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  • Crystal Cannady
    Crystal Cannady9 hours ago

    😢 i miss him

  • I Am Bored Animation's
    I Am Bored Animation's9 hours ago

    There was never a death most satisfying then dios death

  • dementedfurbie
    dementedfurbie9 hours ago

    I had my fingers slammed in a car door when I was about 8. Not fun.

  • pr0jectSkyneT
    pr0jectSkyneT9 hours ago

    People mad that The Last Samurai was an honorable mention but I'm mad Samurai Cop was left out. In all seriousness though Ran should've been on here.

  • Novlex Jr
    Novlex Jr9 hours ago

    Rip Grant Imahara

  • Julius Cruz
    Julius Cruz9 hours ago

    Omg I love Egypt thank for making this 🇪🇬 how with me...oh nobody

  • Himashi Silva
    Himashi Silva9 hours ago

    What about juggernaut?

  • Patrick Jones
    Patrick Jones9 hours ago

    Ippo vs sendo 2

  • S P A W N
    S P A W N9 hours ago

    Where is the predator from 1987???

  • MikeBeast
    MikeBeast9 hours ago

    MJ & juice 🙏

  • ben Jovi
    ben Jovi9 hours ago

    i really hope you're actually paying the artist for useing his background music and you're not just useing it in exchange for "exposure"

  • MADBD619
    MADBD6199 hours ago


  • enslaved by fans
    enslaved by fans9 hours ago

    How can you all really be sure that these extinct species really went extinct completely

  • R A
    R A9 hours ago

    Let’s not forget ol Steve contributed to blm… let that sink in for minute.

  • Erik Thompson
    Erik Thompson9 hours ago

    "Co-ed fever" sounds like a porno. As a matter of fact, that title was used for an actual porno the very next year after this tv-show that never was. Yeah, I know, of all the trivia ...

    CRITIC ARTIST9 hours ago

    High school of the dead’s created died, and the company didint feel like creating another season.

  • enslaved by fans
    enslaved by fans9 hours ago

    How can we be sure that someone sperm did not impregnate a female whale how can we know if that did not happen and if it biologically would it work they look between people and whale

  • Brad Packq
    Brad Packq9 hours ago

    1. Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion 2. Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters 3. 2001: A Space Odyssey 4. Solaris 5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless 6. Stalker 7. Chungking Express 8. The Human Condition 9. Fireworks 10. Andrei Rublev 11. Barton Fink 12. The Ascent 13. American Beauty 14. Love Exposure 15. Harakiri 16. Woman in the Dunes 17. Persona 18. There Will Be Blood 19. Adaptation. 20. Fantastic Planet

  • Edite Costa
    Edite Costa9 hours ago

    YES! Portugal in first place and for good reasons ;) just to say that that was a revolution made without a shot being shot and it's known has the carnation (flower) revolution, to this date carnations are the symbol of freedom and democracie .

  • qazlll456
    qazlll4569 hours ago

    dam you all the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiana Hill
    Tiana Hill9 hours ago

    “Confronting a Serial Killer” on STARZ was good

  • Lars Hoffmann
    Lars Hoffmann9 hours ago

    Righty Right? Right, right. - Clockwork Orange. Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a Spider Pig does. - The Simpsons movie. You owe me a 10 second ride - The Fast and the Furious.

  • Lautaro Conde
    Lautaro Conde9 hours ago

    what hapened to shake it of

  • Mahmoud Nofal
    Mahmoud Nofal9 hours ago

    Just imagine if Jason statham was in a horror movie 😂

  • Lucas Henrique
    Lucas Henrique9 hours ago

    Wings of Desire is underrated by the community.

  • SupaManGuy
    SupaManGuy9 hours ago

    Money for nothing was so ahead of its time

  • TruckX
    TruckX9 hours ago

    I've got a theory about final wars and that is that I think final wars is the original Godzilla and the reason final wars Godzilla is so slender and thin is because he gave some radiation to his son which is why he is an adult in Godzilla 2000 and because he lost radiation during the meltdown and the reason why he has spiral breath (which is what Burning Godzilla had) was because the meltdown gave it to him. But that's my theory for my It's the only explanation that I can think of.

  • Ross Eisenschenk
    Ross Eisenschenk9 hours ago

    Another "reboot" no one asked for

  • Dray Barrett
    Dray Barrett9 hours ago

    No matta wah uno seh goku oh always oh be the number one uno cya see dat the more him fight the stronger him become or get a new from till dem cant stop him

  • Abis
    Abis9 hours ago


  • Frank Scuderi
    Frank Scuderi9 hours ago

    I have been a guitar player 57 years ,I am 66 now and I can say to make a list like this needs to be in pubic opinion as a vote . But that won't even do it ,cause who would vote and who didn't . So in greatest top 20, I feel it will always be in the heart and eye of the individual. WHAT makes a great guitarist is you in how that guitar player makes you feel in the emotions of your heart and no one could take that away from you. T o me thats how I would rule that from my heart. I could go on how E. VH makes me , or how I relate Iommi, May , L. West, Jimmy H. Eric C , ON and ON and ON. IT'S in our own hearts that makes that list of guitar greats ,that's the way I feel about that. Check me out you tube BLACK SABBATH PIZZA I play guitar and theirs a story about me I think you will like it.

  • Alex Shin
    Alex Shin9 hours ago

    Vanilla Ice vs Polnareff deserves a spot.

  • Cool Breeze 2.0
    Cool Breeze 2.09 hours ago

    The Cabin in the Woods is one of my favorite movies. Watched it many times.

  • Initial A
    Initial A9 hours ago

    Film like 'memento' cannot be remade.

  • the epic gamer
    the epic gamer9 hours ago

    No one not even a single soul ever ever ever Flynn I am Scottish

  • Mahmoud Nofal
    Mahmoud Nofal9 hours ago

    Jason statham is by far my number 1 favorite actor ever

  • Dare - wait for it - Devil
    Dare - wait for it - Devil9 hours ago

    If All Might vs. All for One is not in there I call bullshit.

  • Jaimie Clark-Boutcher
    Jaimie Clark-Boutcher9 hours ago

    Randy had a cancer scare in home improvement. I think that was a lot more serious than finding weed.

  • waseem doqmaq
    waseem doqmaq9 hours ago

    yo this is a joke iraq 2007 easily the greatest underdog story and the greatest sport story

  • UserNotFound
    UserNotFound9 hours ago

    Nice top ten but they didn't have much affect on me

  • Jacky6698
    Jacky66989 hours ago

    i'm here because wesker is going to be black at netflix

  • MADBD619
    MADBD6199 hours ago

    I guess some anime fights don’t always end on a high note, do they?

  • Zsa Heemer
    Zsa Heemer9 hours ago

    Does every movie have to be so damn dramatic for it to be a gem? Like cmon all these movies sound the same. No comedies? Action? Horror? Just all depressing movies. Smh

  • Emiliano Acosta
    Emiliano Acosta9 hours ago

    Haruhi Susumiya??

  • Barry MacOkiner
    Barry MacOkiner9 hours ago

    Jews not on the list?

  • Hanzo Zer0
    Hanzo Zer09 hours ago

    Squadron Supreme and X-Men are two that aren’t far fetched at all. Especially in phase four.

  • Adama Jobs
    Adama Jobs9 hours ago

    I go for Darkseid.

  • bessa
    bessa9 hours ago

    Dude fuck snakes

  • everything gaming
    everything gaming9 hours ago

    number 10 is 9

  • ShadowReaper12 Inc.
    ShadowReaper12 Inc.9 hours ago

    Only 2 scenes scared the shit out of me: David's exorcism and the fat dead body charging at people

  • John Andrews
    John Andrews9 hours ago

    Issei vs Sairaorg . High School DXD Season 4 last 3 episodes.

  • viren malik
    viren malik9 hours ago

    very cool video

  • Judee Marco
    Judee Marco9 hours ago

    Wait a sec godzilla is bigger than colosal titan and its not a kaiju its a people who inject themself to become a titan

  • The citizen of the internet
    The citizen of the internet9 hours ago

    Russian: only slavic language in this list Polish: Hold my Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

  • Samson 92
    Samson 929 hours ago

    My top 10 list: 1: Bruce Dickinson. 2: Bruce Dickinson. 3: Bruce Dickinson. 4: Bruce Dickinson. 5: Bruce Dickinson. 6: Bruce Dickinson. 7: Bruce Dickinson. 8: Bruce Dickinson. 9: Bruce Dickinson. 10: Bruce Dickinson.

  • Tamera
    Tamera9 hours ago

    Ben: “We’re supposed to be a unit!” Robert Downey Jr: “Suck my unit.” 😂😂😂

  • MannyB Light
    MannyB Light9 hours ago

    Let not forget bunny dying in the powerpuff girls I still haven’t recovered

  • Mikey
    Mikey9 hours ago

    Our gang didn't make it to the list ??

  • FirebalOne
    FirebalOne9 hours ago

    It doesn’t bother me at all when an artist may be lip syncing. It’s still their voice & has to be perfect for them. The only time I know in history as you said, lip syncing was messed up was Milli Vanilli. Meaning as you know wasn’t even their voices. So actually lip syncing singers I have no problem with when it is their voice. I get it.

  • Jan Manloloyo
    Jan Manloloyo9 hours ago

    you know the movie title that a man acts like a baby?

  • Santhosh Chinnathambi
    Santhosh Chinnathambi9 hours ago

    Always Bugs Bunny for me. "Whats up doc"

  • WK A
    WK A9 hours ago

    Melee reveal was crazy doe