped up to “meh he just needs to kill people whatever” but seeing and speaking to ur dead dad like he’s standing right next to you? Is he crazy crazy or just a bit off? Is he schizophrenic or what?!

  • Bill Denny
    Bill DennyDay ago

    Yeah I definitely think Deb will be Dex's Light Passenger

  • Charisma's freaky mind
    Charisma's freaky mindDay ago

    Michael C. Hall I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this man is. He fought off cancer for the first few seasons of Dexter ( I'm not sure if he had cancer in the first season or not) he still kept going. He is an amazing singer it's almost like Bowie gave Michael his voice just before he passed his voice is uncanny to Bowie. I don't think there's nothing that Michael C. Hall can't do because he's extremely talented. I can't wait until the fall. I'll have to say though Dexter is up against one hell of an antagonist ( Clancy Brown). He definitely needs to watch his back. Clancy Brown in some of the roles I've seen him in is a mean s.o.b. So with that being said I am counting down the months until I get to see my favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan. 🔪🔪🔪


    Well well....looks like someones' careers went basically no where after Dexter...so back to Dexter. Hope it isnt "woke".



    Day ago

    @Manasa Shastry lol you seem triggered and confused. Not one main actor did anything as successful as Dexter after it ended. Get my point, sweetheart?

  • Manasa Shastry

    Manasa Shastry

    Day ago

    RU kidding? you don't have any idea do you🤣 the show was a super-success when it ran, n even today MANY would watch if any network were to retelecast.. 👆🏼every cast-member(main-leads especially) must've made a "shit-ton"/"shit-load"(in Debra's words..) that they wouldn't have to work again rest of their lives👐🏼.......

  • Ilhaam Foster
    Ilhaam FosterDay ago

    There aren't many series I've cried for.... but when Dexters wife was killed and he found his son sitting on the bathroom floor in her blood.... OMG I cried as if MY mother died 😢😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ilhaam Foster
    Ilhaam FosterDay ago

    Thank you. I needed any reason to download and rewatch the original series 💕💯 not that I needed a reason.

  • Ilhaam Foster
    Ilhaam FosterDay ago


  • Alpha Gamer
    Alpha GamerDay ago

    it is clear to everyone that the only way you can end dexter is by either killing him or having him put in prison for the rest of his life, because while he remains alive and free, he is always going to succumb to his killer urges, but its more than likely going to end with him dead, because its the most guaranteed way for there to be closure and a justified sentence for all his crimes

  • Jirm Tx
    Jirm TxDay ago

    I just figured he went on to kill serial killers up north, while being a lumberjack.

  • Robert Patrick Atmojo
    Robert Patrick AtmojoDay ago

    Lol what about Mr Krabs

  • Take The Red Pill
    Take The Red PillDay ago

    I'm beyond psyched for this. Unfortunately, this is how they will "f" it up. They will fill it with NWO woke propaganda They will make his relationship with some woman the center of the story They will not remember the core of the reason why this show is loved. There are truly EVIL people in this world and Dexter kills them for us. Most people can't consciously accept that there are actually EVIL, not just bad, people in the world. Nevertheless, subconsciously they know it's true and Dexter makes them feel safe at that level and they love him for that.

  • Flip Enell
    Flip EnellDay ago

    CLANCY.... yes!!

  • Hades 88
    Hades 88Day ago

    It's season 9, it's not a reboot...

  • S E
    S EDay ago

    Lets hope Dexter teaches Harrison the code before he dies, paving the way for Dexter the next generation

  • OisEasyKhalisi JaLogoKhalDrogo
    OisEasyKhalisi JaLogoKhalDrogoDay ago

    I want a season where Dexter goes for Joe from You

  • OisEasyKhalisi JaLogoKhalDrogo
    OisEasyKhalisi JaLogoKhalDrogoDay ago

    It's the "El Camino" of Dexter

  • Per-Christian Martinussen
    Per-Christian MartinussenDay ago

    Hell yeah this is great can wait to watch this

  • R_apt_ure
    R_apt_ureDay ago

    Time for me to dust off my Dexter DVD collection and watch it all again. This is one of my all time favorite shows, I can't wait for the return of Dexter Morgan.

  • The Big Vacok
    The Big VacokDay ago

    5:36 that’s not Julia Jones, it’s Kelsey Asbille, although they were in the same movie ❤️

  • Gillian warren
    Gillian warrenDay ago

    Bring it on - LOVE DEXTER.

  • Peter Breen
    Peter BreenDay ago

    Deb could be the new harry!

  • Gaurav Dawadee
    Gaurav DawadeeDay ago

    Imo, it will be like Fargo, cold and dead yet warm with hopefulness.

  • Eric Mckinney
    Eric MckinneyDay ago

    Bro in the middle is wearing a blouse?

  • Ken Keniff
    Ken KeniffDay ago

    You can't count the star of the show as one of things you know about the reboot. Because, fucking duh. Also, Lindsay is the name of the author of the Dexter novels the show is based on. JFC

  • Khalid Arman
    Khalid ArmanDay ago

    dexter must never end

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark JacksonDay ago

    --- Everything we know about Dexter Reboot. It's gonna be woke, it's gonna pander to China, it's going to be the bad 'left' kind of diverse and inclusive, need I go on? Just imagine season 8 with wokeness. Then try not to hang yourself.

  • Becky Bowker
    Becky BowkerDay ago

    I would love to have Dexter back for ever!

  • francis p
    francis pDay ago

    stop with the goddamn reboots.

  • SwtorBro
    SwtorBroDay ago

    Yes cant wait

  • Dee Kay
    Dee KayDay ago

    best part is that ritas dead and she won't suck the energy out of every scene like a soulless vampire...

  • Mestoe
    MestoeDay ago

    Clancy Brown also played Mr Krabbs on Spongebob!

  • Larry Hayes
    Larry HayesDay ago

    I think with the original director and writer it will be good. I think what the original director had in mind of Dexter visualizing his past crimes or flashbacks as he is on the table about to get lethal injection would serve the show justice. However the electric chair could be a option too because Harry is always reminded him don't get caught or you'll get the chair. Ultimately I hope Dexter lives to kill another day, the series is one of the best of all time.

  • David Khalili
    David Khalili2 days ago

    First victim in new season should be season 8 writer

  • Juan Azpiri
    Juan Azpiri2 days ago


  • Batnano
    Batnano2 days ago

    the guy's talking about how the series is in present day with the same character, like a sequel this channel: DEXTER REBOOT

  • Batnano


    6 hours ago

    @Robert Lewis read the title

  • Robert Lewis

    Robert Lewis

    17 hours ago

    I'm usually unimpressed with this channel but they are calling it a revival. Not a reboot.

  • Stephen McCulley
    Stephen McCulley2 days ago

    Hi. My name is Dexter. Hi Dexter.. Well it's been years since I killed anyone, so there is that.. ?????? You mean this isn't Serial killer's Anonymous?