Every MCU Movie Ranked

An epic franchise deserves a super-sized list! For this list, we’ll be deciding how the 23 Marvel Cinematic Universe releases so far stack up against each other. Our countdown includes "Iron Man", "Avengers: Endgame", "Thor", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Captain America: Civil War", and more! Which MCU movie do you think is underrated? Let us know in the comments!

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  • WatchMojo.com
    WatchMojo.com10 days ago

    For everything MCU, check out our playlist!: usplan.info/two/video/mKCY15GJYI7XaJo.html How does your ranking compare with ours??!

  • Josh Fincham

    Josh Fincham

    Day ago

    This is a terrible list sorry. Usually you do great on these. This one is awful.

  • Yannick O.

    Yannick O.

    2 days ago

    I actually like Thor dark world very much but what do I know ? :)

  • Stone Chen

    Stone Chen

    5 days ago

    Mine is quite close. 1. Avengers: Endgame [2019] 2. Captain America: Civil War [2016] 3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier [2014] 4. Avengers: Infinity War [2018] 5. The Avengers [2012] 6. Iron Man [2008] 7. Guardians of the Galaxy [2014] 8. Thor: Ragnarok [2017] 9. Spider-Man: Homecoming [2017] 10. Black Panther [2018] 11. Spider-Man: Far From Home [2019] 12. Ant-man [2015] 13. Captain America: The First Avenger [2011] 14. Doctor Strange [2016] 15. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 [2017] 16. Avengers: Age of Ultron [2015] 17. Captain Marvel [2019] 18. Iron Man 3 [2013] 19. Ant-man and the Wasp [2018] 20. Thor [2011] 21. Iron Man 2 [2010] 22. The Incredible Hulk [2008] 23. Thor: The Dark World [2013] Major differences: I don't rank Black Pather (10 vs 4) as high nor Captain Marvel as low (17 vs 20). The order of the top 5 is hard to pin down, one day I like this one better, the next day maybe not as much. Endgame is my #1 because it's just so satisfying and so grand.

  • Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez

    6 days ago

    Won't you stop doing clickbait?!

  • Bouwe Van der Laan

    Bouwe Van der Laan

    6 days ago

    This list isn’t that good

  • James Hammonds
    James Hammonds32 minutes ago

    What do I look for in a MCU movie you ask? One word: Spider-man

  • Fractured Wolf
    Fractured WolfHour ago

    Thor 1 is underrated, Ant Man and the Wasp is a real delight, the more you watch gotg 2 the better it gets, Far from home should be top 5, captain america 1 should be higher, doctor strange is overrated, spiderman 1 is also underrated, thor ragnorak is overrated, black panther is overrated (should be between 5 and 10), Endgame should be top spot, civil war should also be between 5 and 10, this list is respectable but definitely not accurate if you ask me

  • Julia
    JuliaHour ago

    Honestly, as campy as it can be, I think my favorite MCU movie is probably the first avengers. It’s the movie that really kicked things off and set the ball rolling in the MCU.

  • DatGuyErik
    DatGuyErik4 hours ago

    Do people really think iron man 3 was good???

  • Andrew Kelder
    Andrew Kelder10 hours ago

    Endgame is #1

  • Lee Borris Lacerna
    Lee Borris Lacerna11 hours ago

    When the venom movie isn't in this list "sad venom noises"

  • Giammarco Missiaglia
    Giammarco Missiaglia14 hours ago

    23 captain marvel 22 ironman 2 21 thor the dark world 20 thor 19 ant-man and the wasp 18 black panther 17 ant-man 16 spiderman homecoming 15 the incredible hulk 14 ironman 3 13 spiderman far from home 12 guardians of the galaxy vol 1 11 guardians of the galaxy vol 2 10 doctor strange 9 thor ragnarok 8 captain america the first avenger 7 avengers age of ultron (EXCELLENT MOVIES) 6 IRONMAN 5 CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR 4 AVENGERS INFINITY WAR 3 THE AVENGERS 2 AVENGERS ENDGAME 1 CAPTAIN AMERICA THE WINTER SOLDIER

  • Ihihnhihn Uh ugbuhbuhbuhb
    Ihihnhihn Uh ugbuhbuhbuhb20 hours ago

    Black panther is waaaaayyy too high

  • Austin Alexander
    Austin Alexander22 hours ago

    Anyone else think Iron Man 3 is the worst movie in the entire MCU? I'm sorry, but, that Mandarin twist sunk the entire movie for me. I loved seeing Tony get himself through situations without his armor, but, damn, did Shane Black drop the ball.

  • AJR4 3269
    AJR4 326922 hours ago

    Now rank all of the MCU tv shows

  • Nicholas Jones
    Nicholas JonesDay ago

    I have a lot of issues with this list. Now I personally would have Endgame at number 1, but I don't tags issue with anyone Infinity War above it. However, there's no way Civil War is better than Endgame. It shouldn't even be in the top 5 as Black Panther, Winter Soldier and Ragnarok are all better movies in every way. And I would also move Doctor Strange down a few slots and Thor as well. Ironman 3 should be higher as if it wasn't for the Mandarin twist, it wouldn't been a great movie

  • izaya_
    izaya_Day ago

    My personal top 3 1. Endgame 2. Thor Ragnarok 3. Infinity War

  • Reif E
    Reif EDay ago

    I agree with the captain marvel ranking. The film was just bland, the stakes didn’t feel important. If the film had a better script and a more visionary director the film could have been epic like Wonder Woman 2017.

  • Simone Sivori
    Simone SivoriDay ago

    Now I want Star Wars

  • Ross Mullen
    Ross MullenDay ago

    I'll probably get flack for this but I feel Black Panther is the most overrated mcu film. In my opinion it's about No. 15 in my list

  • Michelle Opoku
    Michelle OpokuDay ago

    How the hell is Captain Marvel worse than Thor?!

  • AsthenicEel13
    AsthenicEel13Day ago

    No 23 should have been Captain Marvel

  • nooboi
    nooboiDay ago

    My (Extremely Controversial) Ranking would be: 23. Captain Marvel 22. Iron Man 2 21. Thor: The Dark World 20. Captain America: The First Avenger 19. Ant-Man and the Wasp 18. Thor 17. The Incredible Hulk 16. Avengers: Endgame 15. Spider-Man: Homecoming 14. Black Panther 13. Doctor Strange 12. Guardians of the Galaxy 11. Iron Man 3 10. Spider-Man: Far From Home 9. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 8. Captain America: Civil War 7. Thor: Ragnarok 6. Ant-Man 5. The Avengers 4. Avengers: Age of Ultron 3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2. Iron Man 1. Avengers: Infinity War

  • landoc05
    landoc05Day ago

    Captain Marvel is a dire film. Nothing works in it, not the pace, not the plot, not the acting. I'm no fan of the MCU or even comic books in general, but the Infinity War/Endgame diptych is a good one, specially the Infinity War part (everybody knew it was going to get fixed with time travel after). The two Guardians of the Galaxy films are, however, IMO, the most likely to stand the test of time. A good film is more than the effects or even the story. GotG contains philosophy and touches deeper themes.

  • Jordan Martinez
    Jordan MartinezDay ago

    6. Winter Soldier?????? What a joke

  • Ronnie Mills
    Ronnie MillsDay ago

    This is by far the highest I've ever seen Civil War ranked

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon11302 days ago

    According to whom?

  • Sketchy Punch8
    Sketchy Punch82 days ago

    most underrated movie is far from home. top 5 mcu movie imo

  • Jade Combs
    Jade Combs2 days ago

    Hi! I love watching Watch Mojo and Ms Mojo videos but I would like to see more representation when it comes to the black community and our media. There are countless black tv shows, movies, influencers, trends and sites that you all could make plenty of lists about. That also goes for Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern peoples. We all make so much art and our influences go so far. Please make more videos with different cultures and races represented. We would really appreciate it so much. Thanks!

    SHAGGY BANSTER2 days ago

    Most of the lists one movie ranking is common at last : Thor : the dark...

  • DaBrain2578
    DaBrain25782 days ago

    Black Panter was a good movie, but I would still rank it way lower. It glorified the POC aspect way that felt like it was trying to they were trying to cash in with it. I think playing down that aspect would have sent a better and more modern message. In the end the color of your skin should not matter either way. I guess we are not that far yet. Civil War did that a lot better if you ask me. In that movie Black Panter was a hero just like they others. I would have ranked the first Avengers movie higher. Still feels like one of the best movies to me. Even though it feels a bit outdated now with Thor having changed so much.

  • Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson2 days ago

    Top 5: 1•Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2•Avengers: Endgame 3•Avengers: Infinity War 4•Thor: Ragnarok 5•Captain America: Civil War

  • EnderSlayer14
    EnderSlayer142 days ago

    My personal top five are 1: Captain America 2 2: Iron Man 3 3: Endgame 4:Captain America 3 5: Thor 3

  • UBI fan25
    UBI fan252 days ago

    I still think Incredible Hulk is underrated man I love that movie as much as the original Iron man and Iron man 3 is still one of if not my favourite MCU movie

  • Herb Coswell
    Herb Coswell2 days ago

    My list: 1. Infinity War 2. Captain America Civil War 3. GOTG Vol. 2 4. GOTG 5. Thor Ragnarok 6. The Avengers 7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 8. Avengers Endgame 9. Iron Man 10. Spiderman Far From Home 11. Black Panther 12. Doctor Strange 13. Iron Man 3 14. Thor 15. Avengers Age of Ultron 16. Spiderman Homecoming 17. Ant-Man 18. Captain America: The First Avenger 19. Ant-Man and the Wasp 20. Iron Man 2 21. Captain Marvel 22. Thor The Dark World 23. The Incredible Hulk

  • Herb Coswell
    Herb Coswell2 days ago

    Okay I'm sorry, but Iron Man 3 is way too low, that film is extremely underrated. FFH and Gaurdians 2 are also too low.

  • The Joker
    The Joker3 days ago

    I have never been so disgusted ever. How do you place Age of Ultron in 16th. That movie is a classic. It’s easily top 3.

  • The Joker
    The Joker3 days ago

    Endgame 11/10. Infinity war 10/10. Age of ultron 9.8/10. Civil war 9.7/10. Winter solider 9.7/10. Avengers assemble 9.6/10. Antman 9.5/10. Black panther 9.5/10 Incredible Hulk 9.5/10. Ironman 3 9.5/10. Ironman 2 9.3/10. Captain Marvel 9.2/10. Guardians of the galaxy 9.2/10 First Avenger 9.2/10 Ironman 9.1/10. Thor dark world 9.1/10. Spiderman homecoming 9/10. Thor 9/10 Guardians of the galaxy 2 8.9/10. Doctor strange 8.8/10. Antman and wasp 8.7/10. Thor Ragnarok 8.7/10. Far from home 8.1/10.

  • Chris Howard
    Chris Howard3 days ago

    You got the top 3 right I just think endgame is #2. I know everyone loves black panther but there’s no way it’s above winter soldier or GOTG.

  • Alexis Yañez
    Alexis Yañez3 days ago

    Why hated The incredible hulk I liked the movie

  • Flat Capp
    Flat Capp3 days ago

    I don’t see how civil war is #2

  • Anit Das
    Anit Das3 days ago

    Am I the only one to 99% agree with this list?

  • Donny Ohakam
    Donny Ohakam3 days ago

    The Incredible Hulk deserves to be placed higher. That movie was actually pretty good. Better, at least, than Iron Man 2.

  • Ashley Jackson
    Ashley Jackson3 days ago

    I know I will get alot of hate but I think Thor The Dark World Is underrated.

    DRAKE JACKSON3 days ago

    I think age pf ultron should have been alot higher it was definitely better then avengers

  • S Harris
    S Harris3 days ago

    I somehow agree with the list, even tho Endgame is my personal favourite movie but a solid list and happy with it

  • guillermo mendoza
    guillermo mendoza3 days ago

    The narrow specialist perplexingly hand because icon steadily land to a garrulous cherry. fortunate, hypnotic morning

  • Goldman
    Goldman3 days ago

    Number 1- Martine Scorsese

  • ?????
    ?????3 days ago

    i love all MCU movies

  • Jordan Venning
    Jordan Venning3 days ago

    Iron Man 3 is the most underrated MCU movie

  • Royston Fernandes
    Royston Fernandes3 days ago

    I like The Incredible Hulk better than Captain Marvel

  • R070 Vedant Bakshi
    R070 Vedant Bakshi3 days ago

    My Ranking would be- 23. Captain Marvel 22. Thor: The Dark World 21. Ant-Man and the Wasp 20. Iron Man 2 19. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 18. Avengers: Age of Ultron 17. Thor 16. Captain America: The First Avenger 15. The Incredible Hulk 14. Iron Man 3 13. Black Panther 12. Doctor Strange 11. Ant-Man 10. Spider-Man: Homecoming 9. Captain America: Civil War 8. Spider-Man: Far From Home 7. Guardians of the Galaxy 6. Thor: Ragnarok 5. Iron Man 4. Avengers: Endgame 3. The Avengers 2. Avengers: Infinity War 1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  • John James Edwards
    John James Edwards3 days ago

    I have to agree with this one. #1 has to be either Infinity War or Endgame.

  • Angel Solis
    Angel Solis3 days ago

    The Incredible Hulk EASILY hand's down the most underrated MCU movie!!!!!!!

  • Edwin Guzman
    Edwin Guzman3 days ago

    Thor ragnarok is overrated!!!!!

  • house of LEVI's bricks
    house of LEVI's bricks3 days ago

    I absolutely love iron man 3

  • D3adp00l324
    D3adp00l3244 days ago

    Okay, WatchMojo, you got this list mostly right but here's how it shoulda been: 1) Endgame 2) Infinity War 3) Civil War 4) Winter Soldier 5) Homecoming Because let's be honest: that Black Panther CGI looked kinda cheap R.I.P. Chadwick 😢

  • Eric Bouchard
    Eric Bouchard4 days ago

    Well, they got one thing right: Infinity War is better than End Game.

  • Edward Hutchinson
    Edward Hutchinson4 days ago

    This is a pretty good take on my list as well. Capt Marvel should have been low, Civil War was balanced high. Good job Mojo

  • Jonathan Monroe
    Jonathan Monroe4 days ago

    I get that these are just opinions but having infinity war over civil war, winter soldier, and guardians 1 is criminal

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne4 days ago

    I wish the Netflix characters got more attention

  • buzzyUK
    buzzyUK4 days ago

    How you could put tripe like Iron Man 3 above Captain Marvel is mad to me.....Shane Black is an awful director and person (see his forcing lead actress to work with a sexual criminal in Predator). Captain Marvel was super entertaining, gave greater context and amazing seeing the first solo female MCU superhero film take form.

  • Media Maniac!
    Media Maniac!4 days ago

    Overrated: Black Panther Underrated: Iron Man 3

  • Media Maniac!

    Media Maniac!

    4 days ago

    @Summer Tyme I’m not saying Black Panther isn’t a decent movie, but so many people act like it’s the Second Coming…ignore the “cultural significance”, and judge it on its own merits, and it’s just another MCU film. Has a great villain in Killmonger and some great world building, etc. And Iron Man 3 is not a good MCU film, but I think the high point is the second act, and how it treats Tony’s PTSD. Didn’t care for the third act, but not because of the Mandarin twist; Guy Pearce is another Riddler or Syndrome type villain. It’s better than some people give it credit for, and doesn’t take itself as seriously as Black Panther.

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

    4 days ago

    Black Panther was great. Trevor Slattery is an underrated villain - but he is just about the only worthwhile thing in Iron Man 3.

  • Marmalade Timmons
    Marmalade Timmons4 days ago

    How the hell is civil war better than endgame??

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

    4 days ago

    They need a little controversy. The film are all in the top 5. They already did an Endgame vs. Infinity War battle, and *Endgame won.*

  • Richard Jarden
    Richard Jarden4 days ago

    Most overrated: Black Panther Most underrated: Ant-Man and the Wasp One issue that they have in common: If the bane of the modern action film is the endless, shapeless, CGI-animation action sequence, Black Panther's has a yawn-inducing lack of suspense or verisimilitude (shocking after Creed proved Ryan Coogler's mastery of fight scenes), whereas Ant-Man 2's climax is a constant joy (although Endgame did it best). Worth mentioning is that 4 of the top 6 on this list were directed by the Russo Brothers.

  • kashaan Ali siddqui
    kashaan Ali siddqui4 days ago

    Homecoming Ranked Higher then Far from home? Yeah no... This tier list sucks

  • Movie Reviews
    Movie Reviews4 days ago

    More Movies @UCWih0z1dNaJ84ky-gT6NZhw/videos

  • Damien Crespan
    Damien Crespan4 days ago

    This list was bogus. Ragnarok and Black Panther above Winter Soldier? Don't think so. And as great as IW is, it ain't number one.

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

    4 days ago

    I disagree I think all the films you mention above are better than Winter Soldier which I also like. Winter Soldier is the film most like a standard action film, and least like a super hero film, which is why it is at the top of so many lists.

  • אורי פאר
    אורי פאר4 days ago

    This video caused me to unsubscribe watchomojo's channel...

  • Snake Eater MCOC
    Snake Eater MCOC4 days ago

    Black Panther was a very average movie. Does not belong in the top 10. Killmonger is badass but that’s the only good part of the movie... Iron man 3 deserves more love. Top 15 at least. This list is just horrible

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

    4 days ago

    T’Challa is also badass. Shuri is awesome. M’Baku is awesome too.

  • Maka Melikishvili
    Maka Melikishvili4 days ago

    Spider-Man Far From Home should be higher on the list, I love Black Panter both as a movie and a character but its way to high on the list, Infinity War is probably beter than Endgame, but no matter what, Endgame should be 1#

  • Zachary Beasley
    Zachary Beasley4 days ago

    Captain Marvel being behind Iron Man 3 and Ant Man 2 invalidates this entire list.

  • Giulio Monti
    Giulio Monti4 days ago

    Shit list

  • The Animal Kingdom
    The Animal Kingdom4 days ago

    Do you think captain Marvel is better than iron man 2

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

    4 days ago

    Iron Man 2 has the great Black Widow scene but the villain is near the bottom on the list of MCU villains. And the story is centered around the villain.

  • ThatNativeGamer
    ThatNativeGamer4 days ago

    I Love Captain Marvel. I dont care if it's just me.

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

    4 days ago

    The film made a billion bucks and got an A rating in CinemaScore and ‘above average’ 79% critics rating, so it’s not just you.

  • jamesck 755
    jamesck 7554 days ago

    How the fuck is Infinity War number one

  • Torstein Leosson
    Torstein Leosson4 days ago

    Come on Thor the dark world was beter than Iron Man 3...

  • ravula seshasai
    ravula seshasai4 days ago

    U can't do honorable mentions in this video

  • ShayW541
    ShayW5414 days ago

    The video with Tom Holland asking Rebecca Brayton to do the intro is cute.

  • Ultimate Magneto
    Ultimate Magneto4 days ago

    Thor the dark world is the most underrated. I liked it better than the first one.

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez4 days ago

    Thor the dark world perfect start

  • Ari Shore
    Ari Shore4 days ago

    Captain America winter soldier 1 infinity war 2 Spider-Man no way home 3civil war 4 Ironman 5 captain America first avenger.

  • ThatNerdGuyJohnny
    ThatNerdGuyJohnny4 days ago

    Guardians 2 is insultingly low

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

    4 days ago

    I agree. I like 2 better than 1. Ego and Yondu + Gomora vs. Nebula + Baby Groot….and it’s the best looking MCU film yet. Ronin was just another generic villain.

  • Ashie Hakoto
    Ashie Hakoto4 days ago

    stop ya right there killmonger. 2 billion? we're sitting at about 8 billion right now. so we just counting people of african descent, I.E. the african continent in that number? I get the whole black panther BLM thing, but depending how you slice it, if its about race and minority.... and yeah, it's probably a loaded question, but... how are we slicing that 25% you're talking about? unless you think it's 7.6 billion which was about the number in 2008 if I remember correctly, which brings it up to about 28%? but yeah are we classing race by color, and what's the lines? are hawaiians now classed as asian? jamaikans and haitians are now african because of dark swarthy skin? pre colonial americas original peoples as well as say, austrailian first nations are now classed in the same group as north american first nations? and "whites" are everyone of european and russian ancestry, and and whatever chunk of wherever arabia and persia used to be all in one group, or...? that's the thing about trying to define race and ratial/ethnic groups; it's never clear cut where exactly you draw the lines, and there's A LOT of overlap. again loaded topic. best a mutt like me avoid it altogether.

  • Charlie
    Charlie4 days ago

    My rankings: 23-The Incredible Hulk 22-Thor: The Dark World 21-Iron Man 2 20-Captain Marvel 19-Iron Man 3 18-Thor 17-Spider-Man: Far From Home 16-Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 15-Doctor Strange 14-Black Panther 13-Ant-Man and The Wasp 12-Avengers: Age of Ultron 11-Thor: Ragnarok 10-Ant-Man 9-Spider-Man: Homecoming 8-Captain America: Civil War 7-Captain America: The First Avenger 6-Iron Man 5-Avengers: Infinity War 4-The Avengers 3-Guardians of the Galaxy 2-Avengers: Endgame 1-Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  • Thatch Akiki
    Thatch Akiki5 days ago

    The Ant man movies should have been a little higher on the list

  • Wayne Wallace
    Wayne Wallace5 days ago

    Winter solider at 6 is insane

    NOSTALGIA FAN 965 days ago

    Putting black panther at #4 is laughable

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

    4 days ago

    It’s number #1 all time on Rotten Tomatoes for live action hero films. So who’s laughing at whom? You mad bro? 😂

  • ignacio a
    ignacio a5 days ago

    Winter soldier number 6 come on !!!! You are crazy its the number 1 by far

  • William Mulloy
    William Mulloy5 days ago

    Black Panther. Nuff Said

  • The patten Slice9900
    The patten Slice99005 days ago

    Far from home dark world captain marvel iron man 3 are bad movies

  • The patten Slice9900

    The patten Slice9900

    4 days ago

    @Summer Tyme captain marvel is not good or Thor the dark world specially far from home bad moviesb

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

    4 days ago

    Only Iron Man 3 is bad.

  • abishek kuga
    abishek kuga5 days ago

    25. The Incredible Hulk 24. Captain Marvel 23. Thor: The Dark World 22. Captain America: The First Avenger 21. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 20. Iron Man 19. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier 18. Iron Man 2 17. Iron Man 3 16. Thor 15. WandaVision 14. Black Panther 13. Captain America: Civil War 12. Spider-Man: Homecoming 11. Guardians Of The Galaxy 10. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 09. Ant-Man 08. Spider-Man: Far From Home 07. Ant-Man And The Wasp 06. Doctor Strange 05. Thor: Ragnarok 04. The Avengers 03. Avengers: Age Of Ultron 02. Avengers: Infinity War 01. Avengers: Endgame

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

    4 days ago

    Putting all the Avengers at the top is just funny, so I gave you a thumbs up. 😂

  • The patten Slice9900

    The patten Slice9900

    5 days ago

    Wtf is this list

  • Mathew Adamson
    Mathew Adamson5 days ago

    Iron Man 3 is way worse than Iron Man 2 and Capt. Marvel. Thor (1) is worse than Capt. Marvel.

  • Retro Samson
    Retro Samson5 days ago

    Every time I see, hear, or think about the name Black Panther I feel hollow inside. R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

  • Marcus Aguilar
    Marcus Aguilar5 days ago

    Avengers Endgame should be at #1 😡

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

    4 days ago

    Yes. 😎

  • The patten Slice9900

    The patten Slice9900

    5 days ago


  • Alberto Welch jr
    Alberto Welch jr5 days ago

    There is so much wrong in this antman should not be better than far from home like really and the winter soilder why is it 6 no hate or anything but that is crazy

  • Summer Tyme

    Summer Tyme

    4 days ago

    Winter Soldier isn’t the best MCU film. It’s just the film that most resembles a standard action film. That was very *smart* by the way, since this film made Steve Rogers a character to be taken seriously and not a joke. Not saying the film is flawed in any way - just saying other films do more and take more chances with more difficult material.

  • PvtGermanWagz
    PvtGermanWagz5 days ago

    What is up with critics and movie USplan channels always plays same black panther in the top three? It’s barely in the top 10 according to just about every audience member. It’s like they’re afraid that if they don’t place at the top three they’ll be labeled a racist or something.

  • Aaron Bethel
    Aaron Bethel5 days ago

    Far From Home is too low and Black Panther is too high. Other than that, solid list

  • Aditya Malhotra
    Aditya Malhotra5 days ago

    There should be a movie with korg and luis

  • JCobraGaming
    JCobraGaming5 days ago

    Winter Soldier should’ve been higher

  • TheTaskmaster
    TheTaskmaster5 days ago

    yes, even Thor: The Dark World is better than all other non-MCU Marvel-based flicks for me

  • nooboi


    Day ago

    logan, DOFP, spider-man 2, X2?

  • CCL Studios
    CCL Studios5 days ago

    Incredible Hulk is underrated as hell

  • Noland55
    Noland555 days ago

    The last should be Endgame. Just an opinion. Love them all.

  • Noland55


    5 days ago

    Wrong video

  • Jerome Campbell
    Jerome Campbell5 days ago

    I like civil war, but hell no!, it should not be this high up.. so many plot holes, so many uncharacteristic behaviors to force an avengers vs avengers fight, top 10 is debatable, def not better than endgame, or ragnarok